Firesale at Ibrox?


After Sunday’s embarrassment at
Hampden, 2nd of February sees the dreaded deadline day upon us, and
with Rangers’ best players being linked away, the real possibility of a
threadbare squad to scrape its way to the rest of the season now exists.

Tentative early links have
newly-managerless Nottingham
Forest back in for star
defender Lee Wallace, a player who has lacked form and desire at Ibrox for some
time. He would fetch around £800,000.
The Nicky Law to Leeds story
persists too, with the former Rotherham man high on the priority of those at Elland Road, along
with a number of other suitors such as Huddersfield.
Nicky Clark has been rumoured as
a target for a loan departure to Notts County, while Kilmarnock remain
interested in their former striker Kris Boyd, if less so at the rumoured
£400,000 price tag.
Last but not least David
, a dismally poor signing, is mooted for a departure as well, with
former Celtic manager Neil Lennon’s new charges Bolton
being a potential destination.
Depressingly, Rangers’ really
awful players like McCulloch, Foster, Black and Aird have absolutely no stories
linking them away, so while the very best may move to pastures new, McDowall
would be left with a squad barely good enough to survive in the Championship,
never mind get promoted.
Hopefully this fire sale does not
come to pass and the ‘best’ players are retained. Failure to do so would be


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah….sell the very best players…hahahahahahahahahahaha I nearly passed myself when I read this..Are you having a laugh they are all garbage

    • You should worry about your own team as celtic r garbage,they r the best out a bad bunch,in most celtic fans intersest,they need a strong rangers and i aint a rangers fan btw

  2. They all come to read about the Rangers. Even the sad little people who claim to support other teams are more interested in reading about, and commentating on, Rangers than reading about other teams.

    We welcome the chase

  3. At the end of the day – whether it be a load of young players or a group of useless has beens – we'd still be saying they werent fit to wear the Rangers jersey if they didnt come up with winning results. The reality is we currently dont have the youth structure in place, we havent had enough good youth come through that were good enough to make a team out of, we had a manager in place that was allowed to get any old dross in he liked because the board werent interested in results…. and perhaps as a group of fans our expectations are way above what they should be considering the position we found ourselfs in 3 years ago. We are in the shitter and should just be greatful we get to watch our team going by how the clubs being run.

    More importantly, we will hopefully get the chance to help shape our clubs destiny by getting behind groups like Rangers First etc so that we get our say as shareholders and vote the regime out that has allowed all of the above to happen in the first place. Its up to us to make that happen though.

    None of the players looked interested yesterday apart from Kenny Miller. Thats a sad situation to be in and a fire sale might be the best thing thats happened this season so far.

  4. Sell the lot none of them know what it is to wear the jersey or play for the club big DJ was spot on no spirit no heart no commitment no skill or stamina all of them bullied off the ball by Celtic

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