Rangers fans would like Michael Stewart to go away

Rangers fans would like Michael Stewart to go away
Aberdeen v NSI Runavik - UEFA Europa League - First Qualifying Round - Pittodrie Stadium former player Michael Stewart during the UEFA Europa League qualifying first round match at Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen. PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xJeffxHolmesx 55267294

Even two days on, Rangers fans are still laughing at the absolutely horrendous commentary from Michael Stewart, who we have certainly addressed on Ibrox Noise a few times before.

The boy has a bee in his bonnet about Rangers for sure, but he allowed his personal anti-Rangers biases to entirely consume him on Sunday, trying to argue at length against a clear penalty, while claiming a hacksaw attack wasn’t a red card.

Fans were both infuriated by his nonsense, and found it meme worthy as post-match images taunting him filled the Internet up illustrating, with a hint of mirth, just how absolutely bad his commentary was.

See, we are aware Rory Hamilton has a soft spot for Rangers, being a former Rangers TV commentator before the ‘promotion’ to national TV, but regardless of that, listening to Stewart’s utter piffle regardless of who Hamilton might like was quite the job undertaken, and Hamilton tried to basically explain to Stewart, more or less, why he was wrong.

Now, do remember Stewart deliberately tried to goad Alan Hutton in the League Cup final, trolling him systematically on national TV and trying to get a reaction from him.

He failed.

Stewart gets his gigs because he’s quite cheap, and because he causes the controversy Chris Sutton used to.

Yes, used to – Sutton, now on Sky Sports, has had to tone down his anti-Rangers sentiment to fit in with the sterile atmosphere Sky have, their preference for family-friendly content infamous and ‘no nonsense please, we’re Sky’.

But Viaplay haven’t got the same memo, and to get more attention, they use Stewart repeatedly.

He’s very bad, he’s deliberately extremely opinionated, and from Ibrox Noise sources close to him, he’s anti-social and had brief intentions of going into politics with the SNP, which failed like his Rangers trial.

He seems like a very angry wee boy, and it appears to suit Viaplay who use his ‘confidence’ at low cost to gain viewers.

Well, with Rangers fans turning off Viaplay in their droves and switching to the club channel, it maybe wasn’t the best call having him alongside Hamilton.

Mind you, despite actually being one of us, Stephen Craigan isn’t overly popular with Rangers supporters either…

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