Why Scottish football hates Rangers being same club


“You’re not Rangers any more” –
Hibs supporters on Saturday
“Same old Rangers, always
cheating” – Hibs supporters on Saturday
This Rangers ‘dead’ argument is
becoming the biggest parody and joke in Scottish football.
Uefa, Neil Doncaster, several
courts of law, and now recently FIFA have all concurred that Rangers are the
same Club.

Every football supporter outside Scotland
does not even raise the question of Rangers being a ‘new’ club, and, actually,
quite a few sensible supporters of other clubs north of the border, including
Celtic, admit too that there is no question of Rangers being a new club.
However, with Rangers on the
verge of returning to the Premier League in lieu of a potential victory over
Motherwell in the play off final, the whole issue has obsessively reared its
ugly head by a group of frankly unhinged individuals who constantly peddle the
nonsense of ‘Sevco’, ‘zombies’ and ‘dead’, particularly witnessed in terms of
some of the oddballs who have been seen to comment on this blog, indeed.
FIFA said, and I quote:
“After their enforced relegation in
2012, Glasgow Rangers are in the hunt for
promotion back to Scotland’s
top flight.”
The key word is ‘back’.
I will not lie, I have not once
seen this extremist branch of Scottish football supporters (who probably have tattoos
of tricolours and 45’s on their arms) ever raise obsessive questions about
Fiorentina, Leeds, Coventry, Portsmouth, Airdrieonians, Middlebrough…you name
Only Rangers.
There is a real school of
insanity in Scotland
where so many non-Rangers fans cannot handle the fact Rangers are not dead. The
hatred they had for the Club was amplified in 2012 by taking half-truths about
tax debts and blowing them out of proportion. By obsessing over EBTs
(completely legal practice) and calling Rangers ‘tax cheats’.
It did not matter to these people
that the Big Tax Case was lost by HMRC when Rangers were found completely
innocent, they just screamed ‘fix’ or tried to console themselves with the 2-1
verdict in favour of Rangers.
Craig Whyte – yes, we know he did
absolute wrong and we hate him far more than anyone, but is it not ironic that
these idiots in Scottish football who pretend to canvass for justice are the
ones who love Whyte and wear masks of his face?
So, just so we are clear; Rangers
fans hate Craig Whyte for his law-breaking and damage to Rangers, while
Scottish football loves him and hates what they claim is ‘cheating’ by Rangers?
The hypocrisy goes something
beyond laughable and becomes outright sinister.
There is no hint of logic here,
no real sincerely in Scottish football’s objections about Rangers; it is
nothing than wild-eyed hate, with zero logic or reason behind it.
As Jackie McNamara once said:
“I don’t think I would take any satisfaction
if someone handed me a winner’s medal because Rangers had been stripped of a
title or a cup. We lost in those cup finals and we lost those league titles
because Rangers were a better team. Sometimes it is not just your turn and that
is the way I’ll always look at it. I genuinely would not take any pleasure from
seeing Rangers having trophies taken from them. It doesn’t matter what Rangers
players were being paid. As a footballer you have to beat what is put in front
of you. It is not my concern how Rangers went about their business. They put a
team on the field and Celtic and Falkirk were
unable to beat them. Over the years Rangers had a lot of top players such as
Paul Gascoigne, Brian Laudrup and Ronald De Boer and it was just great to play
these guys and test myself against the best. It didn’t concern me how much they
got paid.”
If only Scottish football as a
whole was as sensible as this.


  1. well said,,,the voice of a true football fan,,,whether you are celtic.rangers,hibs,hearts,etc,,its about the football,at the time rangers were the best team,,beat them on the pitch and get respect instead of slagging them off because your bored and have nothing better to do,i think rangers have already paid the price for the likes of whyte and co.time to move on and enjoy the game and the challenges in front us,

  2. The Haters are just trying to wind us up and we'd do exactly the same if the roles were reversed. Ignore it – who cares what others say, it's just banter…

  3. Another article trying to convince yourself and everyone that Rangers were not killed and had to apply for a new SFA licence but instead were demoted 3 divisions.

    A small article by a work experience student in a FIFA blog is now being waved as evidence lol

    Financial doping and having an unfair advantage over all other clubs who paid their taxes and player wages that were affordable and within budget meant that the old Rangers cheated. Forget Craig Whyte.

    Charles GREEN and Craig WHYTE along with last ever signed player at old Rangers CELLICK were planned yeras in advance by the Catholic Mafia whose godfather is Peter Lawwell ! Also Ally 'don't do walking away' McCoist is a double agent who was tasked with making the Sevco team so bad in order to miss promotion whilst being paid more than any other manager in Scotland. He also succeeded in getting the gullibles to buy more season tickets for Green.

    What a movie !

    • Have supported my team for over 60yrs. Celtic supporters obsession with all things Rangers never ceases to surprise me. If you look at your history and take away the Stein years it's not very impressive. Remember Jock and a large proportion of the Lisbon Lions were Freemasons and Stein had a tattoo of a certain person on a white horse

  4. Rangers' being the same team has been verified by all the game's governing bodies so it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks or wants to be true. It's only the obsessed, nut-job element of "supporters" and 2nd rate Rangers-hating "journalists" who continue with that nonsense, so why even bother with them? They can either live in the real world with the rest of us or continue to fester in their own hate-filled fantasy worlds. Either way, who cares?

  5. No probs, pay your old debts and get the respect of the rest of the supporters in Scotland back,but you won't cause paying the £9m white bumped will bankrupt you again,so lads you can't have your cake and eat it, old club old debt!!

    • Rangers won't get respect from the rest of the supporters in Scotland because its football community is a cauldron of backward-thinking, narrow-minded envy-driven, hate-filled individuals. The Rangers haters have embarrassed our game, which is the laughing stock of European football. Still it goes on! Lets all get a grip on reality!

    • Companies debt nitwit get over it and you make sure your a good wee boy pay all your debts

  6. The sellick only deny we are the same club because we have dominated them since 1888. Fuck the lot of them. I would rather be a junkie than a tim!

  7. See the tin foil hat wearing mouth breathers are out in force again .

    We didn't die get over it.

    Title No 55 will be oh so sweet.

  8. Chester City liquidated 2010, Middlesbrough F.C. liquidated 1986, Charlton Athletic F.C.1984. in the case of Middlesbrough it was reformed under Middlesbrough Football & Athletic Company (1986) Ltd carrying over its full honours and history like all the rest. Napoli went Bust and liquidated Company changed from Associazione Calcio Napoli to Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli carrying over full History backed by Uefa and fifa recognising that the new company had full rights as previous clubs that have liquidated to there European Cup honour in 1988-89 and domestic honours since 1926.

    Parma entered into liquidation in 1968 and where reformed Parma Football Club (formerly Parma As Parma sociazione Calcio) It reformed again in June 2004 and hold all honours from 1913.

    Florentina was promptly re-established in August 2002 after liquidation as Associazione Calcio Fiorentina e Florentia Viola carry over full honours in the Italian championship 55-56 & 60-61 and Uefa Cup winners cup in 60-61

    Leeds United within minutes of entering administration, the club was sold to Leeds United Football Club Limited and carried over full honours and History. Although slightly different they still had to reform under a different company.

    You would think liquidation of football clubs was a new thing, well its not. Rangers are the same club will all Honours and History. The whole of European football has not changed the rules for Just Rangers.

  9. The average sellick fan is much like the errant child who stands with a hand over each ear screaming 'I can't hear you' whenever faced with things they don't like. Deaf, dumb and blind to reality they sit and cower, reciting the same mantra over and over again in the hopes that one day it might become true.

  10. 18:22 Tim. Thanks but I will go with the governing bodies and judges. Not the ill formed opinion of a bitter plastic paddy with a massive chip on his shoulder.

  11. FIFA said, and I quote:

    "After their enforced relegation in 2012, Glasgow Rangers are in the hunt for promotion back to Scotland's top flight."

    The key word is ‘back’.
    Actually , the key word is "relegation". It didn't happen and you know it. Which should tell anyone reading the UEFA article that it doesn't even begin to state the facts of Rangers liquidation. Keep on denying though . it's good comedy.

  12. Same team same history, but not financially . 2 different streams of reality really. Same team when it suits . One thing that is true, The rangers have never been relegated

  13. Nae chip on my shoulder ya trumpet,u lot have got sum brass neck,down where u belong,3rd in the auld first division as the song goes " every one hates us,we don't care" aye rite they do ah hop u get up so u can get pumped every other week ya British bullshitter,ps am fae glasgow m8 no Ireland and it's a saltire a love,the same flag ur mob ripped down and booed at george sq,think the chips on ur shoulder ya rocket!!

  14. Must be a terrible thing not being able to enjoy your team winning the league because all your thoughts and energy is spent on pages like this venting your Bile and Hatred
    But I suppose that is a good thiing as the true Great Glasgow Rangers Fans like myself just laugh it off and are glad your venom is lost on us I just hope that none of you are the type to take it home and beat your wife up over it as their seams to be a lot of that sort of sick mentality going about of late.

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