73% of Rangers fans polled want Bojan Miovski

73% of Rangers fans polled want Bojan Miovski
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 04: Bojan Miovski of Aberdeen looks on during the Viaplay Cup Semi Final match between Hibernian FC and Aberdeen at Hampden Park on November 04, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Peter Summers/Getty Images)

Rangers fans have chosen their summer striker signing, and the result is fairly convincing.

With Rangers badly needing a reliable talisman at the front, Ibrox Noise posited what currently are the three options available.

All are going to be around the £6M mark, and all of them are entirely feasible, and we left it to the readers to choose.

Option one was Abdallah Sima, currently of course at Rangers and would set the club back around £6M to secure permanently.

The second option was Hearts’ Lawrence Shankland, set to face off against the Famous at Hampden on Sunday.

While lastly was Aberdeen’s Bojan Miovski, the star striker of Pittodrie and who has caused Rangers no end of trouble this season.

The results?

In the poll, around 2300 votes and counting, in last place, was by a distance Abdallah Sima, with just 3% of of the overall vote. Rangers fans seem underwhelmed by him.

In second, Shankland, 21% – his stock doesn’t seem to be as high with fans as it was.

But the miles away winner, Aberdeen’s Bojan Miovski with a stonking 73% of the overall vote appears to be a massive favourite of fans, possibly stoked up a little by his striker at Hampden v Celtic.

But there’s no doubt his stats are good, and at just 24 he has plenty of resale value. He is also an international and he’ll set Rangers back around the same as the other two – between £4M-£6M give or take.

Is he want the manager wants? 28 goals and assists in 48 is good this season, it’s not spectacular but then the Dons have been very poor overall and chances aren’t massive.

So given the club he’s at, he’s done incredibly well.

And if Rangers fans have anything to say about it, the club will sign him.

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