Dave King passed Fit & Proper?


After last Saturday’s Lee McCulloch story which turned out correct, another has surfaced today of similar ilk
regarding Dave King and his pursuit of approval by the SFA.
The story concerns the fit &
proper person test, which interim chairman Paul Murray has already passed, and
suggests the SFA have carried out the test and have passed Dave King Fit & Proper.

This story is the news Rangers
fans have waited for, with an apparent hiatus currently pervading the Club off
the pitch while supporters and the board have waited for the all-clear on King.
If this news is true, and early
indications are that it is, then King is now free to invest and take up his
mantle as permanent Executive Chairman, with CEO & Finance Director
appointments surely following suit.
There has been too much
uncertainty in recent times, and this would be the first step in finally ending
the saga which has dominated the Club and allowing Rangers, the board, and our
fans to move on at long last.


  1. King has been free to invest in the club for the last few years but has chosen not to. Fit and proper does not prevent him investing.

    • Whilst I agree he may have had the power to invest over the last few years,,there is no way he would give a penny to the last board without having a place on it. I would agree with that. However, with the above statment of "King is now free to invest"! King made it abundantly clear, that if he wasnt passed fit, it wouldnt make a blind bit of difference and he would still invest!, so, I fail to see why the board would make us think King wouldnt invest if he wasnt passed fit. That said, we really need to see what league we are in next season,,,the scale of investment is certainly dictated on this as we need to ascertain what calibre of player we would need, either Premier quality, which would be more expensive,,or Championship quality, either way, we must be careful and make the right decisions,,, wait till the end of our season, see what league we are in,,then we will see what happens, patience and support the team till then, I trust the new board to do the right thing,

    • why would he invest the last couple of years when he wouldn't be in charge of where the money gets spent, would you give your life savings to people that are incompetent in the job they do and be happy when they waste it all away, hes now in control of rangers and he said he wanted to respect the process, he said no matter the outcome he will invest in rangers but if he doesn't pass the fit and proper test he would hire a representative for himself to take up his board position

    • Would you put YOUR money in beside that last board ? if so i suggest ye get yer arse to a shrink ! .

    • Why has the fit and proper test now reverted back to the SFA?, a ruling which should have been the case with Whyte but Rangers got fined for SFA incompetence, why?. Legally under disclosure Scotland Rangers could only go back 7 years on Whytes past as he had served his 7 year ban Rangers had no legal reason to deem Whyte unfit and improper, obiously the outcome after appointment said he was but would Murray have sold without the ficticious lies by the tax office (proven ficticious after court case and failed appeals).
      Although EBT might seem immoral and wrong several clubs were at it (just check out Celtic's excuse they inherited it as agreement from a loan agreement from a certian player from an English club, this now stinks of racism by the tax office as only one club has been targeted and others get amnesties (is it racism, sectareanism or both?).

  2. would you invest money in a club where you have no say of where the money goes? This is why King is not investing.

    • King quite categorically stated that he would invest regardless of the outcome of the FAPP decision. Murray and Gilligan are King placemen, so King is effectively making all major decisions without either being on the board or investing any money

  3. The story came from a Rangers-hating web site so take it with a pinch of salt until official

  4. The only way King could invest in Rangers is to buy shares from current shareholders. That would not put new cash into Rangers. The way forward is a further general share issue. This would water down the value of current shares. This would not bother ordinary fans / shareholders but would upset those only in it for money. King already bought shares from such people to make sure we won EGM. So give him a break.

  5. great news lets get squint on to the board as soon as we can what a boost for sunday cant wait european football beckons

  6. Fair play to him I say. Morale was higher on the Titanic when she was in 50 fathoms (H&W were a bit to blame), so we need a bit of good cheer. WATP, all hail SFA and BJ Ogilvie!

  7. Rangers backed by a supportive media will invite anyone to the party.. Unfortunately I think listening to what the papers say and voting RRM into ibrox is gonna cause more trouble.. Hope he has a few safe houses.

  8. Hope this is true ,then we can start building this Great club ,after all it has been through the past 4 years WATP.

  9. Well we have not heard from king in ages so were has he been am a king fan but we need these guy to tell us fans more than the papers telling us

  10. Ashley got deal with the bears vuckic gonna cost 2mill as long as Newcastle stay up he's been great this year better tHan 19 turnouts for Newcastle in 6 years he could be a rangers great but if not it's 10 million less than we played for flo lol up the mighty

  11. Doncaster is a Muppet or should I say a puppet surprised he hasn't done his hamstring in leaning over to pick his 300 grand wage its a hard job but I wouldn't mind it but I'm ruled out as I've got a bruised pinky itchy knee and I know nowt about football and I live in England oh and some other idiot bar does too

  12. Totally agree with you Stuart. Standout asparagus to the Squint. Not content with whupping the African Judge, the Easdales, Ashley and the SFA, he's now gunning for HMRC. Let's get this show on the road. No looking right or left, straight ahead ma squint! When I say the SFA obvious didn't mean the loyal Ogilvie.

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