Winning 56 just became even more critical after major change to Champions League

Winning 56 just became even more critical after major change to Champions League
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 14: A general view inside the stadium as an LED screen displays a 'Welcome to Ibrox' message prior to the UEFA Champions League group A match between Rangers FC and SSC Napoli at Ibrox Stadium on September 14, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

We thought we’d add a follow up on this one, given how wildly misunderstood our piece yesterday was – indeed, Ibrox Noise had to shut down comments on the article, after constant accusations we were jinxing things, or counting our chickens.

From punters who clearly hadn’t read it.

For those who did read it, we have nothing to add, and thank you for your time.

For those who didn’t, and left a smearing comment accusing us of being knee jerk, well, reading the words might have helped.

To reinforce our point – it is absolutely CRITICAL this season that Rangers win the title, because there’s big money riding on doing so.

We broke the figures down yesterday, but for some very, very strange reason, the comments left accused us of jinxing things, suggesting Rangers needed to win the title first.

Which is, of course, our exact point in the first place. How important it is that we win the league, because there’s a jackpot in the Champions League next season with unprecedented levels of revenue – and the SPL winners will secure a group spot guaranteed.

Having done further digging, the basic prize money next season will be £17.5M simply for being in the Champions League – this rises to 20 in concert with guaranteed performance bonuses, and is before coefficient, TV money and gate receipts.

That could all take it to a very impressive number indeed, and is massively boosted too by the coefficient changing structure from 10-year country to 5-year club. That payment could FINALLY see Rangers being rewarded for stellar European campaigns the past 5 years, with a coefficient rising from the current ~£5M to £20M, yes, £20M.

Why? Because our club ranking is now what’s being measured, and not the country coefficient. And we’re currently top 26 in the 5-year coefficient.

So long story short, Rangers are bang in line for a stonking £55M-£65M payday. £20M coefficient, £20M group phase, £12M gate receipts and £5M+ for TV payments if we get to the UCL.

That’s before a single ball is kicked.

BUT we MUST win the league to secure that spot, otherwise it’s the qualifiers and that’s a lot of faffing we don’t need.

It is vital vital vital we win 56 this season. More than just the title depends on it.

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