Scott Allan transfer request: receives death threats


Scott Allan has received indirect
death threats only moments after his formal transfer request was made public.
The 23 year old midfielder made
official his desire to leave Hibernian for Rangers, something rebuked angrily
by the hierarchy at Easter Road:

“In the face of continued media
interest, Hibernian Football Club can confirm that Scott Allan has today handed
in a written transfer request. This comes on the back of two unwelcome and
uninvited approaches from Rangers FC regarding Scott, the first for £175,000
and the second for £225,000. Hibernian FC has refused both bids because the
Club has no wish to transfer a valuable player to strengthen a major rival in
the battle to win the Championship and gain promotion to the Premiership.
Hibernian’s position has not changed. The player will not be sold to
However minutes later a glut of
death wishes, vile abuse and harmful tweets as shown in the title photo made
their way towards him, with Scottish football ‘supporters’ making clear their
feelings on his desire to join Rangers.
Even non-Hibs fans joined the
consensus supporting these disgraceful comments, and surely Police Scotland
will investigate.


  1. These people are cowards and complete scum of the earth, their is no place in this earth or in football for these waste of spaces PS we love you Scotty watp

    • The folk that sent these will not be difficult to track down.

      I never get this death threat nonsense anyway (though granted that those listed above are not actual death threats no matter how distasteful).

      What is wrong with people that send out death threats? As you say they are probably just massive cowards but what is so sick about our society that we have scum that think it acceptable to send threats to people in the name of sporting rivalry?

  2. scott allan only wants to goto the club he supports ffs he hasn't commited any crime and all these sick comments are not on and as for hibs saying he wont be going to rangers well hibs you can keep a player who wont play for you and we will get him for nowt in January and as for other clubs coming in for him scott wont sign for them he wants to goto rangers end off
    don't know but wondering if scott can buy his contract out and he would get his cash back signing on for the gers

  3. People just have to accept that he wants to join a much bigger club with a much bigger fan base.better facilities ect.Let the lad go and get on with his football.It happens all the time.The hatered for the Gets in this country is beyond a joke.!!!

  4. I am pleased that Scott Allan has handed in his formal transfer request for his desire to leave Hibernian for Rangers. The fact that the 23 year old midfield, Rangers supporter made it official to the hierarchy at Easter Road, is a good thing for him and indeed for Rangers. What he now needs to tell Hibs is that he will ONLY sign for RANGERS and if they don't sell him soon, he will sign for Rangers in JANUARY and they get NOTHING!

    Now lets look at it a different way. We have signed good players already and they will all be hoping to be in the 14 players on the park every week (11 starting + 3 subs), all contributing for the full season. This gives them all a year to improve as players and as a team and if Scott plays in EVERY game for Hibernian, he can play for us next year as even better, more experienced player who cost us nothing. Either way we can't lose out on a top class player with bags of potential to be a future legend at Ibrox and play regularly for Scotland.

  5. These scumbags should be tracked down and jailed,the lad is decent, feel sorry for him and his family

    • Well said pal! As I've posted below it's a game of fitba and how the laddie makes a living. He's decided that hibs isn't the place he wants to ply his trade, if he was going any where apart from rangers it wouldn't be an issue!! Scott will obviously receive support from the bears, ignore these comments from so called 'supporters' get the law involved and name and shame!!

    • Are you by any chance alan stubbs? 😉 the fact of the matter is that had scott allan been on a 2 or 3 year contract rangers would have put in a more substantial bid. He is a quality player, i'm sure there will be no arguements there. But the situation is rangers are miles ahead of hibs and he wants to be part of that, with him being a rangers fan the prospect of joining us just now is to attractive to turn down. I think 500k upfront + 300k upon promotion as he is quality player. With the way we played against hibs I'd take scott allan over law anyday, but just think of allan holt and halliday thats a solid midfield. I'd even fancy a game against celtic with them and the rest of the new guys. Great time to be a ger.

    • Hav u took ure meds today u fancy a game against celtic use won one game wher unless u watched with blue tinted glasses hibs could hav scored at least ten if they took ther chances going a bit over board are we not with the team off trialist nd journey men Mcoist had a fifteen point lead remember

  6. Why the surprise. This is typical of the descent into which Scottish football has fallen. A cauldron of hatred and envy. The football world would be laughing but its too pathetic and absurd. Too sad for words! Time to make representations to Uefa for the sake of the game to set us free from this awful arena.

  7. Disgrace!! The mans got a wife and kid, plays fitba for a living and wants to do that at rangers! The tweets and fb comments are hopefully going to be looked at by police Scotland. It's a game of fitba ffs!!

  8. If you applied the hibs stance about selling to your rivals, then ask yourself why Celtic boys club would sell Armstrong & g.m.s. knowing you have to play them 4 times in 2 moths.
    Anybody but rangers is their logic.

  9. Allan is hardly going to be motivated to play for Hibernian now. Not only does Stubbs and Co renege on their promise but the vile supporters, (like their Glasgow counterparts), are now threatening him and making the most unbelievable of comments regarding a player that only a few months ago was their favourite son. They can hold on to him until January and we can give the boy a signing on fee equivalent or better to what we were going to pay Hibs. In the meantime I would urge Allan to be careful while at Hibs that he doesn't suffer an injury that might adversely affect his career and also to be careful when he is in Edinburgh or in teh vicinity of their ground. Their fans are clearly capable of injuring the boy. How can he possibly remain with them after all this animosity to him! Both he and his Agent will be clear on this and if Stubbs has any sense then he will see it as well and cut his losses.

    • Well done Tom for pointing out a lot of sense. You are a very good contributor to this sight and I usually agree with everything you say. I think his agent should take up the vile threats with the police, the league and the SFA. He should also make Hibernian see that because of their own fans behaviour, it has almost made it impossible for him to stay and give the team and the supporters his best efforts in their ugly green jerseys. Celtic fans have probably jumped in with threats as well, as they are even more bigoted than we are. It appears that everybody still hates Rangers and they are all sick that we will be back where we belong next year.

  10. Jealousy is a bitch! We should offer them $1M and not let the lad suffer. They now know that they won't win the league this is about pure hatred for us. We are the people 🙂

  11. Jealousy is a bitch! We should offer them £1M and not let the lad suffer unnecessarily. They will probably refuse because it's more about hatred for us than anything. They know they won't win the league now after that demolition job we did on them 🙂 Talk about an embarrassment. They should take the money and settle for the play-off's. That would be the smart thing for them to do?

  12. Hibernian FC should take note of the mindless thugs they have as fans, their fans!!! Lets face it, the Hibs fans are the most evil and violent fans in Scottish, if not, British football. It comes to no surprise they have reacted in such a sick way towards Scott Allan. But my message is this to the wee man,,, you WILL be a Rangers player, so keep your chin up, chest out and continue playing your football as we know your capable of,, You have the full support of the Rangers masses behind you wee man,, and thats all you need to know!

  13. If we gave them anything like a million, even half a million, while the transfer window is still open, they'd strengthen their squad significantly. I like Scott Allan, a lot, but that would make for bad business. The player will just have to wait, as will Rangers, until the end of the season. Hibs have damaged themselves, greatly, over this issue.
    We are Rangers. Scott Allan is a Rangers man. In time he will be a Rangers player. When he is free to leave, we will come for him. They will continue to do their worst. We will continue to do our best. Onward and upward.
    C'mon the Gers!

  14. I think if the offer had come from the east end of the city Mr Stubbs would have driven the boy to Glasgow himself

  15. Honestly-its NOTHING to do with hatred.
    Hibs for the last 30 yrs have had their best players leaving the club.If Rangers were in the SPL and they had offered 500,000-1mill,Hibs would probably have sold him.Its between Rangers and Hibs for the title-its totally obvious.It would be suicide for Hibs to sell him to Rangers.Hibs and Rangers simply have to get out of the championship-and fast.I mean no malice towards the gers.Best of luck to the season otherwise.-A hibby.

  16. If I were Petrie, and thank God I'm not because he is a Rangers hating arsehole, I wouldn't sell Allan either.
    They have to show some modicum of ambition for the season ahead, and selling their best player to who they see as their biggest rivals would have all the mhanky wannabees out on the street protesting. And there is no point mentioning Dundee Utd, who have embarrassed themselves this year.
    What a dilemma though for the lad. I feel very sorry for him and would love him to come home to his footballing family.

  17. Seriously some people going a bit over board about a game against hibs wher of use did actually watch the game rather than read the newspaper headlines u would see that hibs could of scored at least as many as rangers nd do u seriously fancy a game against Celtic hahaha I think use mite remember wen super Sally first took over use had a fifteen point lead at the top bring on the journey men and the trialist use mite get a shot on target this time lmao haha oh one more thing the scum who are targeting scot Allan need to be found and arrested straight away horrible comments

  18. There's no point in holding onto a player who doesn't want to be there , they wont get the best of him now . Hib's would be better of taking the money , around £350,000 would be a fair price in the circumstances , and getting another player or two in . You can't blame the lad for wanting to move to the club he's always supported and no matter what Hib's and their fans say , it's a massive step up for him , as Rangers will one day be restored to their former glory .

  19. Keep the head up Scotty wee man you will live the Dream very soon and always remember WE ARE THE PEOPLE 54 n COUNTING

  20. If it was any other club the press and fans of other clubs would be more behind him.
    Now we know why they were all desperate to have us kicked out.

  21. Hey,if he wants to go then we should pay the asking price,i heard a club from down south will snap him up in January and they will pay the asking price no points as to what club it is but they play in blue and pay bigger wages than us and no matter what dream you have of playing for a team of your dreams it all comes down to money.

  22. This is becoming a little boring. Hope we eventually sign him, however, the damage has been done for Hibs. Discontented player, unhappy fans, no transfer fee, no title. Rangers benefit whatever the outcome.


    • I agree there is to much hatred from a very small percent of people it should carry a jail term set out by law of 7 years and send that message out so they know where you are going if you post hatred on the internet.
      I love Scottish football better if we win but a good game is what i like win or lose i show no hatred to any one.

  24. I like the fenom over the 90 minutes it adds atmosphere to the games, but the problem is when these idiots feel the need to carry it on afterwards, at the end of the day it is only a game feel sorry for Scotty and his family these people should be jailed or at least fined and shamed.

  25. If they don't budge the boy will hopefully sign in January for 0 .in the meantime I would use that money in trying our hand with STEVIE MAY as he would be perfect alongside
    WAGHORN. Anybody agree!

  26. We should boycott Easter road this season
    2 can play that game, wonder how much that will cost them.

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