Reports: Rangers contact Hibs over Scott Allan


Reports circulating the press and
social media tonight have gathered pace with the growing story claiming Rangers
have today started to engage contact with Hibs over Scott Allan and
negotiations have begun in earnest regarding the player’s switch from Easter
Road to Ibrox.
Long-linked to Rangers, Allan is
a self-confessed Rangers fan who was on record as asking the Club to sign him
last summer when West Brom released him, but, as is well-known, then-manager Ally
McCoist elected to ignore the plea and the player moved to Edinburgh instead.

The reported transfer fee is a
touch higher than the number speculated earlier in the year over such a deal,
with a sum of £800,000 the alleged premium to secure the former Dundee United
player’s signature (the previously mooted number was £500,000), but while that
is a very tidy profit for Hibs who got him for the aforementioned free, the
Championship player of the year was never going to come cheap.
Rangers cannot rebuild the team
into something serious by relying on the kind of signings that have punctuated
the past three years, and evidently the board knows this and is willing to
spend, and of course Mark Warburton would have rightly demanded it.
This summer proves to be


  1. I'm not gonna count the chickens before they hatch, but this would be a major, major coup in our favor if it materializes….. take a deep breath people. I'm liking the sound though… young Allan certainly passes the eye test and would be a welcomed addition…

    • Mark you are a true bear and I am totally with you agree.but watch these twisters or the turkeys will be us.

  2. We won`t need him to win the Championship so either Hibs accept our offer or we will sign him in December on a pre-contract for hee haw

  3. So Ally still taking a salary, and now someone whom the fans beg and the player beg him to sign is now going to cost us £800,000.
    So Coisty is/has really been a major Cost on Rangers

    • What McCoist cost is many, many millions more than his crazy salary. He nearly wrecked the careers of guys like Andy Murdoch, Tom Walsh and Barrie McKay, who today should have made up to 100 appearances for Rangers already, and cost us millions in dud signings and mad salaries. Not to mention the wrecking of Darren Cole's career….a career that was tipped for great things by many and was badly handled. Add to that the fact that his dud team couldn't get us out of the Championship, which is costing us God knows what to stay there an extra year, and the true cost of McCoist's leadership is all too clear. He was always the joker in the pack, and we should never have gone near him for a management position.

  4. Why oh why are we wasting money on this lad,, he is sub standard,,, backwards backwards backwards,,,,, different board and management,,, same shit, different day,,,what have we learn,,Absolutely nothing!!! Nearly 1 million pounds for what?!!!,, Waste of bloody money,,AGAIN!!???,,, where in the hell is this imagination for modernisation of our team and game,,, obviously Warbuton has no contacts whatsoever for new and fresh players ,, he wants to sign Brentford to Rangers and whoever what the fans want to sign,,,We have signed a dud, just like McCoist,,,, what a wasted opportunity for us to progress,,again!!

  5. As well as the Allan signing, I wouldn't mind us giving a year's contract to Sam Stanton, who's just been released by Hibs. Looks a talent. Check out "Hibernian 4 Rangers 1 – Development League Match Goals" on Youtube.

    • Correction – I think Stanton's going to be sent out on loan by Hibs. Great player who would do a great job in the Championship. Surprised he's not a regular at Hibs.

  6. "Harry Cardwell | Up and Coming Scottish Talents | Episode 20" – Youtube
    Our own Harry Kane. Come on, let's get him signed up.

    • This boy is fantastic and would be a great assett to team and club.have been following his progress for a few years and is about to explode on to the championship scene..

    • Definitely, my friend. Fits the profile of what we're looking for perfectly. We should snap him up before the EPL clubs come circling.

  7. We need young blue blooded talent in our team. Guys like we had years ago. A fan and a footballer.

  8. Exactly right. In the past few decades, despite the club making signings from worldwide brands like Juventus, Monaco and Paris Saint Germain, 4 of the finest and most dependable players I’ve seen play at Ibrox were bought from Clydebank (Davie Cooper), Alloa Athletic (Stuart Munro), Dundee (John Brown) and Aberdeen (David Robertson), to name but a few.

  9. 800,000 thousand for a player that loves the club and only has a year in his contract over spending when we are skint good signing tho first game agianst hibs tae

  10. Hibs will cope without Scott and ill be quite happy if Petrie hands any fee over to Stubbs. If Rangers spend money now and at Christmas Hibs will realistically be looking at the playoffs again. Still think we will be your biggest challengers this season so COYHibees!

    • I agree, you've got good players there, and the academy seems to be doing what it was designed to do.

  11. Some idiots need to get a grip for fuck sake. Scott Allan is brilliant compared to what we've got at the moment. A mean did you half-wit's actually watch him play last season.would you rather have Ian shite black back playing for us or Hutton or law for that matter. Some people don't have a clue honestly unrealistic expectations really and truly

    • I agree. He was different class last yr. He does give the ball away cheaply at times but he pops up with a great pass and the balls in the net. If he does lose the ball mind he'll battle to get it back. He will shine at Rangers if the crowd backs him and forgives his odd mistakes.

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