The Hypocrisy of Supporting Malcolm Murray

The Hypocrisy of Supporting Malcolm Murray

For the past 18 months, off-field
drivel has dominated Ibrox, and the front pages. It abated slightly while
Charles Green was CEO, but towards January, February and March the propaganda
against him (ridiculous and unnecessary negative stories which attacked him
personally as opposed to how he ran the club) had reached epidemic proportions
and his position became untenable.
During these three months, Imran
Ahmad was being outed as a ‘spiv’ and ‘charlatan’ with devious intent, while
Malcolm Murray was being outed as a ‘drunk’ and a ‘mole’. Comments about these
two at the time verged on utter hatred, and fans were repeatedly embarrassed by
the latter’s antics in particular while being proven as leaking inside
information, something which supporters condemned roundly.
And yet here we are today; while
a sizeable chunk of supporters want to see Paul Murray at the Ibrox helm, and
for him to subsequently win the vote my last blog discussed, the complete
absence of condemnation for one of his associates is almost ludicrous.
While Scott Murdoch and Alex
Wilson do not have any major reputation among Rangers fans at this point in
time, the 4th party of this group certainly does; Malcolm Murray.
By the time ex-Ibrox chairman Murray agreed to stand
down in February, he had become a figure of embarrassment to the club, with at
least two videos of his drunken antics, plus the phone call recording revealing
him to be the ‘mole’, something he did not deny.
Twitter nearly melted with
widespread condemnation of yet more chaos at Ibrox, with Rangers fans utterly
aghast that their chairman was conducting himself in this way, and had been
responsible for a great deal of the leaking, much of which found its way to
various blogs which revealed inside information supporters did not want
It would be fair to say Murray
was disliked nearly as much as Charles Green ended up being, and the fanbase
looked for his departure as enthusiastically as they did Green’s, and were
delighted to see his exit when it arrived.
And yet, fast-forward to November
and suddenly the man is a credible contender for appointment to the board just
because…what? Why is Malcolm Murray now a “Real Rangers Man” when
he was apparently a scourge on the club last Spring?
From the Dail Mail on 20/02/2013:
            “Malcolm Murray has been asked to step
down as Rangers chairman after concerns were raised about his suitability for
the role. It is understood that Ibrox
directors have received complaints from supporters about Murray’s personal conduct
. The issue was
then raised with the pension fund manager during board meetings, the most
recent of which took place last Friday.
There is also believed to have been disquiet among senior figures at
the club about where and when Murray
has been discussing club business.”
Furthermore, it is curious that a
sizeable chunk of Rangers fans are now supporting the man who once ‘apologised’
for Rangers:
            “We are acutely aware that events at
our club, brought about by people who are no longer here, have triggered a
crisis in Scottish football. Ally McCoist, the staff and players have nothing
to apologise for. But the club needs to
make an apology
. It is only right that someone expresses our sorrow and
It may be easy to say in
hindsight, but Malcolm Murray’s apology to Scottish football was not well
received by Rangers fans. Indeed, this apology could be considered
‘handwringing’ by a certain portion of the fanbase. Supporters who despise
Scottish football and who have the knowledge Rangers did nothing wrong are now
supporting a man who apologised to Scottish football for the things Rangers apparently did
Malcolm Murray was part of the
very boardroom which fans despised. The majority of that boardroom, including
Walter Smith, Phil Cartmell, Bryan Smart, Ian Hart, Charles Green and Craig
Mather has well and truly gone.
Yet one of them, Murray, is now
apparently a perfectly upstanding gentleman just because he has sided with Paul
Am I really the only one who sees
some hypocrisy here?

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  1. i think u should seriouly wake up and smell the coffee if the murrays do not gain control of our club then we are in serious trouble we have no scouting network for a club our size this is a disgrace we have no players with sell on value part from a coulpe that mite fetch a couple million each part from this our club is in a real mess and running out of money fast

  2. Do you think the people who railed against Malcolm Murray from inside Ibrox are perfectly upstanding Gentlemen ? Or is it the case that they had ulterior motives and needed rid of Malcolm Murray?

    I know what I believe… and now why the rush to populate the Board given the upcoming AGM? You don't need to be Einstein to smell a rat or two.

  3. Craig, and a couple of the Anonymous', neither of you offer a counter-point to the article. The things Murray did wrong he actually did, it's a fact and we all know it. He was a devious, backstabbing, power hungry, secret spilling liar. He was Chairman of the club yet spent most of his time trying to damage it (anonymously) and working against Green. He ordered the expensive probe into Green and Whyte "links," despite it being perfectly obvious to anyone with half a brain that there were no links. The fans wanted him out there was no doubt about that. He was toxic, and yet now P Murray and McColl (who are themselves hypocrites) want him on board there are many fans who just forget what he did while at our club?

    There's no words to describe just how hypocritical and destructive the Requisitioner bid is. Before they came along rocking the boat what did we have? Malcolm Murray rocking the boat forcing Green out. Green didn't do anything wrong. Sure, he could be crude at times, a bit tactless, but he delivered where it mattered and saved the club. Had Malcolm Murray been forced out instead of Green we would have stability now. Instead the loss of Green created a power vacuum and, with Malcolm Murray still on the board, we had a toxic element still spreading his poison. This added to the power vacuum and so we boardroom changes, fan grumblings and now the Requisitioners.

    The loss of Green was HUGE, and yet I know there will be many fans out there who blame him and will never see the good he did or where he could have taken us.

    • the report was not orderd by murray he didnt even get to see the report when it was finsihed it was over his head by who ever is really runing our club murray green tricked the fans into sending them season ticket money by some overrated spl player signings and all his progandy talk in papers about defending our club yet ran away when the going got tuff so to green and all the current people there or who are going to come onto board before agm we are simply the best an deserve the best not the worst so take to ure heels before we force use out

  4. Ask anyone from Greenock or Gourock about the Easdales background .
    They make the late Arthur Thompson look like a big pussy cat.

  5. To (yet another) Anonymous:

    I know of a guy works for them on the buses who has nothing but praise for them. Matter of opinion mate.

  6. Its plain to anyone the present board are toxic,why are they appointing new people to the board,when theres an agm in a few weeks,are they trying to create,more debt by way of pay-offs,if they cant run the club with a two man board,why did they put the agm off as far as they could?as for Stockbridge anyone who pays himself a bonus equivalent to his salary,for winning the lowest professional league in the country is nothing short of a disgrace,the sooner this board goes the better for everyone who truly loves OUR CLUB.

  7. It would appear the wedge between Rangers fans has turned into chasm. What I don't understand is the Murrays were on the board when Whyte took over our club. They were still on the board whilst Whyte had not paid income tax or VAT. Do we really want to see these men back running Rangers?
    I am not taking sides, I ask for conjecture.
    McColl has been on Sky tv, interviewed by so-called Rangers man Jim White. White made the interview we saw easy for McColl. McColl has openly said he will get investors into the club, but wil not puit any of his wealth into Rangers, why?
    There are lots of questions to be answered, that no fan who writes on here or any other blog, have one iota of solid confirmed information. It is all rimours ans speculation.
    I do not know the Easdales, but if you believe the way they have been reported in the scum Scottish media, then they are shysters in the same frame as Craig Whyte.
    I do not know the answers, I do not take sides. I will however back Dave KIng should he come forth with a plan. He is one man who lost £20m yet he is again prepared to put money into the club.
    If the Murray/McColl people tell us their plan, I will back them if I thinks it is the right way ahead. If the Easdales tell us their plan, I will back them if I think their way is the way ahead, but until we see a business plan set-up in black and white before us, I for one still remainopen-minded.

    Rangers fans who support the club, but do not have the finances can pump their gums on 'sack-the-board' chants, back who they want to be in charge, do all they can vocally to try to get what they want, but until one or a group of Rangers supporters has enough 'wonga', things will run their course and like when Whyte almost destroyed us, we are open to total anihilation and oblivion.

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