“We do not know – 9” – Rangers players rated v Hearts

“We do not know – 9” – Rangers players rated v Hearts
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 21: Cyriel Dessers of Rangers applauds the fans after the Scottish Cup Semi Final match between Rangers and Hearts at Hampden Park on April 21, 2024 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

In a much-needed return to a speck of form, Rangers comfortably dispatched Hearts in yet another relatively smooth victory over Steven Naismith’s side.

Ibrox Noise brings you our ratings for a good afternoon in Mount Florida:


One major, major, game-changing save. He didn’t know a LOT about it but it probably was the big save of the match and otherwise it was a timely return to form and priceless clean sheet for the England hopeful. 8


Looked the most solid he has in months – offered a decent array of width down the right, but it was the tight defending that we appreciated most. There was absolutely no quality down Hearts’ left. 8


Yup, it was all because he was in. The big Nigerian was a colossus – soaking everything up, and giving desperately-needed backup on the rear and it just made everything look a lot more robust. Clement must be regretting not putting him in sooner. 9


Yes, one or two errors, but honestly, he’s been playing alongside Goldson so long he’s been doing the work of two men, he had to adjust to a real pro here. Overall though nothing costly came through here in the end and the partnership just needs a little bit of time to fully gel again. 6


It’s not and never will be his slot, but he’s doing as well as he can. He did drift centrally a few too many times and it left his side a bit exposed. A lot of joy and Hearts’ crossing came from his side, and this was the best team he’s faced in that slot. He’s just not a natural LB and sooner he’s back in midfield the better. 6


A lot of errant passes here, he still looks unfocused, but he managed to seize the ball enough and do more good than bad with it. The contract stuff is 100% on his mind and the sooner it’s sorted one way or the other the sooner his noggin can settle. 6


An excellent display, his best by a mile. A lot of smooth turning, composure, and strength, the Ivorian midfielder looked a step up from his simmering previous self and he helped to really dominate midfield. He could do wonders with Sterling next to him. 8


Was looking superb until injury took him off, Roofe style, after 15 minutes. N/A


This is the Cantwell we’ve been seeing in fits and starts – he was strong, hard-working, and he had a lot of nice touches. Like Dio, his control was excellent and he delivered. Huge assist for Dessers’ second. He just needs to step up to do this against Celtic. 8


Struggled. He couldn’t get momentum, and lacked confidence. He slipped a lot, and just looked rusty. He needs more runs in the team to get the flow back, but this wasn’t really his day. 6


Brilliant. Once again he offers everything he has, and with a couple of goals which were the winners. We do not know what else he has to do to win over fans. 9



Same as he’s always been, running back the way and offering so little threat. He broke through in October and is the same player he was 6 months ago. But he does keep running and working, he’s just not dangerous. 6


Well, that he ‘dived’ over the ball when clean through on goal to score a third about summed his Rangers career up. 4


Not overly effectual.


Same as Lawrence.


He did it. He ACTUALLY did it. He spun BS about it being a ‘rest’ for Goldson, but Clement finally cut the chafe and dumped the loser, and Rangers’ defence saw a clean sheet win for the first time in forever. He got the team right, by finally ditching some of the non-performers (Lawrence, Goldson and Silva), but he will never admit in public that he was being ruthless. He’s had a better performance in this one, not vintage, but better, and maybe, just maybe, he has a chance of turning this horror lull around, if he persists with such changes. There’s no point doing this stuff if he’s just going to restore Silva and Goldson in the next fixture. You’ve taken a big step Phil, don’t undo it next time around. 8

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