Shankland ‘relaxed’ as Rangers ‘target’ ponders new deal offer

Shankland ‘relaxed’ as Rangers ‘target’ ponders new deal offer
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JUNE 20: Lawrence Shankland of Scotland inspects the pitch prior to the UEFA EURO 2024 qualifying round group A match between Scotland and Georgia at Hampden Park on June 20, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

So it does appear now 99% certain that Lawrence Shankland will remain at Hearts and will not be joining Rangers on any basis, in what seems likely to have been fan-driven speculation.

The closest we ever got to any apparent ‘proof’ that Rangers had any interest in the lad was Ibrox News apparently quoting Sky Sports’ Mark Benstead that there was a split in the Rangers board over an approach for Shankland.

No other source ever mentioned a thing about this and we cannot verify this quote at all.

Aside that? Nothing. Nothing from 4lads and nothing from H&H. Now, while these two don’t get everything right either, the fact they’ve rarely-to-never spoken of a Shankland interest from Rangers suggests there isn’t one, and it’s all been supporter-driven.

The biggest clue of all?

Hearts offered Shankland a second contract, after he reportedly rejected the first one, citing that he wanted better terms.

Shankland knows he won’t get the Rangers level of money he’d love, he won’t get the £20,000 a week at Hearts, but he can expect a bit higher than the £3,000 a week he’s said to be on.

And we believe the first offer nearly doubled that, while the current offer is closer to £10,000 which would be Hearts’ highest-ever wage.

The point? He’s not rejected the second deal and is mulling it over, with both sides of this said to be ‘relaxed’ about it all.

Hearts have had no approaches from anyone over Shankland, which is kind of surprising, but also kind of not given the stats we revealed whereby no one is worse in the SPL for losing the ball and turning it over than the captain of Gorgie.

It wouldn’t fit Rangers’ possession game, that’s for sure.

But either way, with only hours left of this window, Lawrence Shankland appears to be staying at Hearts, and if he signs this deal, he’s staying there for pretty much good.

Story over?

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