Another trialist at Murray Park


It has been confirmed that former
Hearts midfielder Jason Holt, currently on loan at League one side Sheffield
United, has arrived at Murray
Park with a viewing to
winning a contract.
The central midfielder, 22, would
provide badly-needed quality in the middle of the park, with doubts about
whether John Eustace will sign and a general lack of concrete action taking
place regarding new additions to that area of the team.

Hearts would be due a development
fee, or ‘compensation’ as it is otherwise known, for Holt’s services, but
manager Robbie Nielson is on record as saying Holt is welcome to join Rangers
but not for free.
He has been linked with Rangers for some time, but this is the first time the ball has truly rolled regarding bringing him to Ibrox.
Holt’s career has been fair to
middling, but he has managed several Scottish youth caps, making seven
appearances for the national U21s.
He joins Eustace, Reece Wabara, Andy
Halliday and Jordan Thompson as current players at Murray Park
endeavouring to win deals with Mark Warburton’s outfit.


  1. finding it very difficult to remain positive regarding player acquisitions. we are constantly linked with mediocre players with unimpressive records. Hope we make some quality moves this week or at least show some indication of intent. Up until now I have been appealing for calm but honestly now feeling pessimistic. Still believe in the coaching direction, but recruitment of quality (reasonable quality) is a concern.

    • I think I'll judge Warburtons signings and the strength of our squad as the season gets under way and the team starts to gel and understand and employ the managers tactics before I start flapping!!

    • Its the policy of four to a room in B&B which is scaring good players off, but full praise to the board for belatedly implementing cost management poicies more in line with our standing.

  2. FFS we are in the championship. We do not need high quality at the moment. Either buy in, believe our don't. Your choice. It will tell when they hit the park

    • Holt is shite and is a pathetic signing. Quality is needed and now. Need craetive mid, winger and striker capable of 20 goals minimum. Recruitment has been shambolic so far. King get your effing hand in your pocket.

    • If there is a striker out there capable of 20 goals a season, why would they come to Rangers.
      We only got Boyd because of the previous connection, it didn't work out too well. The people we want don't want to come to the Championship. So we will have to make do and mend. Next summer is when we will need to spand, but we will be a far better prospect if we have secured promotion. Until then, it's loan players, freebies and the odd bargain.
      Live with it, keep your anger for the real enemies. We will be back

  3. Its a tough one really we are so used to signing well known players with a bit of flare and quality it tends to be uncharted waters we are entering into. Not to say the coaching team don't know what they are doing but what worries me is if we start the season badly and the fans turn against the management team. Patience is asked for and I think the team will get that but there is only so much the fans can take. However, you never know things maybe totally different and the new style of play etc may pay dividends with the team we have got.

  4. Should be a good signing. Great to see Gers not spending stupid like before! Free agents and loan signings are Gers future for a couple of years until we stabilise ourselves in the Premier division. Dave King will spend where and when necessary not empty his cash reserves into a championship team. I hope Holt shows he has what it takes.

  5. Is king going to actually spend anything? I've nearly gave up on us even making a single quality signing, think we've been had again, where's the warchest and transparency we were promised?

  6. ThINk a few gers fans are living on memories of what we were and failing to see what we are at the moment_ we are a 1st division club whether we like it or not and the days of us buying in top quality players who had already proved themselves are for the short term long gone. If the management deem that we put our faith in unproven but hungry players I'm backing them until its proven otherwise that they aren't good enough.

  7. This guy builds a `team` not a team of stars, nobody could name any Brentford players the last 2 years and they got promoted and just missed going to the Eng Prem.

  8. Okay…I'm sure someone out there will no the answer to this.
    With all the players that have left…big earners at that….could someone estimate how much we are saving monthly in wages?im sure it's quite a bit eh?
    If we were to believe certain other blogs ….an amount North of £250000 is paid out monthly to certain figures from our recent history …..if this were to be true then I doubt DK would be wanting to pay this out his own money!!
    I'm willing to wait and see what the football is like on the park …I think MW will be putting on a better show than AM did…..I'm not so sure a war chest needs to be spent right now …..let's see how the team perform before we moan ….I'm guessing we'll be seeing a few loan deals shortly…and at least they'll be of MW s choosing and not foisted upon us..

    • Agreed. I did a back of the envelope bit and came up with something like £3.5-£4 million on the players who have left.
      But against that, we were losing a lot of money. I suspect the money is there if needed, but the players we want might not want to come this summer, they may rather wait until we get promoted. So we will compromise and not waste money.
      As someone else said, nobody knew any Brentford players 12 months ago. Keep the faith 🙂

    • And did you estimate the savings coming from four to a room in B&B instead of 2 star hotels (see Cheeseley's comment at the top of the blog)?

  9. Just can't wait to see the boys in blue race out onto the park to take on all and sunday. We will walk it this time guys.

    • @Jon Are you saying we will not go all out for promotion this year (building our foundation), if so it flies in the face of all thats promised and assumed by the vast majority of fans. No promotion this season will be an absolute disaster for us in so many ways. It has to be the main goal and focus and in my opinion we are 4 quality signings short of the mark but I am sure Warbs/Weir and Dave King are aware of this.

  10. Cast your minds back to this time last year folks…
    Lots of supposedly quality signings and loads of money lining their pckets( amongst others).
    Where are we now?
    I rest my case….give MW and his new team a chance.

    • must agree just look how far we ve come we are trying to sign a fuckin 35 year old dud who keeps hoping somone else will offer him a deal we ve signed wilson because his first love wanted nothing to do with oh and we re trying to sign holt cast ur mind back to last year folks those were the good times im afraid

  11. Sick and tired of hearing comments like we're in the championship.
    we are still rangers and should be winning the championship and competing to win cup competitions.

    I haven't been excited by any off our signings or the players that we have been linked with but I will give mark Warburton time and see if the players we get do a job,just don't give me that were in the championship cap.

  12. Just give the manager a chance why rush no need to were a championship team like it or not it is what it is don't need to go out and spend on top players yet get a team of youngsters and blood them this season and then go out and add a bit of quality if we progress next season no need to panic and remember we would rather die with our history than live with there's the manky mob offended by everything embarrassed by nothing watp

  13. Signing have been sh!te, King's pants are on fire, we have an inexperienced, untried management team, one revenue stream (from the fans buying SBs and tickets), £8-9,5m loans outstanding, no auditors, no shares listing so cannot sell more shares to raise capital, our assets and IP controlled by another individual/company, we don't even own our match day mascot. Won't mention no scouting dept and a crumbling stadium and chairman posted missing. And we base all our hopes on a new management team creating miracles and turning average players into world beaters, playing in a way that the best teams in the world do after years of practice costing tens of millions. King said we need an SPFL quality team, how do you get that with players no other team would touch???
    Nothing adds up here and i suspect we will know the dire situation we are in before the end of the year… I really hope I am proven wrong but the mhedia is hyping up any player we take on trial as world beaters and young boys promoted to the first team as the exciting future of Rangers. Far too much pressure and when they inevitably fail the writers should take flak for that.The new board have had 4 months and in that time they have delivered nothing but promised much. Transparency my erchie.!!!!

    • Players no other teams would touch?

      Danny Wilson, admired by Celtic, Hearts wanted to keep him, could've played in England at any level outside Premiership.

      Kiernan – pulled out of a move to championship side Birmingham once he heard of our interest.

      Lang – had loads of offers including Aston Villa.

      Eustace – Plenty offers from down south including Wolves.

      Have a word with yourself, don't just spout nonsense because you're upset we haven't signed Messi or Suarez yet. Although, if Suarez did come, I hope he bites you first lol. Just because you don't know these players doesn't mean they aren't good.

      Give MW a chance please.

    • They don't need to be world beaters its the Scottish championship.Most of the pressure will come from negative people like yourself get behind the team

  14. Have faith rangers are signing right type of players we need rejuvinated a fresh hunger to drive us forward . Though it would be better if king put his money where his mouth is. Or is there a new gospel that owners sing from ? Yet fail to deliver.

  15. Don't think these players will be able to open up a tight defence, so let's hope we see plenty of open goals

    • Works well for QPR… Oh no, wait… It doesn't. Folk are actually moaning about the new board. At least we are talking about football and signings again, surely that's a step forward?

      Rome (okay, bad example) wasn't built in a day!

    • Nice try ,ate, at least to start but fell away a bit. You know perfectly well their boat ended up in 20 fathoms, like the titanic the lights went out and the bricks of the boathouse got blown away, not at all like the etermal city. To the mortal memory, the four men, requiescant in pace!

  16. We are signing players of the right age, most of whom have a point to prove, and are willing to work hard for the team.

    Can everyone please stop panicking and scaremongering. After the complete farce of a team we put out last season, this is a fresh approach and I'm pretty confident that MW and DW will give us a vibrant young side we can be proud of again.

    As for the people moaning about wanting quality players, away back to the 90's in your time machine, those days are gone. Laudrup and Gascoigne turned into Ortiz and Celik! We are now looking for young players that we can improve and turn into the quality we are after. Give it time, get behind these players that are going to need your support.

    We are Rangers, some supporters need to remember that. We will follow on.

    • Very well intenioned but a bit too creative. You were what you say you are, and for many on both sides of the denouement, the obseques have still to be recognised. La rève est décédé. In time you will understand this, and further down the line you will learn to live with it. Then, there will be plenty of time for looking back.

    • oh aye 35 is a good age u are a fud son now fuck off and have another dream or a nightmare more like

  17. Last season Brentford took English championsh by storm with players no one never heard of back this manger he is going to put us back where we belong sick of people moaning we have a king to lead the queens colours


    As someone who was very critical of big Jig, I think this speaks volumes for the man. He knows how bad last season was, he's bound to be upset at how it ended, especially as the coaching position didn't materialise. Yet still, he is backing the new management team.

    All the best Jig, you left a year too late (a bit like some of your tackles) but you gave it your all, so it's time to move on. Thanks for the memories, the trophies and the wonderful European adventure in 2007/2008.

    • Temporising in this way is the intellectual equivalent of wanking over a cadaver, imagining it becoming an ugly duckling and finally transforming itself into a beautiful swan. With the climax comes the realisation its all an illusion but that matters not a whit because you can rerun it over and over again and to hell with the truth or what anyone thinks if you're enjoying yourself. Fair play to you mate.

  19. The players we are bringing in are decent Championship/League One quality, and young.

    What level of football can we compare the Scottish Championship to? League Two/Conference?

    It would be pointless to start dishing out lucrative contracts, tied in with a transfer fee, signing on bonus etc to players who will compete at this level. Shrewd acquisitions who have a sell on value should be the order of the day, topped up with some loan deals from Prem/Champ clubs to compliment. (Scotty Allan aside, get the cheque book oot King!)

    The lads who have come in so far will bring quality and although we haven't had many new faces, we will 100% see more and will hopefully see some new talent blooded from Murray Park. Halliday and Holt would be good signings. Fredricks from Spurs would be immense up here if we can get him.

    Slow progress of late, but progress none the less Bears.

    Roll on the new season.


  20. There's far too much negativity around here, and a bit of piss taking as well. A few of you need a right good kicking. This is Rangers, a 143 year old eternal institution we're talking about and that demands a lot more respect than I'm seeing right now.

  21. Holt will be a good player at Championship level.

    Not sure if we can risk another tribunal with Hearts for development costs.

    Wigan reportedly looking for £1m for their two players and money up front……surprise, surprise.

    That will be the end of that discussion……

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