Do Not Trust the Trust


Today I made a tweet, limited as
it was to 140 characters, regarding my anti-Union of Fans stance relating to
Andy Little’s departure from Ibrox.
It was not the best tweet I have
ever made, and went something like this:
“Andy Little has had enough. He’s leaving.
That’s what CG/DK/UoF want. To tear this club apart. Please don’t support them”
I tweeted this before the news
broke that the club had not offered him a new deal, but it was not an
unreasonable assumption that one of the players on the fringes of the first team,
irritated by his lack of game time had decided to call it a day and move on to
where he would get first team football. There was also the possibility of the
off-field chaos contributing to his decision, whereby he had simply tolerated
enough of the instability and decided to move on.
Both stances entirely
Having made this tweet, Union of
Fans’ supporters pounced on it and I was called a ‘flaky’, a ‘moron’, ‘not
quite right’, ‘odd’ and every other derogatory name under the sun. Indeed, the
mockery extended to attributing the following bizarre statement to me:
“Chris Graham asked Andy Little to leave”
Before I continue in haste, I
would like to point out I am offended by none of this, because when those whose
beliefs you oppose resort to slandering and insulting you, generally it
highlights their lack of argument in rebuttal.
I do not even mind being lied
about, because I can clarify those lies here. And consequently that is what I
will do.
Of course Chris Graham did not
ask Andy Little to leave, nor do I have any clear evidence he or the rest of
those who support the Trust scheme wish to tear Rangers apart. But if they
succeed in their Trust scheme (actually just a limited company with a bank
account in truth) that is exactly what will happen. Rangers will suffer the
ignominy of admin 2, 25 points will be docked from the club back in League 2
and once again we will lose the majority of the playing staff.
It may just be too much for some
supporters to take. If UoF succeed, they will tear this club apart, ripping its
soul out irreparably, a soul which is already fighting for survival such is the
warring and infighting between those who support their scheme and those who do
So by force of logic, if you
support the UoF’s plans, plans which will inevitably destroy the club should
they prevail, you are supporting the dismantling of Rangers. You might not be
intending that, indeed, I would hazard a guess that 100% of those supporting
the scheme want Rangers alive and thriving. But, alas, this scheme is designed
by one man to have the opposite effect, and that is a Mr Dave King.
How exactly can withholding
hundreds of thousands, millions of pounds in any way help Rangers? Why exactly
do some Rangers fans trust a man with their money when he ripped off the South
African tax man to the tune of 2.1B RSA?
The Trust fund is nothing more
than a political tool to damage the club, and in particular, the board. King,
having previously supported Wallace as part of the Requisitioners, now deeply
loathes the man given he will not just kowtow to his threats and demands and
give him power.
The statement released by the
club makes it clear that Rangers FC will not give “Ibrox 1972” security over
any of the club’s assets. In one statement, King’s company lost all its
bargaining chips because supporters who subscribe to it now stand to lose their
seats if they do not renew.
The Trust is a smokescreen, a
political bargaining chip which became a joker. And its supporters, like those
who abused me, have been wonderfully programmed to do its bidding.
Before you describe me as barmy,
think about it. UoF fans are being spearheaded by Richard Gough (as well as
King and Graham). Gough condemned the fan-endorsed ban at Tannadice, he backs
the UoF scheme yet he also said this in 2012:
“The club I gave blood, sweat and tears for
is dead. Whose fault is it? I don’t care.”
Gough is a legend for his playing
achievements at Ibrox, but any supporter who backs a man describing his or her
club as dead really needs to re-evaluate their motives.
Rangers are not dead. But we are
in A&E far too much now.


  1. I'm sorry but once again you don't make any sense. Do you really believe that this board has behaved in a way that could give anyone any confidence that they are capable if keeping us alive never mind taking us back to where we belong.
    How can you trust these people and yet openly dispise Dave King, a man who has given much and taken very little from our club.

    I genuinely respect that you have only the best interest of the club at heart but I think that much like your tweet your opinion is poorly thought out and your assumptions are quite frankly bizarre.

    • I think he makes perfect sense. The Board haven't been given a chance and the UOF and Dave King seem determined to cause them ( and Rangers) as much trouble as possible. What makes you think Dave King and the rebels are more trustworthy than the Board? Did you not read anything about Dave's court case? Seems to me that it's YOUR opinions and assumptions that are poorly thought out and bizarre.

    • In the admittedly short time that this board has been in place they have lied or possibly worse been ignorant about our financial situation, they then arranged a loan, without looking at all the options, with a corporate body at interest rates which were way above what they needed to pay. We were told that a substantial review of the club would take 120 days and would deliver a clear plan for our future then they presented us with what amounted to a waste of paper stating the obvious which makes how we are to survive never mind prosper not one bit clearer. We now learn that Wallace could earn a 315K bonus, as well as a 25K bonus for us being promoted, at the same time that we can't afford even one scout to try to spot future talent which is vital for our future and at the same time that people that are employed by the club on low wages, most of who love the club as much as you and me are to be made redundant.
      Loyal fans who have kept this club alive can't even buy their season ticket using a credit card because of the incompetence of this board and you think that we should trust these people?
      These people have no emotional attachment to our club. To them it's a business. If it all goes to shit and the business fails they walk away and on to another business. Life goes on as usual for these people. They have no fear of even being held responsible for the demise of a national institution, the villains of this story have already been cast so they won't even be blamed.
      So do I trust these people or do I trust a man who has already put his money where his mouth is to the tune of 20 million. A man who has proved himself to be as dedicated to this club as anyone. A man who would be as devastated as any of us if the club went under and a man who wants exactly the same as you or me for this club and is rich enough to make it happen. As for Kings issues with the SA tax man I couldn't give a f*ck. Every business minimises their tax as much as possible. Sometimes the line between legal and illegal is unclear. King crossed the line and payed the price. Case closed. And he is not the first to be caught out by gray areas in tax laws is he?
      Now I have explained the reasons why I have come to the opinions that I hold. Maybe you could explain the thoughts behind your opinions.

    • OK. As you say, the board have been there for only a short time. In fact, time to do very little and at the AGM, Wallace had been there for only a couple of weeks or so. Obviously, he was given information which proved to be wrong. I don't know exactly what happened, but can't see any advantage for Wallace in telling supporters a deliberate lie. The loan arrangement was a mistake, but was altered, I think, to everyone's satisfaction. As for the wages and bonuses; if we want the best we need to pay the money, or should we just pay buttons and take anyone? I know there will be redundancies, which no one wants. We all know how important people's jobs are, especially in the present climate, but it's unfair to blame this Board as they would most likely happen no matter who was running the Club. Re the review; what exactly were you looking for? It's a sensible, realistic review/plan, set out so that it can be understood by anyone. If it had been more detailed and 300 pages long, you'd have moaned about that too. And anyway, how can anyone complain about the board's plans when Dave King and the rebels have come up with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING other than the "brilliant" idea to starve the club of money. Seems to me it's Dave King who is about to be held responsible for the demise of a national institution. As for the money, he MIGHT be "rich enough to make it happen," but so far he it looks like he doesn't want to part with any of it. You say in his defence re the court case, "sometimes the line between legal and illegal is unclear." Well not according to the South African authorities it isn't. They were pretty clear about it and Dave had to stump up a considerable amount of money to avoid going to jail. There's no way I would give my money to Dave King and the rebels. The way they've gone about their business has been a disgrace and a total embarrassment to Rangers and the supporters. All things considered, I'd rather give the Board a chance.
      Anyway, when it comes down to it, the survival of Rangers FC is more important than either the Board or Dave King. Support your team, buy your ticket, argue later.

    • Wallace had been at the club for 4 weeks prior to the AGM. He should have known whether the club had sufficient funds to see out the season or not but he didn't. The loan arrangement was only changed after the public outcry at the incompetent way the board had gone about it. The Rangers Supporters Trust could find a number of people offering more favourable terms within days of the loan being announced. The board was humiliated into changing the loan. This is not good business practice
      The review consisted of Wallace saying we are spending more than we are earning, cuts need to be made and more money needs to be raised through investment. Now I'm no financial wizard but I could have told you that without having to wait over 120 days.
      And even today Wallace is dancing around the subject of his bonus like a politician. Not good enough. Not when players are asked to take 15% pay cuts and hard working people lose their jobs.
      And if your mistrust of Dave King is based on his problems with the SA justice system I would have to remind you that a member of the board you are supporting was reportedly sentenced to 27 months in prison for VAT fraud. Some consistency would be nice.
      I do agree however that the survival of the club is the most important thing and I'm not entirely convinced that Kings plan is the best but I am convinced of 2 things. First that this current board are not the right people to put our trust in and second, no matter what the outcome Dave King will continue to play a very positive part in Rangers future.

    • If Wallace is allowed to get on and do the job he's paid to do and sort out this mess and help get us back to where we should be, it will be money well spent. Do you really think that should they gain control, Dave King and his Board will work for free or when attempting to economize, there won't be any redundancies?
      You criticize the review, but as I said, Dave King has offered no plan, but you seem quite happy with that. Why during the 120 days could he not have drawn up his own plan and let the supporters compare them?
      I know, obviously, about the member of the Board, as you put it, and the VAT. It was only because you were making light of Dave King's involvement with the SA authorities that I felt I should point out that it was a bit more serious than you were suggesting.
      I'm prepared to give the Board a chance and believe they have the club's best interests at heart. Everyone doesn't need to have an emotional attachment. There are plenty of people who actually take a pride in their jobs and reputations. Sandy Easdale has just increased his shareholding which shows his commitment. Dave King has no Rangers shares, but wants to take over. It just looks like he's trying to muscle in without having to put his hand in his pocket.
      I think Dave King and the rebels are behaving irresponsibly by attempting to deny Rangers season ticket money, but hopefully most supporters won't be taken in by this dangerous idea. I've renewed my ticket and would probably have done so no matter who was in charge. Rangers come first, the politics second. As long as the club survives, there will be plenty of time to complain, protest or argue if that's what people want to do.

    • But will there be plenty of time to do anything if this board remains in control? 70 million in a couple of years! Of course this board are not to blame but we are at a point now where further mismanagement could potentially finish the club. This current board has given us no reason to believe that they are any better than the charlatans who came before them, in fact the opposite is true.
      Your only argument for keeping this board is that they haven't had enough time to prove themselves but I would have to disagree. The last 6 months gave them plenty of time to earn our trust, stabilise the club financially and show us all that Rangers are being run in a professional way. They have achieved none of these goals. What evidence have you seen that these people are capable of guiding Rangers back to the top? I would genuinely like to hear your argument.
      It appears that you are driven by a dislike and distrust of Dave King and your only concern is preventing him from taking any control over Rangers. Like I said I’m not totally convinced that withholding season ticket money is the best way to ensure change but change is required and DK with his money and commitment to the club is, as far as I’m concerned, our best hope.

    • I think the Board not having enough time is a pretty reasonable argument. I also think that both Wallace and Somers are capable men with excellent business backgrounds and given enough time WILL turn the ship around. The Easdales also seem to have good business heads on their shoulders and are nobody's fools.
      I am not driven by either a dislike or distrust of Dave King. I think that he probably does have the club's best interests at heart, but find his tactics to gain control highly questionable. It seems to me that he's used bullyboy tactics, with the help of the UOF, and doesn't mind putting the club's future in jeopardy by withholding season ticket money in the hope that either the Board will cave in (unlikely) or that it will cause enough turmoil that the share price plummets (more likely) and he can pick up all the shares he needs for next to nothing. Your only reason for championing Dave King would seem to be that he's committed and (hopefully) has loads of money.
      I can't imagine any reason why I would ever consider not buying my season ticket, no matter who was in charge, especially if the future of the club was in any danger. Protest and complain all you want, but surely the most damaging thing supporters can do to Rangers right now is not renew their ticket. That's what all our enemies must be rubbing their hands hoping for.

  2. ur a hundred percent right about prince richard and king gough said our club died the same as walter smith these guys made a good living out of us they shouldbe backing the board or else it will be the end

  3. Gough,s club were Liquidated, he was right! they never came out of administration,hence went into liquidation! the new club cannot go into administration again,they have never been there before,so rightly,will only be deducted 15 Pts .If! they enter admin. but depending when it happens!!! it could be a bad start to next season!

  4. You say you support Rangers but the next time you say anything positive it will be the first time

  5. The reason so many support King is due to the lack of viable options. It is absolutely plain that we are being sold down the river financially 100% bonus? yet you wish to continue supporting the current board?

  6. i think its time for sir daved to come back and get terry butcher in to the trust if ever anything was named wrong its surely them i wouldent trust them to run a bus never mind our great club

  7. Danny you have the audacity to state that slander and insult indicate a lack of an argument yet you insult and slander Chris Graham by accusing him/them of trying to 'tear the club apart' before you bottle it big time and retract that accusation in your piece above!
    You say we should not trust certain people but why should we trust Wallace who has CLEARLY lied to the support about the club having enough cash to last until the end of the season? I challenge you here now to respond to that question?! Why should we trust the Easdales who it is alleged have broken company law by talking about the clubs financial position when it is against Stock Market rules to do so?! Again, answer that?! Why should we trust Somers when he was telling us not that long ago that Stockbridge had been good for Rangers when recent revelations show this to be patently untrue? Answer that Danny?! Then tell us where the investment that these clowns promised is coming from Danny – because anyone who has got the slightest inkling can see that this is very unlikely to be forthcoming! Plenty of questions Danny – are you gonna answer these and enter into a proper debate or are you just gonna hide behind the blog?!!

  8. u dont hear ally backing king i think that tells you everything back ally and the board or else all is lost i fear

  9. I am backing the current board.
    Graham Wallace salary is £1000 a week LESS than Emilson Cribriati.
    In Wallace we have a man who will guide us back to our rightful place.

  10. Dave King who said "I won't leave Scotland till this is sorted out". Where is he???? Oh aye, South Africa..

  11. Anonymous6 May 2014 20:10
    Gough,s club were Liquidated, he was right! they never came out of administration,hence went into liquidation! the new club cannot go into administration again,

    This above, is total and complete nonsense.
    Gough's 'club' was not in any way, shape nor form liquidated nor in administration either.

    The above is complete nonsense.
    The Company which ran 'the football Club' …
    IT went into admin and was then liquidated, NOT the football Club.

  12. Regardless of faction there is only one truth here – Dave King's plan is doomed to failure. The only effect it can have is to damage Rangers. If you're a Rangers man you'll buy your season book from the Club. If you're easily swayed by the paranoid halfwits on the committees mentioned above you'll lose your seat to the next fan in line. Rangers is more important than half-baked politicking and opportunism. Get a fucking grip and support your Club.

    • Scott – the FACT is that there are people both on the board and those who are backing them who are clearly the 'opportunists' in all this and I despair at our support who can't or wont see this!!

    • Ibrox Noise and Scott are 100% correct. Never mind all this stuff about "opportunists." The simple fact of the matter is that RANGERS will suffer if people don't renew their tickets and I can't understand how you can't see THAT!

  13. Yeah just keep on filling the pockets of the faceless men who're making a fortune living of the assets of a club using the name Rangers.

  14. Being sensible about it – the club has always relied on season ticket money to a degree to keep running. So im not quite getting how some supporters see it as some kind of threat when Graham Wallace says that the punters need to buy season books to prop the club up.

    As much as im not convinced by Wallace (although i still think he could be the right guy to drive us on), id rather pay my money to the club as its the bread and butter it needs to continue.

    And just as a reminder about "Honest Dave" – he quite clearly said in press interviews that he would put a big wad of cash in……but then when the board spoke out, he quite quickly changed his words to "ONLY IF no other investment comes in". Seems to me like theres wee white lies in both camps.

  15. I have yet to hear Dave Kings plans to take the club forward. Has he the wealth to not only even the keel but also to take us forward. Who is supporting him from an ongoing investment perspective ?. Mr Wallace inherited an absolute basket case and we need to give him time and support. Any one of us could sabre rattle. Mr King needs to expand on his plans and backers now. Only then can we take a balanced view

  16. Wallace is an absolute disgrace and just the latest puppet.
    Never thought I would ever say this….and I'm not necessarily backing king…but if your happy with those gamgsters and Wide boy Wallace at the helm I hope you all get shafted and lose every penny. …you'll deserve it

    Kenny Taylor

  17. I'll be sending my money to the club to renew. King's past efforts on behalf of the club cannot be denied but this is the here and now; put your money where your mouth is Dave or stay in South Africa and give your gums a rest. Wallace is trying to repair damage that was done before he arrived but this internecine warfare is helping nobody, least of all the club which we all want to continue going forward. Administration again would be a disaster and I'm not prepared to be party to that.

  18. Dave king avoided jail for a criminal conviction by paying a large fine. His scam is nothing more than a pyramid scheme to buy a club with other peoples money. I do believe that sometimes football fans leave their brains at home and the heart rules the head. Avoid this man at all costs

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