It’s All About the Ally


This is the Ally we want to remember, but he’s making it hard.

The last entry in this blog
highlighted the fickle nature of the Rangers fan. To praise one minute, to
condemn the next. Of course, specifically speaking, the recent topic of
conversation has been manager Ally McCoist, who has come under increasing
pressure in recent months. Despite an uplifting run in October and November,
Rangers have stuttered dreadfully since that ghastly draw with Alloa, which was
followed by a frustrating loss at Hearts, before the slide appeared to have
been arrested after yet another SPL scalp was taken, this time Kilmarnock.
Alas, yesterday’s shambolic
disaster at Recreation Park, facing long-time ‘bogey team’ Alloa Athletic
spelled, for the majority of supporters, the death knell on McCoist’s time in
the hot seat at Ibrox.
With only the Wasps and Livingston left in the Petrofac Training Cup, anything
less than silverware in said tournament given the resources Rangers have at
their disposal would be nothing short of disgraceful.
Neither team is Barcelona, and Rangers, without having a divine
right to the trophy, certainly could only lose it through sheer neglect. Sadly,
that is exactly what happened, and an Alloa Athletic buoyed by recent good
displays v the Govan men clearly felt a shock was on the cards. At 0-2 though,
Rangers fans would have been forgiven for thinking the match was done and
dusted, and a cup final appearance v Livvie was the next port of call.
Cue full time and quite simply a
complete collapse from the visitors, which saw 3 goals conceded in 15 minutes,
and an exit from the Challenge Cup confirmed.
To lose in this manner was
inexcusable, but the signs were there. The display was flat, uninspired, and
defensively Rangers looked as vulnerable as they have for a long time. There
were nerves in the air, and it showed. Disjointed, disorganised, and turgid
football summed up the Gers’ display, with no one doing themselves any justice.
What is worse; this was Rangers’
first-ever defeat to Alloa at all. Ally McCoist has the unenviable ‘privilege’
of leading the Glasgow
giants to defeat against a side who has never won over the men in blue.
A mitigating circumstance was the
early loss of Macleod to injury – you cannot blame McCoist for that. And while
his replacement, Dean Shiels, did indeed score, he does not offer a quarter of
what Macleod does, and was not the right replacement.
Once again, Ally showed inability
to adjust to dire situations. He mucked up the substitutions at Tynecastle, and
hardly got them right last night either.
It is just the latest in a litany
of offences proving McCoist does not have what it takes to manage this great
institution, for as easy as it might be to win with your full team, if you are
unable to resort to a plan b in times of difficulty, as he has shown time and
time again, you are in no position to manage Rangers.
There is also the issue of his
wages. McCoist remains the high-paid individual at Ibrox. Better paid than any
board member or player, his rewards are rich in Govan. Resignation would waive
a pay off so he refuses to do so, and knows the Club cannot afford to fire him
and subsequently pay off his full wage in a single sum.
This is not the act of a true
bear – even Le Guen had the utter dignity, following his disastrous time at
Ibrox, to waive the compensation despite being fired. For all ‘Le Gaffer’ got
wrong at Rangers, that was a remarkable act and saved Rangers £2M. He knew
after 6 months it was not working out, and accepted his fate with maturity.
McCoist definitely once truly
cared about Rangers, certainly up to and including administration, but that
seems less and less accurate these days.
McCoist, after 3 and a half
years, still seems to feel it is all about the Ally.


  1. No one was forced to give Ally the contract that he has and he was hand picked by Walter Smith himself. I defy anyone who says that he should resign, would you honestly give up 800,000 pounds ? Ally must stay and finish the job he has started, and finish it he will, after all, he is a true rangers man.

  2. An excellent assessment and opinion shared by I'd say a huge majority of fans.
    I never thought I would come to despise Ally McCoist, but as a Rangers Manager I do. Week in , week out all the supporters who sit around me have been asking for his resignation and not just this season.
    Last nights abysmal performance supercedes the 1967 loss to Berwick. At that game from records in reports, we pulvarised them, but we just couldn't put the ball in the net. If you look at it, we sacked both strikers Jim Forrest and George McLean, then not long after Scot Symon ended up out of a job.
    Those who attend all home games like I do are sick and tired of the tactics deployed by McCoist and Co. Games where opponents play one striker and we have 4 defenders to mark him. At corners 11 Rangers players in the 18 yard box, at throw ins, no movement, at our corners nopositioning at back of 18yard box for overhit corenrs or a player in the 'D' to pick up short clearances and this is not to mention the inability to break at speed on the counter-attack, need I go on more in the tactical inawareness?
    To win the 2nd then 1st division, any persion (young or old) who plays Championship Management could and would have won these divisions with the playing squads available to McCoist. This season the squad should be peppered with young players experienced in around 20 games a season, capable of playing at the higher calibre of players in the Championship, can you name any? I can't. We rely so much on Lewis McLeod and unfortunately young Aird has turned out to be just another one trick pony, who has lost his abilities or confidence.
    A footnote: The youth player of the Month – Charlie Telfer!!
    Last nights result was dreadful and has to go down as one of the worst results in Rangers history, and join ohters in McCoists term.
    I will be at the Cowdenbeath game as usual on Saturday, hoping we win, hoping that certain players will be dropped; I won't go into who should be dropped as there will be fans who will disagree with my selection, but major changes should be made, with McCoists favourites sitting in the stand.
    My final point on the mangerial decisions done this season; seven youth/young players have been loaned out, Barry MacKay has pace and trickery, Luca Gasporotto has real potential to go far, reads the game well and beside a proper tough centre half would develop, Calum Gallagher showed his trength and mobility in the few appearances he did last season , the other four have their abilities , but the one thing all 7 have is mobility and speed of thought.
    I like many and possibly all Rangers fans absolutely adored Ally McCoist, at times he left us speechless, missed chances or scoring when least likely to, but the cheeky chappie was adored.
    That is now a long distant memory, the Ally McCoist we have now is not liked (polite), such a shame, but as a manager it just hasn't and won't happen.

    A very sad lifelong Rangers fan of 60 years,


  3. hardly slept last night thinking father xmas was going to deliver early xmas present, what a nightmare to wake up and find clueless and gutless, had not walked away,awaiting another payday.Bookies showing odds of 5/2 McCall not my favoured choice mine being Billy Davies,nevertheless a 100
    % provement at last word was out on the street, Celtic fans pleading for us not to sack him says it all.Go and give our great team a chance of promotion and more importantly playing actual football to be proud off

  4. Come on its ridiculous to suggest he doesn't care about Rangers. If anything the problem is he cares too much, That's why he wouldn't resign. Nothing to do with money. He desperately wants to be the man to take us back to the top. I hope he still does. Its just a shame that with every passing week it seems suspicions look like they are being confirmed and he's out of his depth as a football manager. Still a great man and a legend for what he's done for the club. Super Ally.

    • you sure? if that was case then maybe be a nice gesture to work for nothing for a while given that the club has paid him enough over the years to keep him for several lifetimes

  5. So was John Greig a rangers man none better, does not make him a good manager, goes with the flow if we beat Celtic seasons done, forget promotion, more brains on a pram handle, are not all Rangers Fans true fans, but enough is enough, the parasite should be sacked and give us reasonable chance of promotion

  6. Rangers fans need to get wise to AM. All this not 'walking away' rubbish? He was handed the job on a platter by Smith, not on merit. Where would he have walked to anyway? Who would have employed him in the game.
    He has accepted discounted shares and has received enormous sums in wages for scant return. If he had real feelings for the club he would resign and take his inept coaching staff with him. Rangers should state publicly that he is not wanted and then the ball is in AM's court. Will he demand further payments from a club he knows cant afford it or will depart with at least some dignity. Will soon see his true colours. In case anyone is wondering I am a life-long Rangers fan. PS Mr Ashley, Please think carefully over next appointment!! No Dennis Wise, Joe Kinnear, Stuart McColl etc etc

  7. why don't rangers fans pay into a fund along with the rangers fighting fund for the length of time it takes to buy ally out of his contract .

    • why doesnt such a great rangers man who lets face it has become a very very weathly man from the club not just do the decent thing when asked.

      Is he that greedy or self absorbed that only he is allowed to take them back to the promised land?

      There is a cliche that all politic careers end in failure, the same is true in football. Even WS must think he should never has made the come back as director

    Remember the John Greig era? I do!! When Ally became manager of Rangers I took a sharp intake of breath. I was prepared to give him time. Perhaps a pupil of Walter could have a technical understanding of the game. Perhaps a former player could display leadership, vision, motivational skills, tactical awareness, an aptitude for recruitment or player development. On occasion managers survive and are partially successful if they are competent in one or two of these facets. Would Ally get pass marks in any of these areas?
    I would suggest that his greatest shortfall lies in his technical approach or football ethos. Rangers fans will recognise the following barriers to modern, progressive, attractive football:

    Players dwell too long on the ball. Little evidence of quick, accurate movement of the ball. (a coaching basic).
    an ethos of tall, immobile 'target' men seems to be the default tactic.
    Law contributes well in attacking positions but he is suspect as a centre-midfield player.
    McCulloch must feature in the team somewhere, anywhere! (suspect he buys into Allys' flawed ethos).
    centre-backs are preferred in wide defensive areas (on right) thus preventing effective penetration in vital areas.
    Templeton can contribute effectively and is under-utilised. His poor decision making has not been improved?
    there is little variety in tactical approach from game to game and in particular, during games. (2 nil up? Reflect?)
    stagnant development of young players. (if you cant coach improvement – conceal it by buying older players)

    I could go on. The problem is that Ally and current coaching staff are unable to recognise or improve the situation.
    Conclusion: There will be a change of direction shortly with a new manager and coaching staff. Lets hope that the appointment will be based on merit and not because he is one of the boys.

  9. Even in the days when Walter gave him his head in league cup matches the performances were always crap The writing was on the wall and i cant believe that Watty didn't know thar . We all love Ally as a former player and we've always wished the best for him but as a manager it just isn't working . He should use some of his vast income to get a hairweave , go on a diet and get back on the telly in some capasity . Always love him as a great Rangers man and a great player . Dont spoil it Ally by hanging on while the party's over .

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