Rangers manager Philippe Clement left incensed by Dundee

Rangers manager Philippe Clement left incensed by Dundee
Rangers manager Philippe Clement was not amused by Dundee's pitch.

Rangers manager Philippe Clement is livid with Dundee for allowing this postponement to happen the way it did, citing how Rangers weren’t warned about any problem with the Dens Park surface last night or even this morning, and this pitch inspection was only announced around half 9.

Clement was speaking to Rangers TV explaining how the club was left completely in the dark, and was understandably angry that a Premiership side could conduct itself in this way, and leave the opposition entirely out of the loop with regards a potential postponement.

It was agreed by everyone that it was the right call, but the club and the manager are seething with the staggering lack of respect, the staggering lack of communication, and the generally poor feedback Dundee gave about this.

It’s one thing to postpone a match of football – it does happen, we do know Mother Nature can be harsh now and then.

It’s quite another to only reveal a problem around 10AM on the day of the match, specifically one scheduled for only 2 hours later.

This left Rangers fans en-masse stranded in Dundee, some coming over from Northern Ireland, many from England, having to return home unexpectedly early having made the long trip to get to Tayside.

The etiquette here was non-existent.

So what are the repercussions for this?

Well it’s permanently soured Rangers’ relationship with Dundee, it’s filled Sky executives with rage having lost a match and having to show Sky Sports News on that channel instead, and of course it’s put thousands of Rangers fans out of pocket.

Is there a recourse for legal action here?

There’s probably little point – Dundee can’t afford a pack of crisps never mind paying damages so there’s no sense in suing.

But this must have some sense of consequences because what the Dee have done is kind of unforgivable.

We will watch and wait.

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