Some Rangers fans miss the full Connor Goldson picture

Some Rangers fans miss the full Connor Goldson picture
Rangers' English defender Connor Goldson goes down injured during the UEFA Champions League Group A football match between Glasgow Rangers and Liverpool at the Ibrox Stadium, in Glasgow, on October 12, 2022. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Not one, but TWO Connor Goldson articles in the same day from Ibrox Noise, aren’t you lucky, and we wanted to cover a long-standing fallacy that so many of his biggest defenders in the Rangers support use to justify his selection and Rangers career, and that’s the ‘Liverpool Clause’.

As we all remember, Goldson was ruled out for the season a couple of years ago after a bad injury v Liverpool, and the defence went to absolute pot in ‘his absence’.

Or so his biggest backers in the support would tell you.

Not one of those supporters said we missed John Souttar, not one of them points out the loss of Filip Helander, no, it was all about Goldson.

Indeed, THREE (count ‘em) alpha defenders missing at the same time leaving just Ben Davies, Leon King and James Sands and yet Goldson was the only one those fans seem to think was missing.

And that apparently justifies the brilliance of Goldson that those hapless three were all we had ‘and we missed him terribly’.

Not any word about Scotland international Souttar, nothing about Sweden international Helander, no, apparently a Brighton reject in Goldson was the saviour instead.

The worse problem of course was that with those three out, we only had Sands, a midfielder, King, a weak and far-too-green youngster, and Davies, not a leader and only a Championship-level defender.

It was a truly abysmal rearguard which wasn’t worthy of the word ‘rearguard’.

There was also the small matter (also forgotten) of the exits of Leon Balogun and Niko Katic – no one can tell us with a straight face these two couldn’t have done a job for the club during that time – we can see how good Balogun is these days, and Katic is thriving in Switzerland as well.

A further issue had been the lack of rotation – because Goldson was ever-present, Rangers made absolutely no plan B for his absence. He was 100% relied on and no quality deputies had been rotated to plan for an injury or suspension.

So when he did get injured, King was his replacement.

What chance did King and Sands have at the back in the Champions League or even the SPL?

So no, Rangers didn’t miss ‘him’ in particular, we missed literally five men, Goldson, Souttar, Helander, Katic and Balogun.

But why let the facts get in the way of revising history?

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