Goldson interview comes at interesting time for Rangers

Goldson interview comes at interesting time for Rangers
Goldson speaking on Talking Transitions Podcast...

We’re noticing something very, VERY interesting going on with Rangers vice-captain Connor Goldson.

No sooner is he dropped for bad form for the first time in his Rangers career, than he very quickly gives a massive unprecedented heartfelt interview to a podcast then has team mate Leon Balogun bigging him up in the press.

Now, we’re humans – we are absolutely not digging Goldson for the stuff he suffered in the past – he had serious surgery, and he went through some major trauma where his life was on the line. Some things are more important than football.

But on the literal day after the highest-profile dropping of a player at Rangers for years not only does he do this unprecedented interview, but his replacement Leon Balogun comes out in the press sticking up for him?

Now, we are drawing no conclusions here, but the timing is very, very intriguing.

Goldson has been through a lot, but an interview like the one he gave Talking Transitions on Monday saw a lot of positive reaction from fans praising him as Rangers’ best defender and a top man. The same fans who, before seeing that interview, couldn’t get him out the XI quick enough.

Meanwhile Leon Balogun hopped into the press as well suggesting Goldson doesn’t get the credit he deserves. He’s a good team player and man, Balogun, for sure.

So what do we make of all this?

Any humans among our support and the community at large will praise him for the candour, for talking about mental health – for saying some powerful stuff about what he went through. For understanding Rangers (we’d hope so after 6 years!).

He was strong to come out and publicly offer such comments, which can only help and inspire others to not feel alone with health issues or mental health problems.

But it doesn’t mean we want him back in the XI come Sunday.

We’re not going to suddenly advocate for his reinstallation to the team on Sunday based on some good press around him, even if a bunch of fickle fans are.

We were the first Rangers site to say around two weeks ago that he looked haunted, jaded, and may have anxiety issues – and he desperately needs a time out.

We stand by that, and any Rangers fan wanting him back in based on the media offensive lately might be a speck misguided.

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