Rod Stewart Graeme Souness Rangers ‘bet’ story is ugly

Rod Stewart Graeme Souness Rangers ‘bet’ story is ugly
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We have to say this Rod Stewart Graeme Souness story really, REALLY leaves a nasty taste in the mouth, amid a bet the two apparently have on over who’s going to win the title, Rangers or Celtic.

Of course, we all know Stewart is a boyhood Rangers fan who lost his way in life and turned into the least popular Celtic fan among them lot, but this behaviour from him is very poor.

The story is simple; he put a bet on with Souness to the tune of £1000 that their respective sides would win. The loser would pay that money to charity.

But the pot increased to £10,000 before:

“I am going to wind him up and say we have got to go up to £20k now. I am going to test his resolve.”


‘I want to show off how rich and disgusting I am and by boasting about how much I can afford to lose and think nothing of it, while purporting to be a good soul who wants to help charity.’

Then further is the clear notion that Souness is not as rich as Stewart, nowhere near it. He’s worth about £300M or so, Souness is not poor but isn’t much more than a couple to five at the max.

So by this language, Stewart is boasting that he can afford to lose £20,000 to charity, and Souness can’t.

Wow, crass stuff.

In a time of the cost of living crisis (which is fractionally easing for some) to boast about having £300M and that a £20K loss is nothing to you, and it’s a lot tougher for your ‘opponent’ is about as unpleasant as it gets.

If you’ve ever met Rod Stewart, we can tell you he isn’t very nice, is extremely entitled, and has lived an adult life of absolute privilege, way above the ‘common folk’ of whom he used to be one.

And this kind of comment just affirms that.

Well done mate, you’re rich. Do you want a medal?

For those of you who have seen It’s a Wonderful Life, he’s the very opposite of George Bailey. He might be the ‘richest’ man in town, but he’s nowhere near the richest man in town.

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