Rangers’ fans’ poll results: Ally McCoist’s legacy


On Monday Ibroxnoise.co.uk
carried out a poll to get a ‘definitive’ view of Ally McCoist. In other word,
how did fans now see the former manager – favourably, unfavourably or
McCoist divides supporters more
than any ex-manager – with his four-year tenure splitting fans down the middle,
it felt high time to get a fairly substantial fan-base to provide their
personal viewpoint of whether or not his legacy stood up, or whether his
managerial reign tainted the legend.
The results are pretty damning.

Of almost 2200 votes, only a mere
12% were convinced McCoist remains a legend, while the most popular options
were “incredible player but poor manager” (25%) and the overall winner “guilty
of utter greed and should have resigned long ago” (28%).
It is a sad reflection of a man
who should be universally revered by all of a Rangers persuasion, but his
actions appear to have made a rod for his own back and his loyalty in 2012 seems
to have been voided by what he did thereafter.
Tellingly, only 2% of the entire vote agreed with his Gardening Leave status as acceptable or even justified, and no one thought he was as good a manager as he was player.


  1. Hmm don't the overall positive options add up to more than the negative?

    As an example I selected 6th option and believe legend as a player and during the 2012 administration. He was a rubbish manager but it doesn't change what he did as a player or during the dark days of admin.

    Options 1,2,6 and 7 total more than 50%

    • I would say that 2012 is the worst of him, getting the fans to back con men was terrible judgement at best.

  2. It's a shame that a player of that magnitude would stoop to such a low level ! As a player he was a ' Legend ' as a Manager a disgrace to the team ,the club & the fans . What a shame that greed took over for Ally McCoist & how the hell did he end up with almost 2% shares in the club? He should give the shares to the fans or David King ,whose actually doing something for the club & not lining his own pocket; unlike others!

  3. He was a good goal scorer but I do wonder how many other 'strikers' given the opportunity of playing alongside Mark Hateley and with all the service they would be getting from some of the best midfield players in European football, would also have performed. Ally missed a lot of easy chances as well as scoring a lot of great goals!

    I also consider it sad that a player that was so widely respected by the Rangers support has destroyed much of the respect that people had for him through sheer greed!


  5. I never voted in your poll because I didn't like the options but I'll share a thought or two on Ally McCoist.

    The first OF match I was allowed to attend was 25/3/84, League Cup final. At this particular period, Rangers were beyond kiech, whilst Celtic were still competing for league titles.
    Nevertheless, we won 3-2 against a superior Celtic team thanks to a McCoist hat trick. At that time most people had never heard of Mark Hately.
    McCoist then went on to score a decent return, season after season.

    As a manager, he might not have been great but he helped keep the club together during the Whyte-Green farce.

    McCoist was and always will be a Rangers great. The slander he takes from the amnesiac section of the Rangers support is an utter disgrace.

    • Slander? Nonsense.

      The man has shown he's a money grabber and a failure (which I predicted three seasons ago)

      Practically got free shares and continues to take a wage. Never a legend, once my hero, now I absolutely detest McCostalot.

    • Most Rangers fans have short memories of what he did as a player but they'll never forget what he done as a manager,enough said

    • same sitch.find it hard to condem him when he gave so much in the past but such is life,right now it feels like we need him to stand up with a grand gesture and give his wages back,he would still get slaughtered,who in theyre right mind would do that/shit manager.but we are actin like the hibbees or mhanks turnin on our own,and he is one of us wether you younger mob like it or no,still super ally to ma kids cos of the sheer joy that man gave us/fuck wages.set about green.murray/ whyte n the cunts that really deserve it.easdale you cunt.later.drunken pish over,fuck off

  6. I just feel that he was an incredible servant to the club as a player, assistant manager and he showed wonderful loyalty to stick with us when we went down.
    Yes, he did not do well as a manager but it must be remembered it was with a terrible board and adverse circumstances tainting it from the off.
    Yes, he received a large wage and is being paid the entirety of his contract on gardening leave, but I challenge anyone to turn down a large wage if offered to them to do the job they love and then when they feel they have not been treated with the due respect throughout then they would not forego any payments.
    With regards the 'fans' who constantly slate him, it is benefitting no-one by slinging pointless hatred on a relatively unknown website or anywhere as it means nothing.
    Ally McCoist is a Rangers hero but a not so great manager, move on and leave the guy alone.

    • A good point. An incredible player, he was a good assistant manager. He was loyal and stayed, when he could have made more money by returning to TV. But as a true blue, he would not walk.
      While I agree he was a poor manager, there is no disgrace in that. Let us remember what he did on the pitch and by not walking. By staying and fighting for his club, carrying us through a horrific time.
      As you say, a hero, a poor manager, now let it go.

    • john greig was a poor manager.we didnt question his wage at the time.we r turning on our own.makes you sick sometimes.crap manager tho.no the 1st wont be last.end of

  7. A fair reflection on how most fan think of McCoist. He used the Rangers supporters to Charles Greens advantage so that season tickets would get sold and the proceeds went into the greedy directors and McCoists pockets. He used the words "We dont do walking away" with the knowledge he was earning nearly one million pounds a year,,I honestly thought that once the new board was voted in that he would have came out and resigned and given the money back to the club, either in cash or buying shares. But he didnt, he simply did nothing and continues to drain our club of much need funds. Hardly the actions of a die hard blue nose,,, " I dont do walking away", no Ally, for a million pounds, I dont think you would, but dont ever kiss the badge and tell us your doing it for the supporters, you did it for your own greedy self!!!

    • McCoist openly slagged off the players who walked away during administration…..yet he was happy to stay put on £800,000 a year.
      Those players didnt know their future but McCoist knew he was bleeding the club dry on that wage packet.
      "Rangers Man" my ASS….Hypocrite ?……You decide.
      Right from the start i told friends Rangers should have went down the road of sticking to bringing youth through like Warburton is doing……where was McCoist's foresight?
      I only wish McCoist Had "Walked Away" when we were in administration…..it would have saved Rangers a fortune.

  8. Dave King doing something for the club…….r u kidding?

    He's told lie after lie before his recent return to the club yet some are either totally blinkered or Level 5 is writing their blogs.

    Nomad – lied.
    Delisting- lied
    Share issue- lied
    Over investment – lied
    Spending whatever it takes – lied
    The years of out spending Celtic fans – lies,it's absolute bollocks if you compare the annual turnover figures.
    SA'S top 50 rich list- absolute lie, nowhere near it.

    Every time he opens his mouth it's another lie.

    Not only did the SA judge label him a Glib And Shameless Liar, he also added that he would not believe a word King uttered unless supported by documentary evidence…….fact.

  9. Ally.is a legend always will be and he will never be forgotten,he could only pick from the players he had,but i will this if he was in the job at the play offs then we where up i am sure of that,he is always welcome in my world.

  10. legend my arse he knocked back gers to go to sunderland couldent get a game we went in for him again told us to fuck of only when they told him to fuck of he comes to us and says im a true blue has been a con man all his days all this shite he stuck by us the cunt was on 850.000 a year and watching office staff getting paid after a lifetime at ibrox with crocadile tears legend never conman forever

    • Im glad someones got their eyes open to McCoist and what he's really all about…..he walked away from rangers away back then thinking he was bigger and too good for Rangers……everything youve said is correct mate!!

    • Sally….. is he a leg end or a bell end?….. both the same really, in my eyes. Has never really cared about anyone but himself when you take a look back. A joker and one who knows when to play his cards and when to play to the fans. I cringed when he opened his mouth, many he didn't fool, the gullible he did, unfortunately. I wanted him to go like many of us when we were in division three, I wish I had a crystal ball at that point in time. I never liked him even as an assistant to Walter, a good player but there were many a good player when Ally was around, just a poacher enjoying the service from a great squad at the time who made him a leg end at the time and a bell end now. As for King, just a con man and liar and our problems will not go away in the near future. Just as well Warburton is building a decent squad and we beat Hibs comfortably recently. I just hope it continues because if we go down a patch of bad form and drop points, Warburton will get stick and king better be ready with the money in January to get us up to the Premier League comfortably in May. I am watching Mr King because I for one don't trust you or your side kicks………

  11. always will be a legend as a player but from the time we were sent down his managerial performance was shocking from the signings to the utter rubbish that was served up to the fans who let's not forget have payed for all these parasites who infected our club. He only has himself to blame for souring the special bond he had with The People with this gardening leave carry on.

  12. Lets all face up to it he was a legend when he was playing and i loved watching him,but smith must take some of the blame recommending him for the job,he must have knew ally could not do the job look at the cup games he gave him walter had to end up doin it himself.
    The most shocking thing for me was the amount of great players he played with and he never learned nothing from that,he put us back three years.

  13. Can this site just move on from kicking Ali he was there in our time of need , stop looking in the rear mirror and look through the windscreen the sun is starting to shine , it's been a very long time since I was looking forward to my next match at Ibrox. 🇬🇧

  14. I met him once he was having a beer with his mates at a hotel bar, just after he had stopped playing,my sister was having wedding function next door and I asked if it would be ok to have some pics taken and he obliged and took time to have a chat and and have a play around with my daughter and signed the wedding menu, a true true gent but even I'm struggling to defend the 18 grand a week he is taking, he is a true rangers hero and why keep taking wouldn't mind if he was broke but he was a multi millionaire before he went on leave PS if you hate the board and don't want to give the money back, please make a gesture, give half to charity or you will always be remembered by greed

  15. Going by the comments on here there's a few 'Ally McCoist FC' supporters rather than Rangers fans..

    The guy has set us back YEARS on the park amd financially. His constant lies, excuses are there as facts, just like his actions as a money grabber.

    Legend status well and truly ruined, shouldn't be allowed back at Ibrox. Joke of a 'Rangers' man!

  16. Anon 17.22

    You might fool some but you aint fooling me bhoy!
    If I were you, and thankfully Im not, I would be more concerned about your own teams result against (no idea), last night than the bile you have written on here, which we are all getting a bit tired of!

  17. This man should always be welcome at ibrox anyone who says differently is either too young or too stupid to remember this gers hero ,ffs he was the only one to offer to take 50% pay cut because he bleeds blue, no one else did and he gave tea ladies thousands out of his own pocket when the redundancies happened, true ranger and a gent. SUPER ALLY.

  18. The guy is a Rangers legend, aye ok he was useless as a manager but surely we can move on and stop dwelling on the last 3 years and get behind this new W&W team. Watp

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