SFA gift Celtic unfair ‘advantage’ v Rangers

SFA gift Celtic unfair ‘advantage’ v Rangers
Celtic v Rangers File Photo File photo dated 30-12-2017 of Rangers and Celtic fans segregated during the Scottish Premiership match. FILE PHOTO EDITORIAL USE ONLY PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xIanxRutherfordx 56079597

We have to laugh at the watered-down punishment for Rodgers with just a single match ban leaving him free for the Old Firm match next month.

Yes, after slagging off John Beaton by name and going way way too far with his criticism of refs, the SFA seem to have decided a one match ban is quite enough despite the stuff the man came out with, leaving him free to be on the touchline at Ibrox when Rangers host Celtic in April.

Now we’re not going into paranoid territory, but we can’t help feeling this is the SFA evening up the Dundee postponement, where Celtic fully expected/demanded Rangers play that one in the midweek prior – aka, this coming Wednesday.

As we know, that was rescheduled for the following Wednesday.

This, to us, screams of trying to even things up, despite the fact Rangers did absolutely nothing wrong in the first place.

By putting Rangers in the midweek after Celtic, the SFA clearly reckoned they had to give them lot a one match ban and not two, in order to square the situation up.

In other words, to heck with what they should have done, but instead they tried to even the playing field and this was an instance in which we can’t really see any grounds for it.

They’d already done that by putting Dundee after next weekend, and this appears to be trying to appease to them lot by giving a much lesser sentence to their manager and leaving him available for the Old Firm.

We’re not going to claim they’d have been harsher on Philippe Clement, but we are going to claim they would have given Rodgers two matches had Rangers already faced Dundee or placed the postponement this coming midweek.

We dunno, maybe we sound paranoid, and that’s ok, we’re all allowed to sound emotional now and again.

It is football after all, on which emotions basically 99% exist.

But we do feel this was a two-match ban all the way. Well, it would have been had next weekend not been Rangers.

Que sera.

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