Dave King: “We’ll be signing SPL-quality players”


Rangers’ soon-to-be-crowned
chairman Dave King has spoken of the need to sign players capable of playing in
the Scottish Premiership, rather than Championship.
Outlining his plans to improve
the playing personnel, King stated he does not want players who are only good
enough for Rangers’ current level, should the side fail to be promoted, but
players who are capable of making the step up to the SPL.

He said:
“It’s very important that if it turns
out that Rangers do play in the Championship next year, that we go in with the
mentality of building a team that can step up to the Premier League.”
Rangers fans will be pleased to
hear this, given the clear lack of quality in the current side and its plain
inability to compete in Scotland’s
top tier.
King went on:
“What we don’t want is a team that is
capable of winning the Championship but we feel we then have to replace to
compete in the Premier League.”
This is as clear an indication
yet that funds are on their way to invest in the playing squad, as promised,
because it is more than evident that the squad as it stands will struggle to
compete in the lower half of the SPL, never mind the top half.
“So the strategy we’ve got, whether we
are in the Premier League or in the Championship, is to get Premier League
quality players.”
King also alluded to taking the
advice of Rangers’ great Walter Smith regarding the management position:
“Walter is coming as a manager who I think
will assist us greatly if we speak to him about getting input in the type of
manager we want to run the club.”
With Stuart McCall possibly
learning his fate in the next 48 hours, Smith’s advice will be crucial
regarding a decision.

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  1. ask walter smith u must be joking u would be better asking walter mittey after ally who next barry ferguson thats who walter fancys ask the clyde players what they think of him lets go for big tel hes the man for the job

    • 18.33 is spot on. What qualifies Mr Smith to recommend new manager. He gave us the parasite McCoist. We need a forward-thinking manager/coach,. If McCoist returns to Rangers in any capacity it will result in severe resentment for a sizable number of fans.

  2. Would advise the current board to avoid asking Smith for his thoughts on the next manager. He will simply recommend another one of his friends. Vital we move away from 'old pals' act.
    Mr King and board should recognise the majority of Rangers fans are desperate for an appointment based on merit. Mr Smith was limited in his approach to football management and his judgement in regard to the future manager should be treated with extreme caution.

    • I think Le Guen would have done the same as Ronnie Delia has done at celic however Delia has had time that Le Guen never had, I dont think Delia would be manager now if Rangers had been in the same league and in my opinion we should have got rid of ferguson instead of le Guen

  3. Delia! the knob canny even win a treble without a challenge just like Lennon,


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