McCall drops McCulloch from match day squad?


Fresh on the heels of the story brought you here, is the growing (yet unconfirmed at this
time) report that Lee McCulloch has been completely excluded from today’s match
squad for the trip to Palmerston to face Queens.
Unverified as yet, McCulloch’s potential
complete omission from the match-day group by manager Stuart McCall would lend serious credence to the
pre-contract stories circulating around the player known as Big Jig, whose
performances this season have come under increasing fire from various sections
of the support.

It is understood McCulloch was
extremely unhappy at being booed at Ibrox for the visit of Falkirk (no one would
be happy with that) and post that match is said to have initiated the
negotiations with Kilmarnock.
None of this can as yet be
corroborated, but he is a player who currently divides the support and his omission
from the starting XI for the trip to Edinburgh
and hapless cameo as substitution does begin to support the possibility that
Lee McCulloch’s time at Ibrox is coming to an imminent end.

NB – this story has been confirmed true. Lee McCulloch did not travel to Palmerston.


  1. Jigs had a bad season, same as 99% of the squad, but ffs dont forget that the guy stood by us and was one of the few who put the club before his own importance, aye he was well paid but feck me he lead on the pitch when we needed him and had he scored many a goal to get us where we are now, we as Rangers fans turn on our players a bit too quick when things dont go smoothly for us- He stayed when others walked just keep that in mind.

    • Agree with that , but he should have been dropped a while ago ! so the manager has to take part of the blame for what happened. I agree 100% it should not have come to that .

  2. McCulloch, like most players at Rangers when McCoist took over, went backwards. Sadly for him, Big Lee's best games were in a Wigan jersey. Sadly he was never a centre back and should not have been deployed in that position but then McCoist was totally and utterly clueless as a manager and a coach!

  3. I agree. And I think that it is due to the management that Lee McCulloch is now viewed in this way by so many supporters. He should've been out of the firing line long ago. However, I must disagree with all this 'stuck by us' nonsense… McCulloch would've retired or had to play for much less money had he left Rangers in 2012.

    Thanks for the memories Jig, but I'm not having 'McCulloch the Hero' I'm afraid. Wallace stayed, applaud him.

  4. The problem is that he is not a centre half ……period . Played as a striker and put in a right good shift . Same as a defensive midfielder ….same . McCoist fell into the Walter Smith trap of saying if your 6ft tall then your a centre half . Jig should never be a centre half ……ever . McCoist is the problem here . Not McCulloch

  5. He's not good enough to play as a striker anymore, and that's saying something with our current strikeforce! Wee Murdoch and even Black would keep him out the team as a defensive midfielder. So he needs to go, not be played as a centre half.

    I fully agree, McCoist was the problem. Thanks for the great memories as a player, but as a manager he was clueless and has left us with an ageing side that until recently had no clue what they should be doing on a match day.

    They aren't world beaters, but at least they have a gameplan to stick to now.

  6. Jig was a good Rangers player in his prime.. but I think his time has come to depart..we must however thank this guy for the great service he has given us in the past…

  7. Aye Jig, thanks for fleecing £17000 per week from our financially crippled club,, thank you McCoist for taking nearly £1,000,000 salary from our financially crippled club,,thank all the players for kissing the badge, then bleed the club dry,, Thank you very much guys!!! Yes, third placed by Hibs and Hearts whos players are getting a fraction of Rangers players wages, but give treble the work rate!!. Round of applause Jig and co, take a bow,,,

  8. Don't think Jig not playing made any difference yesterday, QoS aint brilliant and gave us a game, on that performance we will not beat Hibs over 2 games, hope I'm wrong but performances aint really much better since new man came in! J

  9. Are you serious? Jig out the team made one hell of a difference, it allows McGregor to play in his natural position and we don't have to constantly cover for jig's lack of pace and daft free kicks he concedes.

    Also, performances have improved greatly, not having that at all. Take your McCoist-tinted glasses off.

  10. Never a defender in a million years. Was a journeyman striker and a worse midfielder.

    His best attribute was making millions from little ability.

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