Some Rangers fans making false claim over Goldson award

Some Rangers fans making false claim over Goldson award
Goldson speaking on Talking Transitions Podcast...

Rangers fans are today divided over Connor Goldson’s John Greig CBE Award, after initial outrage over such a poor player winning any such award, before other ‘enlightened’ souls tried to allege the award was for 300 appearances. It wasn’t.

No, Goldson won the prestigious award having won Steven Gerrard’s very own Manager’s Player of the Year in 2021, simply for playing so much.

To be clear, the John Greig Award:

“Chosen by the greatest ever Ranger, John Greig CBE, the award is presented to recognise the commitment and dedication to the club.

This season, Greig named Connor Goldson as recipient of the award for his outstanding contribution to Rangers FC. Now in his sixth season with the club, the vice-captain has continued to be an integral part of the squad, leading by example both on and off the pitch.”

We’re pretty sure Greig did not personally choose Goldson, and it also had nothing to do with Goldson’s appearances numbers.

This is the award Davo won in 2021, Jacko in 2022 and Jimmy Bell posthumously won last year.

To give this to Goldson now does seem to trivialise the gravity of the award.

Davo is a true Ranger, Jacko might have been unfortunate with injury but is a true Ranger too, and Jimmy Bell needs no explanation.

Goldson simply doesn’t command the same level of popularity, respect and reputation as any of those three, and off the back of him being dropped for what is an absolutely horrible season from him, it’s a bit of a lame duck award.

We feel like the club is trying too hard to project Goldson and Tavernier as such crucial and amazing players, and their records as captain and vice-captain doesn’t justify the way the club pushes them at the fans.

Goldson is not a great defender, and he gets £40,000pw for the privilege.

We’re not quite sure he leads by example anywhere, in all honesty.

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