Philippe Clement claims Rangers have been unlucky

Philippe Clement claims Rangers have been unlucky
Clement fielding questions at the pressers....

Rangers manager Philippe Clement reckons the team has been great recently, and only Ross County was a bit less.

The under-pressure boss, who has taken to talking absolute piffle lately, defended the team against Motherwell, Celtic, Hibs and only had more critical words about the loss to County, in a backing up of his players which is starting to look a bit of a parody.

He said:

“Motherwell was a freak accident, we could have won 6-1, we had a lot of chances but it wasn’t our lucky day. The Celtic game was a big game, we didn’t start well but we had a great reaction and we played a really good second half and I think it was a deserved draw.”

In fact, aside the 5-0 v Hearts, we can’t remember a single performance recently that was remotely convincing, and we’ve been churning out the wins despite the displays.

But that luck has clearly run out, and we were literally ghastly against Motherwell, and horrible in the first half v Celtic. We weren’t much better in either of the wins v Hibs, and it all came home to roost painfully in Dingwall.

Ibrox Noise previously defended Clement always defending his players, but it’s pretty clear it’s a tactic which isn’t working.

One Ibrox Noise reader argued his doing this was clearly flawed, because the likes of Silva, Goldson, Barisic and Lundstram were hardly running through walls for him, despite him backing them publicly.

And it’s clearly true – the workrate isn’t what it was, the performances aren’t what they were, and now the wins are drying up.

But his defending recent results is pretty much not what we want to hear.

To say we’re unlucky is just not what a Rangers manager says. He calls out the truth.

We expect honesty, that we’ve not been good enough, but this guy seems to want to view everything with blue-tinted specs.

THAT isn’t good enough, as well as the displays.

Can we just call a spade a spade and admit we’ve been rank rotten for a fair old time now, and just hope that uplifts at Dundee?

Because it doesn’t sit well to be revisionist despite the evidence.

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