Why the SPFL are not taking action over chants


SPFL chief Neil Doncaster has all
but confirmed Rangers will not be punished for fans’ sectarian chants in Fifa
on Friday night.
While he was rightly unflattering
about the choice of song/lyric, Doncaster
conceded that as long as Rangers had done everything in the Club’s power to
eliminate the malevolent chanting from its fans’ songbook, no action would be

“It remains the SPFL’s position that if
it can be established that clubs have done everything required in overall
management of the event pre-match, during the game and post-match, then they
have no case to answer.”
Delegate Tom Purdie was justified
in including the chants in his report, but Rangers’ positive steps in
eradicating bigotry in the past 20 years certainly counts in the Club’s favour,
and no punishment is likely to be meted.
It does of course raise the
question of these unacceptable chants which do still prove work needs to be
done to erase them entirely, but further questions remain glaringly unaddressed about the lack of focus on
other clubs’ fans guilty of similarly offensive chanting.


  1. i haven't seen one word from the club denouncing the unacceptable chants apart from Andy Cameron in his official programme column at the Raith cup game. it's 2015, and we're singing songs that are attracting real bad press and unwanted attention. Probably singing towards our workmates, neighbors and possibly friends. it's embarrassing stuff.

  2. First up..The SPFL/ SFA will do feck all about the singing…so Bears don't need to worry about "sanctions" . Doncaster will hide behind the "Club doing everything it can" scenario..so no worries for you there.
    But here's a thing…
    Why doesn't a high profile member of the Club ( Director/ Coaching staff/Player) come on the telly and tell the morons to stop it ? Surely that would help..and prove the Cl;ub means business.
    But it won't happen..and..
    I'll tell you why…
    In the same way it's recognised that there is a "Pink Pound"…..so it's also recognised in Govan that there is an "Orange Pound"….and the Club needs every pound it can get.
    End of.

    • You people have your own problems of a similar nature which should concern you more than what's happening round Ibrox way. Once you've sorted them out, why don't you come back and tell us about it. Until then, you should maybe just stick to your own forums and talk amongst yourselves, you bunch of hypocrites.

  3. A Rangers fan for too many years to mention, the singing of sectarian songs has over the years reduced. However in this day of multimedia reporting, I have to take exception to your view of how Scottish football is handling the issue. Watching and listening to the Raith game, that has led to the latests outbursts, it struck me that this was not the "minority singing", that our club appears eve more silient on the issue than the much criticised Mr Doncaster and finally that the main issues in Scotland with regard sectarian singing and volume of said singing could be further improved if the main parties sat down, agreed a common statement and carried out penalties (for avoidance of doubt the parties I would suggest would be SPFL/SFA, Rangers, Celtic boards, Police and agreed representation for all other clubs in Scotland) that would eradicate a probelm which appears to be worse since the financial meltdown.

  4. Written by a BBC journalist :


    Compare and contrast the way Chelsea and West Ham reacted to supporters shaming their club with their untrammelled racism and the way Rangers behaved in the wake of sectarian chanting at Raith Rovers on Friday.

    Chelsea issued a statement quickly after the footage was made public of their Neanderthal element refusing to allow a black man on the Paris metro while simultaneously singing of their pride in being racist.

    The statement spoke of the club's "disgust" at what they saw on the film. They were "appalled" and they apologised unreservedly to the poor man who was subjected to this filth while committing themselves to their own investigation on top of the one that was being carried by the Metropolitan Police.

    They suspended three fans. Later, Jose Mourinho, the Chelsea manager, said he was "ashamed". Through the club's press officer, Roman Abramovich, the owner, said he wanted to make it clear how disgusted and appalled he was. The chairman, Bruce Buck, met with the anti-racism group Kick It Out a few days after the incident.
    Rangers fans against Raith Rovers

    Rangers fans have found themselves in the spotlight for their singing at Stark's Park on Friday night

    West Ham had their own problems over another video that appeared to show some fans racially taunting Spurs supporters en route to the London derby on Sunday. This time it was anti-Semitic abuse.

    Like Chelsea before them, West Ham asked their own supporters to pass on any information they had about the guilty. West Ham emailed every one of their fans who had bought a ticket for the game to remind them they were all ambassadors for the club. They came across as a club that was serious about tackling this issue.

    Ahead of the match, David Gold, the club's Jewish co-owner, tweeted a link to a powerful interview he did with The Guardian in which he spoke of how anti-Semitism was like a "dagger in the heart". Both of these clubs faced their crisis head-on.

    And Rangers?

    Not a peep from anybody inside Ibrox on Friday night, or Saturday, or Sunday, or Monday.
    Chelsea owner Roman Abramovic

    Chelsea owner Roman Abramovic revealed his disgust after his club's fan's racism shame in Paris

    The club issued a statement on Tuesday and to say it was lacking would be putting it mildly. Where was the acceptance that sectarian chanting from their supporters has made an unwelcome return? Where was the urgency to punish the guilty? Where was the plea to decent Rangers fans for information? Where was the anger and the embarrassment and the contrition? Their statement was from an unnamed spokesperson. It wasn't good enough. Not even close.

    The Scottish Professional Football League is looking into this now and the feeling, based on their past record as Scottish Premier League or Scottish Football League, is that it won't be good enough either. And the police? Where are they?

    • Dear Mr biased bigoted company reporter
      When you continually look for apologies from Rangers (Berwick ring a bell ,mid match) then ignore repeated offences from across the city,then you lose the right to be a sectarian crime fighter.
      Remember the numerous signs and banners from the group peter liewell disbanded only to appease them after a uefa disciplinary hearing had been heard ! No mock offence then ,eh ?

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