An Old Firm shambles – thanks Ally


Hyped up by myself and others as
the biggest Old Firm ever, today’s match had so much anticipation leading into
Truthfully though, all Bears knew
deep down we did not have a hope – Celtic had everything to lose, we had
nothing to lose, and it was Celtic who came out the traps flying.
The selected team was pretty weak
– predictably McCulloch remained in defence while the equally useless Foster
started on the right. Those two were, as one would expect, abysmal, and sadly
the generally decent Darren McGregor showed how poor the Championship is by
displaying how utterly out of his depth he was v Griffiths and Commons.

That the opening goal saw both
Foster and McGregor fail to get near the tiny Griffiths as the ball sailed over their heads
conveyed the reality of how abject this Rangers team really is.
The rest of the selection was
alright at best and weak at worst. A 3-prong attacking midfield featuring
Smith, Aird and Law was unable to produce a single decent attack, managing zero
shots on target, and Miller alone up top did not even have scraps to feed off.
The sitting pair of Black and
Hutton were bullied embarrassingly by MOTM Scott Brown, who, for all his
loathsome attributes, is the kind of tough guy Rangers sorely lack. He is the
player Bears love to hate the most, but he far outclassed anyone in our ranks.
That he alone had the better of our entire sitting midfield summed it up.
Admittedly 2-0 was not the
biggest drubbing, and quietly a lot of Rangers fans will be pleased the score
was merely that, but the horrible truth is this vile and weak Rangers team with
next-to-no football ability is the legacy left by Ally McCoist’s abysmal
regime, the remnants of which are still haunting us today.
He is the one who signed that
rubbish, and who let the poorest youth players through (Aird, Hutton) while
ditching all the decent ones such as McKay, McAusland, Gasparotto et al.
And now we are left with this
turgid, embarrassing mess that is not fit to wear the jersey.
If Rangers are judged by their
displays and results v Celtic, this team does not have a single player who is
even remotely of the class expected. Even Lee Wallace has fallen away horribly
and was terrible today. While he once was a worthy selection, now he appears
weak and disinterested.
But I am far from picking on him.
The whole team and management is so painfully far off where Rangers need to be,
and it is hard to see when anything like a true Rangers team will emerge from
the embers of this mess.


  1. quicker we get a manager in the sooner we get a settled core to build from.that was pish but it couldve been worse

  2. Ally is indeed culpable for the lack of any quality in the team. However, that is to be expected when someone is handed a job on a friend's recommendation and not on merit.

    What we saw this afternoon was a group of poor players trying to frustrate a group of average players. It was spectacle of mediocrity.

    The Rangers goalkeeper in particular, is way below the level required. Opening goal headed in from 4 yards.

    No doubt that we need a new team but judging from this afternoon the level we must aspire to is not great.

  3. All so very true. It could have been so different of the team was built from youth. Don't think Celtic even got into 1st gear

  4. Agreed! This is the poorest Rangers team I have seen in 55 years of following Gets. The team which played in the Rickson game would have put up a better performance than this! At least they would not have let Brown run all over them. McCoist time as manager has done a lot of damage which will take a long time to repair. Sad thing is Celtic don't look very good!

  5. Your argument of this dysfunctional team is a wee bit convoluted. Should not McCoist be praised for signing these youngsters. Remember he did not have the final authority for signing and selling players. Those decisions lie with the Board of Directors. Did they have to sell players in order to meet payroll demands?

  6. There is no old firm…just celtic and a new firm.

    Look up firm in the dictionary if you don't believe me…It means company or business. the company that celtic embarrassed today is not even 3 years old.

  7. In the past Rangers when they had a good team struggled against poor opposition, happens all the time, you are briught down to the level you play. That is all that happened today, Celtic only did what was needed, our ppor defence let them score to decent gaols to be fair, our whole team apparently managed 1 shot, but it was not on target, as for our midfield, did we have one? You could blame Mc Coist, but why did we keep him so long?

  8. I am actually a Celtic fan but I must applaud the author for his brutal honesty and saying what needs to be said. This must be the worst time ever to play out of Ibrox; no tactical awareness, no creativity in midfield, no cutting edge up front and lacking pace. I can remember the years before Souness arrived and even then Rangers still had Davie Cooper, Ally McCoist, Ian Durrant and Bobby Russell. They were at least good enough to win cups before the advent of Souness. I can't see how this Rangers team can win anything. For me Rangers need the equivalent of a Fergus McCann type figure at boardroom level first before they can resolve their problems.

  9. I thought when we went to div 3 it would have been a great opportunity to start building a young team. Over the years we have always "bought in" , I remember bringing back Gordon smith for a final and bringing back mark hately. What message does this send out to the younger players. One big thing that is missing is a proper captain. Even a team who are as poor as we are could be encouraged, shouted at, forced by the captain to give their all. John Greig played in a bad team, did he give up ? you bet he didn't.

  10. Plumbers, painters and all have faced us over the past 3 years having put in a shift at work and given us a game if not beating us. I can forgive a player for having a bad day as long as they have given their all. We just do not have it

  11. Sad times for Rangers, letting a quite ordinary team show us up, this is no great Celtic team yet we allowed them to look good. The Celtic teams that played against us in years gone by were far better than the present team. What will our board do now, it is time we got a manager in that knows how to play football and try at least get us into the play offs because I do not see that team catching Hearts for the title. Come on board time to stand up and be counted.

  12. This was always going to be the mismatch from hell for me, I shudder to think what the the score would have been on a decent pitch,ponderous,cumbersome and uncomfortable on the ball sums up this performance against a Celtic team that has the ignominy of being knocked out TWICE in the same qualifying rounds of the Champions League this season,that is the quality of the Celtic team that we faced yesterday,but the more pressing matter for me is the fact that Ashley has a floating charge over the assets,my reading of this is that he can appoint administrators of HIS choice and thus gain control (as Whyte did) in the event of an administration and no one,not even the courts can prevent him from doing so,it may be that he has done this as leverage so he can hang on to his disgraceful contracts in the event of his placements being booted off the board at the EGM,hopefully the EGM will not be needed and common sense will prevail with some sort of deal done to remove this regime,but if all this is leading to another administration it is imperative that legitimate administrators are appointed,hopefully BDO.

  13. I genuinely feel sorry for any grown adult that’s not been diagnosed as being ‘Intellectually challenged’ and actually believes that Rangers are a new team.

    To spend more time obsessing about a rival team than supporting your own is another clear sign of having a ‘Personality disorder’ and the mentality of a child with an inferiority complex.

    To waste £3000 to put an advert in the paper in a lame attempt pathetically in hope that someone outside the green eyed bubble would actually believe it is beyond laughable and cringe worthy to say the least, – Surely it would have made sense and been more worthwhile for anyone with a spare £3k to donate it to a good cause or charity instead? (i.e. Jak Trueman’s fund for – Leukaemia and Lymphoma research, or Fernando Ricksens fund for Motor Neurone Disease, for example)

    While Celtic always bang on about their history, funnily enough they chose to be selective about what part of their history they sing about as they promptly turn a blind eye to so much more that has been swept under the carpet in a history of disgrace.

    Rangers are and always will be the most successful club in Glasgow, in Scotland, and in the World, and Rangers fans will continue to support the players in the blue jersey 100% through the good times and the bad, while Celtic will spend 30% of their time supporting Celtic and the other 70% talking about Rangers.

    “For there’s not a team like the Glasgow Rangers, No not one, and there never shall be one”

  14. Its a new club but it can be just as good as the old one if you run it properly with prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance. Old Rangers died by forgetting the 4 cardinal virtues. Lets hope New Rangers gets a grip of these 4 virtues before its too late. Currently your standards are self-abuse, abusing others, Blame everybody else, Pray for a sugar daddy. What happened to the good old protestant work ethics. Whats happened to elbow grease and opportunity for the brave, what happened to temperance and love. Your club turned into a bastion of hatred and every other clubs in UK saw what Satan does to itself when it pretends it is virtuous. Celtic and every other club should be warned that pride comes before a fall. And just like lucifer your club fell and its been in hell ever since. The only person to resurrect from the dead by themselves was Jesus unless I am badly mistaken. Rangers died and a Frankestein imposter has taken their place. But you just keep on believing your club didn't die. Tell that to BDO as the forensically examine the cause of the debacle.

  15. Nonsense indeed. Denial is the reason your new club is in the state of the old one so soon. Take a defective model built on supremacism hubris and expectation and you will fail again without a sugar daddy. Celtic are just as prone to the same errors your old club made. Same mindset just different politics. You take a defective brain and put it into a Frankenstein monster and pretend its the same old love of your life if you want. But sad reality is nothing I stated in last comment is utter nonsense to any rational self reliant business. Rangers should and could be brilliant without all the bile that weighs you down. Whether that be sectarianism, supremacist ideals or the selfish blokes who pretend to love the club while syphoning off cash into their own back pockets. You live in denial if you want. You blame everybody else if you want. You pretend Rangers didn't do anything wrong. You believe the Rangers you went to watch as wee boy is the same monstrosity thats currently on show. Rangers used to be run efficiently with ideals and great place to promote all that was beautiful and good about British culture. Hard work, diligence determination. They abandoned that model for the get famous quick scheme of debt and hubris. The real Rangers died before the 90s begun. And although they perhaps had a super strong team on the park they were slowly rotting to death off it. Pretending to have found a wonderful sustainable model built on castles in the sky debt. Almost the same model that all the world fell for. Its not a Rangers problem. Its a human being problem. We got it into our heads that we could build something from nothing with nothing but imagination. And as long as imagination and unreality is kept as a model then we are all doomed to fail. Sadly Rangers should be a reminder of what hubris and false financial growth leads to. Rangers died. Get over it. Embrace the spirit of Rangers and pray that they get back to the old ethics that made Rangers of the 50s and 60s a team that could beat any other team on the planet just by wisely using the vast human resources available to it through diligence and determination. Drop the buy buy buy debt debt debt model or you will die again.

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