McCoist confirmed as remaining on payroll till December

McCoist confirmed as remaining on payroll till December

Dave King has confirmed that
former manager Ally McCoist, currently on ‘Gardening Leave’, will remain so
until the end of his contract.
McCoist, who handed in his notice
late last year, has been the subject of much speculation regarding his
contract, and the status of his Gardening Leave terms, which essentially mean
he continues to be paid his £72,000 a month salary whilst not being an active
employee of the company.

This has incurred the wrath of
many supporters, who believe he should have severed ties as soon as the new
board took charge in order to save Rangers money, but King has confirmed
McCoist will receive his full remuneration.
“Ally McCoist is still being paid by
the club, I think through to the end of his contract. That’s my understanding,
he’s still being paid.”
Any thoughts of McCoist saving
the Club some of the money it so desperately needs are surely incorrect now
that his effective ‘boss’ has stated the conditions remain the same and will
not be changing.

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  1. When the share issue arrives McCoist should invest this years salary. All resentment would then disappear. It would also be the honourable thing to do.

  2. Parasite,, just a pure and simple Parasite!!! Legendry money grabbing parasite,,, Rangers man, my arse,, No matter what happens,, he will only be remembered for ruining our clubs opportunity to build a foundation for its future,,, he has nothing to show for the 3 years he, and his diddy men, have been in charge,, no youth policy, no team at the end of the season, and still taking thousands,,,That is fact,,, and any mccoist blue tinted glasses fans out there, can feck off too, you back him,,then you back his disgusting behaviour towards the club,, and you call yourself Rangers fans?!,,, Aye right!!

    • Hear, Hear!! McCoist is enjoying the fans revenue for himself and his litter. Well, good luck mate with your future existence in Scotland. The name McCoist will not be forgotten by the Rangers fans. Handed the job on a plate by your pal Smith, you were lazy, arrogant and incompetent in discharging your responsibilities. You failed in almost every aspect of the position. Your clever sound bytes convinced the gullible, but really, look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you actually deserve that salary? Time for some honest reflection if you are capable of that!

    • your forgetting all the poss things ally did for us when we never knew what the next day would bring,,,,,he fought for the gers,hard and long,,,,why should he not take his wages,,,would you stop taking yours,,get real m8,,,we should all be ashamed of ourselves for letting him be treated this way,,,maybe not the best manager in the world,but god knows m8,he tried…..I AM A LOYAL GERS FAN,AND ALLY FAN,,

    • Dave, you need to stop putting these guys on a pedestal. He was paid a massive salary for staying and also accepted discounted shares from Green. He didn't try either. His whole approach was lazy and lacked professionalism. The Rangers supporters themselves brought the club through the wilderness years. There are many legends in a packed Ibrox, but McCoist is not one of them! You can still be a loyal gers fan without being a sucker.

  3. 100% correct. Rangers fans have long memories Mr McCoist. Hope you and your litter enjoy the benefits of your undeserved plunder.

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