Disgusting tabloid attack on ex-Rangers man completely unmerited

Disgusting tabloid attack on ex-Rangers man completely unmerited
The 'offending' interview from a year ago. Hardly worth getting wound up over...

We have to sigh at the gutter nature of the Scottish press, especially the s*n, and even some of our own fans who decided to smear former Rangers defender and club scout Neil Murray based on the s*n discovering an old PLZ Soccer interview with him and Frank McAvennie from a year ago.

Indeed, one ‘supporter’, and we use that term loosely, suggested Murray, who simply looks a bit different in his 50s to what he did as a younger man (shock horror) is going through a ‘mid-life crisis’ in what smacks to us of prejudice, simply because the man no longer has the fresh-faced chops of yesteryear.

Even our familiar Super Ally doesn’t quite cut the slim figure today he was able to in his teens and 20s, and whoa betide someone for looking different 30 years later.

This is not snowflakery, we do not mind banter, we indeed support some industrial comments – freedom of thought and opinion should be encouraged, not shut down.

But seizing upon a gutter rag which is slaughtering an ex-Rangers player and joining in with it and going ‘one better’ as a Rangers fan to us seems a bit… timmy, frankly.

We are supposed to support our own, to give some backing to those who donned the shirt and who certainly didn’t disgrace themselves.

Yeah he was probably more of a Hibbee overall but he did not bad as a Ger and was spoken of in glowing terms as a future coach at the club, and he did become a scout for a while.

In short terms, we can’t quite fathom why some of our own ‘fans’ would smear an ex-player in this way, just because his appearance is no longer young and ‘normal’, per se, and a vile tabloid started the ‘hate’.

For ‘everyone anyone’ as our club rightly endorses, some of our ‘supporters’ remain complete troglodytes and will use the s*n as a source of content to weaponise against our former players.


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