Does Rangers’ board want Stuart McCall or not?


Rangers fans are relatively
divided on whether they want manager Stuart McCall to be offered the job on a
permanent basis.
While many give him credit for
the improvement since he took over, others feel it has not been sufficient and
feel Rangers would be better served with another appointment.
McCall, of course, is on a
short-term deal till this summer, and therefore like half the squad, is out of
contract himself and fighting for a longer-term contract.

However, with that rather
impressive win at Palmerston Park v previous bogey team Queen of the South,
McCall appeared to have done his own case a bit of credit, especially given he
corrected a number of the tactical mistakes from the previous visit to Dumfries
and produced a far more competent display.
However, yesterday news broke
that Rangers’ board has made an approach to MK Dons’ manager Karl Robinson who
has apparently rejected the overtures out of hand with sources suggesting it is
the right club but at the wrong time.
Now, by no means should any
Rangers fan complain at the club endeavouring to approach a progressive young
manager who has achieved a great deal in his short career to take the helm in
Govan, but the timing really does undermine the critical playoff campaign
hugely, and the credibility of McCall himself.
For Rangers’ board to make an
approach to another manager before the playoffs are complete, and send a
message to the current manager who wants the job permanently that he is 80%
certain not to be offered it, is yet another dreadful faux pas from a regime
who are starting to bumble from one incompetency to the other.
In the last three days we have
seen that embarrassment of a painting officially commissioned, deliberately hung,
and officially endorsed on the website and only the colossal rebuke from
supporters saw a u-turn and a rather stupid attempt at pretending it was down
to a ‘misunderstanding’. A three-stage misunderstanding it seems – impressive.
Now this. At a time Rangers
desperately need to prepare for the playoffs and play for the manager, and
themselves, to know that Rangers’ hierarchy probably does not fancy McCall in
the middle of the playoffs goes
something below poor.
It is Kenny McDowall all over
again, only this time instead of the manager not wanting to be here, and the
players not wanting to play for him, now the board does not want or support the manager and the players can
react one of two ways; fight even harder to show Rangers their support for
McCall, or lose faith and stop battling for a manager they believe will not be
here come this summer.
I know I will have the usual
suspects accusing me of ‘being someone else’, of ‘having an agenda’ and being ‘pro-Llambias
and Leach’; I have heard it on here a million times, knock yourselves out.
But the truth is the majority of
supporters expect good things from this regime, and are starting to voice
concerns about the lack of evidence this is being delivered.


  1. I think we need to give the new board time, but it aint the whirlwind start promised in the Kingco manifesto.
    As for Stuart McCall, maybe a roll upstairs could be possible if he can guide us up.
    With a record of W6 D5 L1, he hasn't done so bad considering the squad he inherited.
    But if he doesn't get us up, he is out with the others.
    One refreshing thing about the weeman is that he knows that, excepts that and still loves the Rangers.
    On Rangers on, victory is nigh…..

  2. We should have went for that Feelie Maggoth wen we had the chance.McCall was only a turnstile.

  3. We live in a 24/7 world, Rome wasn't built in a day settle down man, like some of your blog's but they are trying to make chicken salad outta chicken shit at the minute

  4. Think these overtures, if they took place, were intended to be private. There may have been tentative approaches to other potential candidates. Very difficult to conduct these negotiations away from the public gaze. I for one am delighted, if true, that the club are looking at this type of candidate. Someone with a proven record of player development and success. At last a move away from the amateur, lazy, old boys, 'who's hanging around' approach to recruiting a manager.

  5. I don't know who would make the best manager. I've got £8,400 saved up and I'm just waiting for Mr King to get into the driver's seat and do his new share issue so I can keep giving to the great cause. For 142 years we have been an unequalled paragon so let's keep us that way!

  6. If he takes us up he certainly deserves the job. If he fails and there's a possibility of getting somebody better in, then get the better manager in. I think he's done a very good job to be honest, when you consider how poor we were when he arrived. I think if he had got the job last summer for example we would have stood a much better chance of automatic promotion.

  7. Stuart McCall knew what he was getting himself into when he took the job. I watch his interview with Sky Sports, he is well aware Rangers are looking for new management and is fine with it. He knows the job is only temporary. He still has a possible 5 games to go and could write himself into the history books and do his chances no harm in gaining employment either with Rangers or another club. Lets keep our feet on the ground and let the board do their job. We need to get the Coaching staff spot on, and not being the old rangers pals act! We need a total football, tactical, strategic, youth orientated, fitness expert, Coaching Staff in the long term,,all the things McCoist and McDowall never were, but still getting paid thousands to this very day, parasites. One thing that really concerns me, Nicky Clark, Cammy Bell were out on our official rangers website saying they work 15%-20% harder if there is a full house at ibrox and Rangers fans should cheer them on to get that out of them?!!,, Really??!!, Listen boys, you get get paid to give 100% to the jersey whether there is 50,000 or 500 fans at ibrox,, this tells me you have been selling the fans short because ibrox has been empty,, You will get a full house on sunday,,,so do your talking on the pitch, not to the press,,because failing to get promoted will be unforgiveable and you will certainly hear the fans if you do fail!!!

  8. Getting ready for Drumcree guys. Nae interferin wi' any simmits till after and that goes for both Jack and Jill. Best buzz in the world.

    • you are such a sad sad person we are trying to move on but sad sad people like you keep living in the past go out and get a grlfreind son

    • Dear Moderator, we all know Nutcrusher and his oddball style but at least he's a loyal adherent to your cause. I've been watching him for years on all the blogs especially the Scotsman, and I always get a giggle and respect him enormously. No comment on the nameless non entity.

  9. I think its a wind up, but remember old fruit that we say "everybody hates us but we don't care" so he's more consistent with our traditional values than wetwipes like you. Sounds like he's shagging left right and centre as well so its you needs to take yourself in hand.Noving on is walking away. On your bike if you don't like it.

    • Thanks Mr Wharton, spot on all counts. Didn't want direct confrontation even with deserter. WATP.

  10. I'm reading this that and the next thing about how all is quiet under the new board. It's shows that they are working quietly behind the scenes. When the last FUCKING bampots were in charge there was something negative bring the club to its knees. We have people now who I believe are working for what's best for our club. The managers position is crucial with money being spent. Maybe advocat is coming in as director of football to work with a progressive young manager. If the board get it right the future could be bright the future could be orange.WATP

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