The Return of Kenny Miller


In terms of a pure footballing
level, Kenny Miller is one of the most controversial players associated with
Rangers in recent (and not-so-recent) times. Having been at Easter Road as a
youngster, during a fairly adequate spell, he made the move across the Central
Belt to Rangers aged 20, where his time in Govan was again adequate by the more
demanding expectations of the Rangers faithful.
Thereafter the-now Scotland
international established himself for five years at Wolverhampton Wanderers,
during an fairly prolific spell of one goal every three matches in the
Championship and Premiership, before the first big controversial move took
Kenny Miller joined Celtic. It
must not be forgotten he was only there for a sole year, but we all know that
the man then left for Derby
before he made his second controversial move in 2008 by returning to Walter
Smith’s Rangers. This was arguably the most dramatic and least popular signing
in the past 15 years, with Miller’s Celtic past being held against him,
including by yours truly.
I deeply resented a fairly
unspectacular player who had been in the green and white returning to Rangers.
Especially given he had spent time at Ibrox already. I was not alone in feeling
Now we know Miller, having been
released by Canadian outfit Vancouver Whitecaps is almost certainly rejoining
Rangers for a third spell, aged 34.
The big outrage among supporters
is that Andy Little, aged 24, has been released to make way for Miller. A lot
has been made of that age difference as an argument for condemning said course
of action, and I can understand that fans do not want to see washed-up players
replacing promising young ones.
However, as harsh as this is
going to sound, I stand by the following; Kenny Miller is a far better player at
34 than Andy Little will ever be. And I have the highest respect for Little –
conducted himself well on and off the pitch and was a credit to the club. He
stuck by the club during its darkest hour in 2012 and I will always be grateful
to him for that. He was also an integral part of our success in winning the
Third Division.
However, again, here comes the
nub – while Miller is no spring chicken any more, he has still been scoring at
a rate of around one in three since he left Rangers, at a higher level than the
SPL. At Rangers in the SPL he scored well over one in two.
Do we wish to stick with Little
who basically has never actually been particularly impressive in the 8 years he
was at Ibrox, or go with a player who is quite bluntly superior in the goals
I am not defending Miller as a
man – I absolutely loathed his reasons for leaving during his second spell,
essentially saying Rangers could not afford him. I am simply weighing up the
football pros and cons of this course of events.
In his 8 years at Ibrox Little
amassed a mere 65 appearances. He scored 33 goals during them, a very good
return. However 22 of them were in the Third Division. This season past has
indicted him more, with him featuring in 29 matches (17 starts) but scoring
only 6 goals. Many may argue he was used more as a winger this season, and it
is a fair point, but how do they account for the zero goals he scored in 8
appearances up front for his country?
Furthermore, he said himself he
is versatile:
“I don’t really have a set position, I
have played upfront, right-back and in midfield, but I feel I am more
comfortable the further up the pitch I play.”
Anyway, the point is I do not
feel his departure is a huge loss, and I also feel his replacement is a better
model and more likely to score goals at a higher level than Little has
struggled with. It will equip us better for life in the Championship – indeed
Miller is superior to every striker Rangers currently have, and is the level we
need to get back to the SPL.
However I am also aware I am in a
total minority with this view, and fully accept that.


  1. Count me in on your minority group as I agree that replacing Andy with Kenny at nil or minimal additional cost makes sense. For what we can afford there is nobody better at playing one up front and I doubt McCoist will change that next season.

    • Count me in on your minority group too,,,,,I have always thought that Little has reached his best for us,,and probably would not be good enough for the Championship battles ahead ? Whereas Kenny Miller has nothing to prove to anybody anymore and will probably score for fun in the Championship ? The reason I say probably is only if he stays away from injury ? And I would also say there is a lot more deadwood needing to be cleared out of Ibrox ? Starting at the very top ? But then again only time will tell ? WATP. RTID.

  2. kenny miller ur havin a laugh he will come in kiss the badge again then run about like a headless chicken again earn 7 grand a week then tell us he wished he hadnt left because he loves the club send him over to run the rangers trust he s their tipe of guy

  3. True Blue

    Do not want to see Miller back – this is a total step backward for the club. I and other Rangers Fans WANT TO SEE YOUTH, not has beens or this case never been. This young lad stood tall and was counted among the few. Next we will have Naismith back – NEVER!

    What we want is youth development whilst going forward. There must be players out there that suits. The only clubs in the country who are buying players are Rangers and Celtic!! No one else can afford, and to be quite frank we are also in the cannot afford to bracket.

    If we have no scouts then Ally should be sending one of his managerial coaching staff out to look for talent, and the sooner the better.

    Giving Ally the benefit of the doubt is no longer an option. He is going up a division, but should be looking forward to the Premiership, longterm, not just bringing in journeymen for next season – I AM APPALLED! Actually I feel sick at what he is doing. I feel really nauseous at the thought that we are going to go through next season the same as this –

    1. No good football;

    2. No youth development;

    3. No financial stability;

    4. No footballing structure;

    5. No management craft or guile.

    Makes you sick at the thought!

  4. Andy Little is a Man that should have the Freedom of Glasgow , Govan and Ibrox for his commitment to the Rangers cause . I wish him well and hope he goes on to prove us wrong for letting him go .
    I do think if Miller was signed , he`d be an ideal foil for Jon Daly . He is a direct attacking player with experience and is very able to assist , as well as score.
    I have seen articles that suggest Kris Boyd may also be in Allys` sights and hope it`s not because Daly is leaving the Club. The man lost his Father this season and still scored 26 goals , i feel the best is yet to come from him .
    I would only contest , that Daly would score more than Miller simply because Miller was there to feed him and not the other way around .

    • Little is a far better player than Daly and should have been retained. Daly looks slow and lethargic whilst Little was all over the pitch covering for others, something Daly hasn't the energy or pace for.
      We never seen the best from Andy due to injuries and the role he was given, I feel sorry for the way he has been treated.
      Jon will not score more goals than Miller, a Kenny/Andy would have been a more productive strike duo.
      As for Kris Boyd he and Daly are much of a sameness, however Boydie would have a much higher work rate.

    • I'd also like to see Barry Ferguson return for a final season with the club . It wont be easy winning this league and the more class and experience we have the better . The current midfield could benefit from playing with Barry who wouldn't cost anything and i'm sure wouldn't be looking for a big salary . The man would love to finish his career helping Gers back into the top division and maybe he could combine it with a coaching role .

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