Rob Kiernan; what we know about Rangers’ new signing


With Rangers manager Mark
Warburton today confirming Wigan Athletic’s Rob Kiernan will be his first
signing as Ibrox boss, what do we know about the incoming defender from the
When Kiernan’s name popped up as
having been the subject of a bid, most fans’ responses were of confusion. The
24-year old is hardly a household name in England,
never mind Scotland,
so here we take a look at exactly what Rangers are getting for their six-figure

Kiernan is a former U21
Republic of Ireland international who has extensive experience in League 2, 1
and the English Championship, at clubs like Brentford, Bradford, Southend, Birmingham, and notably Watford
in 2008, which was where he caught the eye of then-academy coach Mark Warburton
who said:
“I must say for us that Rob Kiernan was
again outstanding, as he has been all tournament. His distribution was
excellent and he was magnificent in leading the team as one of the senior
Kiernan was featuring in the U17s
as a senior player, and Rangers’ new manager knew then what kind of talent
Kiernan was.
Kiernan is big, at 6ft 3, but
significantly Warbs praises his technical ability and distribution, as he did 7
years ago:
“For a defender, he’s technically excellent
and at 6ft 3in has a real athletic presence. He has proved his credentials in
the English Championship but most importantly is still young enough to develop
and to be improved.”
Furthermore, his former U21s
manager at international level, Noel King, is equally positive about his
“He’s combative, honest, gets stuck in.
He’s such a committed boy. He was also captain on a couple of occasions and
that armband isn’t dished out lightly.”
Going by these testimonies,
Rangers appear to have a big, strong, committed defender who is technically
astute, capable of leading, good with the ball and willing to get a little
dirty. A team player.
He will hopefully be a welcome
addition to the team.


    • i agree he had a great game in 2008 it fuckin must have been if thats the reason we r paying all this money for him

  1. Going by the fanfare that was trumpeted out about signing players not just for the championship challenge but for us to be able to compete in the premiership a player who struggled at a loan spell with Kilmarnock is not a marquee signing. Disappointing.

    • Give the lad a break, it was 2010 when he was 19 that he played for killie. Done well against celtic we robbie Keane up front. Killie won 2-0 I think. We have to trust Warburton and he knows the lad well, it could potentially be a good cheap signing with future sell on value.

  2. He's had more clubs than Tiger has in his bag.
    God help us if this is the standard we can look forward to.

    • What do you expect at this stage? The club is all but broke, is playing at a very low level and has only been in the news for all the wrong reasons for how many years?
      I'm just happy to have a team and a club at the moment and tbh I still fear for what might be around the corner

    • I expect to be told the truth.
      Mr.King got in on a promise of £30 million being available.
      They can't even rustle up £5 million to get rid of Ashley.
      I know we don't have a pot to piss in….But he promised to change that.
      I also fear for the future if this keeps up.

    • £30 million over 3+ seasons. Not all at once in the championship. It's a building job. Isn't this what we wanted? Young, hungry players who have something to prove and could develop into good premiership players. Although he's already playing comfortably at English championship level by the sound of things. Some people are never happy.

  3. Also interesting to read Alexander on about Wilson, better himself going to RFC, I hope it's not sour grapes, though I do feel for him , he is streets ahead of Bell, we should have kept him, never rated Bell,oh fuck I forgot it was Sally buy that explains it

  4. What's the point of shelling out millions for so-called marquee names? And how many would be interested in the premier, let alone the championship? Some fans need a healthy dose of reality.

  5. I really think we are being hit with far too much"Take everything on trust"at the moment.A manager with very little experience.A former player who was a disaster in management.Now our first signing in the new era,is a nonentity.A journeyman,who has been loaned out to all and sundry.Not even signed yet.Far too much hysteria for very little substanceNo money forthcoming yet,Ashley waiting to pounce.(You really think he has gone away).Sorry,not convinced,as much as I want to be.

    • i agree this guys had more loans than amigo but they say he had a good game for killie in 2010 ok just one but it was agaist celtic think he also had a good game in 2009 agaist oxford

  6. All sounds good on paper,but Scottish football can be a wake up call and find out your short falls very fast time will tell if he can mix it up in the Scottish game many better players never have in Scotland i mean made the grade.

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