Departing Zeb Jacobs offers unneeded comment on Rangers’ youths

Departing Zeb Jacobs offers unneeded comment on Rangers’ youths
Zeb Jacobs is leaving Rangers for Feyenoord (Credit Rangers FC)

Before we discuss last night’s excellent Youth Cup win for Rangers’ pups v Aberdeen, we have to touch on something mildly unsavoury in connection with it – Zeb Jacobs.

We discussed yesterday how reaction to his exit was generally disappointment in his performance, and how he faced allegations that he was more interested in posting stuff on social media than doing his actual job.

Well his rather ‘gloryhunting’ response to the lads winning last night’s cup while also having his comments turned off in the process did speak a lot for what he thinks of Rangers fans, and the notion he only popped up to claim credit, despite a very underwhelming spell at Auchenhowie.

Of course, this is subjective, Jacobs might have received abuse from fans in the past (wouldn’t be the first by any means) and didn’t want to have to deal with it – no matter what you think of him or any other Rangers employee, there’s no justification for abuse.

But his surfacing over that particular achievement did suggest taking credit for the things that go well, and hiding when they don’t.

He will leave this summer for the head of Feyenoord’s Academy position, but we do feel he might have been better off not making any comment on the youths’ achievement.

Mind you, would we have slaughtered him for that as well?

Who knows – all we know is he probably hasn’t covered himself terribly well in glory, except when he deliberately gloryhunts?

We’re maybe being unfair on the guy, we know his record isn’t spectacular and his conduct might not have been impeccable, but we’re sure he’s not a rotten soul. Just wasn’t the right appointment for his position.

Four weeks from now though he’ll be gone.

Oh, and Rangers get £2M compensation from Feyenoord.

Did we forget to mention that bit?

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