80% of Rangers fans want Hearts captain Lawrence Shankland

80% of Rangers fans want Hearts captain Lawrence Shankland
Scotland's striker #10 Lawrence Shankland and teammates greet supporters after the UEFA Euro 2024 football tournament Group A qualifying match between Georgia and Scotland in Tbilisi on November 16, 2023. (Photo by Giorgi ARJEVANIDZE / AFP) (Photo by GIORGI ARJEVANIDZE/AFP via Getty Images)

Rangers fans have definitively offered their answer on Hearts captain Lawrence Shankland, and it’s pretty much overwhelming.

The Gorgie striker, 28, has been the subject of feverish speculation in lieu of a potential move to Rangers, and is current top scorer in the SPL, as well as SPFA Player of the Year, but there have been loud objections to a switch by some portions of the Ibrox support.

So Ibrox Noise asked the fans for a clear answer one way or the other, and the result was clear:

79% of 2700+ Rangers fans polled DO WANT Lawrence Shankland at Ibrox, just 21% (the noisiest ones) saying they don’t.

What does this mean?

It means whenever we see a slew of anti-Shankland comments to the tone of ‘he’s pish’ they’re the noisy minority who want to be heard over the majority, who think their opinion is more important than 80% of the fanbase.

We’re honestly sick of ignorance, the same ignorance that shouted down the idea of Lewis Ferguson joining, because they are so small-minded that they think Scotland’s top scorer, the SPFA POTY and frequent slayer of Celtic is not good enough for Rangers.

These folk probably would say no to Haaland citing his ‘stupid haircut’.

In terms of the sensible ones, they know a striker when they see one, and Shankland would fit their bill.

Now, we’re not being revisionist on Ibrox Noise, we’ve always analysed Shanks and highlighted his flaws – he’s actually more wasteful than Cyriel Dessers and turns the ball over among the most in the SPL.

But for the pure currency of scoring goals, and scoring them v Celtic, he’s the best in the league by a mile.

The numbers there don’t lie.

He wants to join, the fans want him, and with 12 months left on his deal he wouldn’t be a fortune.

Get it done Rangers.

PS: we can’t wait for the comments section to be filled with ‘he’s pish’ or ‘I wasn’t asked’…

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