“His best in the shirt – 10” Rangers players rated v Benfica

“His best in the shirt – 10” Rangers players rated v Benfica
LISBON, PORTUGAL - MARCH 07: Dujon Sterling of Rangers celebrates scoring his team's second goal with teammate Fabio Silva during the UEFA Europa League 2023/24 round of 16 first leg match between SL Benfica and Rangers FC at Estadio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica on March 07, 2024 in Lisbon, Portugal. (Photo by Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images)

Rangers can actually, shockingly, consider themselves incredibly unfortunate not to bring a lead away from the Estádio da Luz in Lisbon as the visitors offered yet another ‘surprise’ in the Europa League and justified Angel Di Maria’s caution about facing them.

Ibrox Noise offers our scores on another dramatic and big night in Rangers’ European history.


For us, ‘that’ double save while brilliant still didn’t quite get into McGregor ‘miracle’ territory but it came close, and he was absolutely outstanding otherwise. His best in the shirt and that’s saying something. 10


Was caught repeatedly out of position, probably the lowest passing rate of his career (48%) and suffered torridly as he lost the ball 23 times. Won just one of his duels all night (of 5) and just didn’t have a good match. It didn’t improve at any point and he didn’t even try a cross more than twice. Benfica clearly targeted him knowing he’s a vulnerability. 4


Passing level for him was adequate (71%) and aside the OG no one else on the pitch managed more defensive interventions than he (12). If it wasn’t for the OG he’d actually have had a half-decent night, but sadly for him, just like the last time, he OGs in this stadium and that’s what people will remember. He genuinely shines at this level, but he cost the win. 5


It just wasn’t a penalty. His arm wasn’t willingly in an unnatural position, it was forced there propped on the attacker’s shoulder, and he headed it onto it. If that’s a penalty then either we give up on this sport or we change the rules. Otherwise did little wrong, a solid enough evening from him. 6


Shining once again at high levels for Rangers, the Turk is by a distance our best option in his position and though he offered no good crossing, defensively NOTHING got down his side at all. He was excellent. 8


Not a spectacular show, a couple of errors in the middle, but solid enough overall. Has seen a slight dip in form recently, not been shining quite as brightly as he did. 6


Very good. His best display yet – showed an amazing control and cross for an assist for the opener, and won many duels with strength – won 4 of 9, decent. Passing wasn’t vintage, but defensively offered a lot. Worked very hard and looked composed. 8


Huge performance from the lad here, playing as RW, defying everything Ibrox Noise said about his inability to play this slot to in fact shine here. Forget the crossing, he can’t do it, but he caused such trouble. Oh, and scored a huge goal. 9


Had a very good night, was determined to play well in his homeland and he did, working very hard indeed and playing a big role in the first goal. He wasn’t incredible, but he did himself proud. 8


Brilliant Lampard-esque run and finish for the opening goal, and an overall tidy display from him otherwise. Will never run the show, but he’s composed. 8


Didn’t do a whole heck of a lot in all honesty, only got near the ball 17 times and lost it half of them, it wasn’t a vintage display on the ball, but he did try to ruffle feathers and get in their faces. 6


We’ll just touch on McKinnon, who did very well with one big block at a good time to keep things ticking. For his first Euro match he did well. 6


Honestly, we don’t know how much credit we can give him – Rangers seem to have the Europa League in our DNA – even Michael Beale was able to beat Betis! Something in this club and squad always thrives at this kind of level. That said, Clement played the best hand he had, and it delivered. It’s hard to argue much with this one. He’ll be content with his night’s work. 8

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