Scott Allan saga: fearing and loathing of Rangers in Scottish football


Rangers were never especially
popular in Scotland.
As the ‘establishment’ team, supporters of other teams rather disliked Rangers
and it inspired the famous slogan “no one likes us, we don’t care”.
It is something Rangers
supporters have been used to for as long as we can remember. However, post-2012
and the admin nightmare, it is safe to say that dislike has morphed into hate,
then into poisonous loathing, before ending up at sincere desire to see
violence upon anyone in Light Blue.
The Scott Allan saga has
deliciously highlighted the level of venom aimed at Ibrox these days, who must
easily be the most hated domestic team in European football. Sure, Manchester
United were never the toast of England either, but it would be a genuine
struggle to find a consistent level of hatred down south which emulates that at
Rangers, and that which the Scott Allan soap opera is exposing on an
unprecedented level.

Going back a little in time and
one look online sees constant hate-filled messages aimed at ‘h*ns’ or ‘sevco’,
genuine spite-filled rants from intellectually-deprived individuals with more
teeth than brain cells; obsessive bloggers who are supposed to support some
other team but spend their entire lives obsessing with proving that Rangers are
a ‘new team’ despite the evidence proving otherwise.
And that supporter at Fir Park,
who ‘was only trying to banter the ball away from Lee McCulloch’ said most
non-Rangers fans. Ignoring the fact he went back for a second bite and whacked
the-then captain on the backside for good measure. All just ‘craic’ fellas,
just a bit of fun.
And now we have Scott Allan. A
23-year old kid who just wants to play for the team he loves, and who is now
subject to verbal poison the likes of which anyone associated with Rangers is
sadly familiar with. He put his cards on the table, publicly admitted he is a
Rangers lad, and now he is a pariah in Scotland, loathed and demonised by
anyone who does not support Rangers for the pure and simple fact that he does.
As we saw, the death wishes and
threats he received, including the spewing of venom towards his family and
desire to see them all suffer various lethal diseases (he has a baby boy for
crying out loud) he is now public enemy number one.
Ian Murray last night nailed it
spot on, and was one of the first respected names in Scottish football to
provide a sensible view:
“When I was a little boy, I was a Hibs
fan and I wanted to play for Hibs,” said the St Mirren manager. It
wouldn’t have mattered who wanted to sign me. If Barcelona were competing with Hibs, I would
have signed for Hibs. No question. Scott has grown up supporting Rangers and
now has the chance to sign for them. This chance might never come round
The voice of reason – but thanks
to Hibernian ‘making a circus’ of this whole saga, and pettily refusing to sell
to Rangers (but happily snapping up Queen of the South’s Danny Carmichael, even
out of contract) because they are Rangers, it has only isolated Allan further.
His employer has effectively told
him he can go anywhere, just not the place he wants to.
A pretty nasty stance really –
and spare me the ‘rival Championship team’ tot:
Turan – Atletico to Barca. Sterling – Liverpool to Man City.
Cech – Chelsea to Arsenal. Lewandowski – Dortmund
to Bayern. History is littered with players going to rival title-challenging
What absolute nonsense. Stubbs,
Dempster and Petrie have simply taken Rangers’ interest in their star man
personally because they hate the Govan side, and would sooner sell him into
slavery than the Marble Staircase.
And sadly this hatred is
national. It is alien outwith Scotland;
outside these claustrophobic walls Rangers are actually a very popular team.
But inside Scotland Rangers are
beaten daily, and the Scott Allan saga has only highlighted how much.


    • It is a fairly apt description of them, what sad, sad meaningless lives some people must lead

  1. Alan Stubbs should look at himself closely as he wanted out at Wigan when under contract and demanded a transfer

  2. All the lad wants to play for the team he grow up supporting not kill someone Glasgow Rangers hated but rated watp


  4. We can't worry too much about it. Scott will come to us for free next season, I'm sure we'll have room for his talent. As for the other stuff, forget them, forget them all, they're not worth talking about – let's not give them the satisfaction of seeing us concerned enough about their stupid rants to comment on them. Rangers are on the way back, not because of one result but because we have a team – a team of people at Board and football management level that are very aware of how to do their jobs and do it very well. No matter what is said about Dave King and any lack of financial backing perceived by others, he has put in place the correct structure to allow Rangers to rise again and flourish….and I'm loving it…..the others are just worried.

  5. This saga cannot continue Stubbs and Hibs cannot have an unhappy player influencing their dressing room. The Hibs fans will give Allan pelters and all the focus will damage any hope of Hibs competing Stubbs should start negotiations with Rangers and we should pay a fair price. Stubbs can then reinvest in his team before the window closes

  6. The Ibrox Noise has become my favourite Rangers site, especially when well written sentences like the Scott Allan saga has deliciously highlighted the level of venom aimed at Ibrox these days.
    I am wondering if our saying of, “no one likes us, we don’t care” causes some fans to like us even less. Through the years Rangers & Celtic have purchased the leagues best players and helping the other teams to stay afloat at the same time, but it is only Rangers that are hated, it doesn't make sense. I love this part of the article, "Genuine spite-filled rants from intellectually-deprived individuals with more teeth than brain cells" how observant of the writer!!! As you say, History is littered with players going to rival title-challenging teams" Chelsea are trying to buy the best 21 year old England centre half from Everton, another great example of professional teams trying to bring to their club, players that the managers think would be long term stars for years to come.
    Ian Murray has called it right and Stubbs has made an arse of it – story ended!!

  7. Not up to your usual standard, this is one of your better articles ,in fact spot on. The most recent example of this type of fiasco is the Dundee unt saga three player who were not being sold to Celtic then end up at Celtic and 2 of them couldn't play against them in the cup ties and the league ,at least that twat Thomson new what would happen eventually and got some money for his players

  8. Very well written article and straight to the point. We are hated by every club in Scotland. We as a support need to start to show a united front . We are the best supported team in Scotland lets start to excercise the power that we as a support has. Let the Media, SFA, SPL and The Labour Council that controls Glasgow Dist know we are no longer going to be the silent majority in Scottish Football

  9. Just wait till we are back at the top of Scottish football.If this hatred is bad that will be a whole new level.others will always be jealous of the most successful club in the country.Take it as a compliment.

  10. If we were a shit football team no one would care, jealousy breeds hate. We are the Scottish millwall in most peoples eyes, I say get over it we are here to stay. WATP

  11. I have loads of mates who are Celtic fans and a couple of hearts mates and at the end of the day we are all fucking disgusted by the tweets aimed at Scott Allan and his family, hope they name and shame these scumbags.

  12. The only way they can possibly sell Allan is if their fans mellow and calm down a bit.
    If we hadn't cuffed them 6-2 last week, he would be at Murray Park today.
    I know a few of them, and they are already calming down over the inevitable transfer. We will get him before the window closes, especially when they realise that he is no use to them in the reserves.
    As for the hatred, we need to stand together for once. With the hardship we've all went through and the broad church we are part of, splits and factions were unavoidable.
    Rangers will always be the biggest and best, which will always generate hatred and jealousy.
    The haters saw their chance to have a pop at the school bully and took it, but the bully is coming back, with a galvanised united support behind it.
    It will only make it more fun when we're back where we belong knocking ten bells out of the lot of them once more.
    On Rangers on…..

  13. I would sit and wait to get Scott in January on a pre contract and that's money that won't go into the Edinburgh Tim's pockets .

  14. Hibs don't want to sell to their main rivals in the diddy league. He is under contract so why should they? Imagine he was the deciding factor in you winning the league and hibs lose out going up. They should do that just because poor old Scott Allan won't get to play for his boyhood heroes until next year. Think about it FFS.

  15. Ok mate whatever, go back to the Celtic and hibs forums, you nearly had me splitting my sides then NOT

  16. If Rangers want Scott Alan they should put in an offer Hibs cant refuse instead of derisory offers for Hibs best player.

  17. I would love gers fans to boycott away games & fill Ibrox when we go up.
    We' ll fill our stadium but will they. We should
    have our own sell out Saturday come then.

  18. If he had 3 years on contract, would offer 1.2 mill, rangers have went in too low and I think it's embarrassed all us bears and probably put hibs back up too over the insulting low offers, we should wait till January now or make a final offer, feel sorry for scott must be tough, eitherway it must be put to bed soon, it's doing my nut in now. WATP

  19. All this crap around the Scott Allan debacle,yet the biggest single factor is being ignored……..if a decent cash offer had been made up front, instead of low ball offers with add ons some of which are laughable, a deal would have been done by now.
    There is no money to fund a transfer fee, other than ST monies which won't last for ever.

    The convicted lying felon has failed to back up any of his pre EGM pledges, surprise, surprise.

    The latest nonsense about beneficial share ownership could be another massive own goal from King.

    All roads lead to Rizvi, who has been involved with Green from the start.

    Rizvi and King have some thing in common…..they are both convicted felons.

    Remember that the SFA only issued the club a licence in 2011on the basis that the list of beneficial share owners was complete and that those involved were fit and proper.
    If Rizvi, Green, Ashley or Whyte are involved in Blue Pitch then the SFA have been misled and they have the power to suspend the football clubs licence.
    It would be ironic if the involvement of one convicted felon in the club is exposed by another one.

    And let's not forget the photo capturing Mr Eas dale meeting with the Interpol wanted fraudster…….what was that all about?

  20. King has no money……what's the plan when the ST cash runs out?

    Is there a plan?

    Whyte/Green/Ashley/SDM/Rizvi……..who are the beneficial owners of the suspended shareholdings?

  21. We should all be patient, we are on our way back, we don't care what the others think about us,be true to our own, they put us out and it cost them millions,they can beat us they will never break us,as for young Scot Allan be patient son, he who laughs last laughs most, you will get your dream soon enough, no one likes us what's new??

  22. Allan has already two opportunities to sign up. First time around he decided to go for the big bucks in England, 2nd time around the clown masquerading as a manager preferred the silky skills of Ian Black and Nick Law midfield.
    Makes my blood boil that the impostor is still picking up £70m per month till December and his mate £25m per month till January. Without those outlays we could have made an acceptable offer for the boy.

  23. It's high time that the club responded to certain claims being made by Phil 5 names on his blog.

    There are constant references to 2 standing orders totalling £278k per month leaving the club's account and vanishing into The Sevco ⛛

    He's asking the club to challenge him on this if he's wrong. …… £278k per month, if true, can only be for one thing…….lease or rental of the stadium from whoever owns it.

    No wonder the stadium can't be used as security against further loans, it's already gone.

    Question is who has the deeds…….Whyte, Green, Rizvi, SDM, Ashley?

  24. Oh now it's a pre contract deal for Allan.

    If anyone had any doubts about the club's financial position this saga is confirmation that the club is potles s and unless King can get a share issue completed before the ST money runs out then where is the investment coming from?
    As an earlier poster pointed out there are strict rules in place that need to be adhered to before an ISDX listing can be achieved.
    Yes, the need to provide evidence that 18 months of working capital is in place is one of them.

    Also important will be a set of accounts signed off by an auditor without a going concern note included

    Perhaps this is why King has gone to Ashley and asked him for an additional £15m of funds, to be regarded as long term loans, which would satisfy both ISDX and the auditors.

    However with no assets free to be used as security what will Ashley ' s price be for his generosity.

    No doubt he, or his place man, King will be calling the shots exactly as Ash dictates.

    On the other hand he could just get rid of King and Murray, put Llambias and Leach back on the board and set about putting the business on a sound, profitable path, which is never going to happen with the Lying King running the show.

  25. The honesty and transparency promised by King and Murray seems a million miles away.

    Pay day loans to cover wages and running costs.

    No confirmed renegotiation with SD

    Unable to get back ownership of assets and some of the merchandising income because we don't have £5m to pay back Ash

    Rumours that Park loaned King money to buy his shareholding and now wants his money back.

    Rumours that King has gone back to King with a begging bowl asking for further loans.

    The only truth that King has uttered in the months since taking over is his declaration that the fans will have to dig deep and out spend Celtic to take the club back to the number one position in Scotland.

    Pity he didn't make that quite clear prior to the EGM.

    One way or the other Ashley will be calling the shots in the very near future which as far as I'm concerned can only be good news as the club's future will then be guaranteed, which under the King regime is in doubt.

    Honesty and transparency Dave……..have a look in the dictionary.

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