Momentum back with Warburton – betting suspended


On the back of the news brought you last night, prospective Rangers manager Mark
Warburton’s odds for snatching the Ibrox hotseat next week have been slashed
yet again and indeed some bookies have suspended betting entirely.
There was a brief loosening when Valencia’s assistant coach Ian Cathro quit Spain and returned to Scotland, but the temporary fervour
surrounding that news has faded dramatically and Warburton’s odds have reduced
to 1/5.

Cathro and Stuart McCall are
joint second at 3/1 with Billy Davies now miles behind in distant fourth at 16/1.
Rangers stated yesterday that
they hoped to have an appointment confirmed early next week, and while there
was doubt over how watertight this was in leading to a Monday confirmation,
speculation over Warburton has regained serious momentum in the past 24 hours as
his partner in crime David Weir appeared to heavily hint that the decision had
already been made.
It does seem now to be a mere
matter of time before Warburton is in place, and the only thing left to do is
finalise personal terms. Which is where the doubt over the deal has always laid
– the former Brentford boss’s wages, which are reputed to be a stumbling block.
Fans will be hoping that is
resolved swiftly.


    • That's my reading as well. We all know Weir's a buffoon so he better be wary of punters who lose out on Wallyburton.

    • I'm with you on Weir. Great player, great pro, but an oddball with questionable coaching skills. In 2009 he was asked by a reporter at Largs what his footballing philosophy was (i.e. how the game should be played) –

      "I think you can have all the ideologies in the world, but until you're actually kinda there in that job and it's your neck that's on the block, I don't think you can really be true to…you know…to know what you're going to be like. I think for me to sit here and say my team wants to be doing this or doing that, I think it would just be a bit…eh…I think I'd be talking nonsense to be honest with you."

      That sounds to me like the kind of answer a guy in a pub would give. He has no footballing philosophy. 25 years or whatever in the game, and he still hadn't thought about his philosophy despite knowing he'd go into coaching/management. The whole Warburton/Weir thing…nah.

  1. I wonder who exactly was on that Top 5 candidates list…are the names just a result of educated guessing on the part of journos and bookies? We know Warburton has been spoken to, but I haven't heard official confirmation on the others from either the club or the candidates. When they came in, King/Murray made it clear that the constant leaking of confidential info into the public domain ("the noise level") had to stop, and I would guess that only 3 people (King, Murray and Gilligan) today know for sure who is on that list. At least I hope that's true.

  2. Listen….im sick of listening to all this pi*h! The deal is done. Simple. Warburton will be unveiled on monday at a 5pm press conference. Forget McCall. Forget Cathro. It's Warburton and Weir. I would like all these Warburton doubters to come back at Christmas to see if they are still of the same opinion…. Give him time to get the players in place and get his philosophy across. We will have fast attacking football and a very good team. He will eventually get that numpty Delia the sack and will halt Celtics 10 in a row charge. WATP

  3. Good lord…. all I hear out of the fans is doom and gloom…. it's been a rough several years but holy hell you guys are downers. The current board has been there since March and already the fans have it all sussed out… cancel the season guys, it's all shit, everything is shit, that guy sucks, this guy sucks…. you people are worse than a damn woman on the rag.

  4. Hear Hear, those anonymous rag bhouys kiddie fiddlers,who started this debate are worried we might get Warbutton,frankly they were and are still stuck with Delia Smith,who the fuck were the cries, get used to it we are coming to get you, at last I hope job for the old boys has gone, the man puts his trust in youth and not the long ball game,time will only tell nevertheless it has to go down this road, talks of bringing in Smith with Weir are fruitless, so come Monday I hope a new beginning dawns and we get behind the new set up with the board and get to our rightful place, WATP.

  5. Swansea have today bid 250 grand (rejected) for Matt Stevens, a 17 year old striker at Barnet. No idea who the boy is, but if Swansea want him he must be good + his age + his price would suggest that that's the kind of transfer we need to be in for right now.

  6. If Warburton is the new boss, I'm quite glad – if only for the fact he's not Alex McLeish. We must never forget the receipt for Big Eck's shopping trips (how the hell he was linked with the job now, I'll never know):

    1. Russel Latapy
    2. Christian Nerlinger
    3. Claudio Cannigia
    4. Mikel Arteta
    5. Kevin Muscat
    5. Dan Eggen
    7. Jerome Bonnisell
    8. Ben Stevens
    9. Steven Thompson
    10. Hamed Namouchi
    11. Paolo Vanoli
    12. Emerson
    13. Nuno Capucho
    14. Egil Ostenstad
    15. Henning Berg
    16. Zurab Kishnasvilli
    17. Gavin Rae
    18. Marc Kalenga
    19. Frank De Boer
    20. Bajram Fetai
    21. Jean Alain Boumsong
    22. Marvin Andrews
    23. Dado Prso
    24. Alex Rae
    25. Dragan Mladenovic
    26. Nacho Novo
    27. Gregory Vignal
    28. Derek Carcary
    29. Thomas Buffel
    30. Soti Kyrgiakos
    31. Barry Ferguson
    32. Bojan Djordic
    33. Ronald Waatereus
    34. Jose Karl Pierre-FanFan
    35. Julien Rodriguez
    36. Olivier Bernard
    37. Francis Jeffers
    38. Filipo Maniero
    39. Brahim Hemdani
    40. Frederico Nieto
    41. Danny N'Guessan

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