Lewis Ferguson’s rise to stardom is bitter pill for Rangers fans

Lewis Ferguson’s rise to stardom is bitter pill for Rangers fans
BOLOGNA, ITALY - NOVEMBER 03: Lewis Ferguson of Bologna FC celebrates during the Serie A TIM match between Bologna FC and SS Lazio at Stadio Renato Dall'Ara on November 03, 2023 in Bologna, Italy. (Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images)

You could argue there’s no point crying over spilled milk, but sorry, we’re crying over Lewis Ferguson, who could and should have been a Rangers player, but instead has just won Serie A’s prize Bulgarelli Number 8 Award, which is given to the player deemed the best midfielder in Italy.

After a sizzling 12 months in one of the biggest leagues in the world, Ferguson’s injury and surgery came at a horrific time, when he was set to play in the Champions League with Bologna and represent Scotland at this summer’s Euros.

Instead, he will be unavailable probably till 2025 in a hammer blow to his career, but it’s that excruciating pain to Ibrox Noise and many Rangers fans who decry the club’s shocker of a decision not to pursue him.

Not to mention, the huge chunk of fans who didn’t want Rangers to go anywhere near the lad, and the still-existing morons in our fanbase who STILL think he isn’t good enough.

Yeah, a player who is now on the verge of a move to one of the world’s biggest clubs with Juve, Milan and Inter all confirming, especially Italy’s champions, that they are interested in his signature, isn’t good enough to overcome Ross County at Ibrox.

Current market value around £25M but in reality he’s closer to £50M, Ferguson is the worst example of Rangers’ historical refusal to sign good and popular players, and instead try to prove everyone wrong with left-field additions no one has heard of. And fail every single time.

The number of players, great players, Rangers have missed out on due to our club’s bizarre pig-headedness of refusing to go near players the fans clearly want is painful – Doig, Hickey, Ferguson, and we will probably find Lawrence Shankland adding to that. Can’t see us going anywhere near Miovski, so let’s go for Sam Lammers.

All of whom have gone onto bigger and better things than the SPL, but who would all have been happy with Rangers to say the least – all ignored, overlooked, in favour of some piece of random rubbish from Switzerland or Denmark or Romania.

Yeah, Ferguson is a middle finger up to Rangers’ scouting system which never goes with the players who’d fit, and instead opts for Rando McRandom from Venezualan Third Division side Galoop Inc 3.

And frankly it’s a gesture that fits.

What great player next to fall through our fingers?

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