Rangers’ Transfer window assessment – is it enough?

Rangers’ Transfer window assessment – is it enough?
Clement taking questions at Rangers presser...

So the Rangers transfer window is finally done and Ibrox Noise has deliberated, cogitated and digested (for those of you old enough to remember) events in Govan, and we now offer our honest verdict of the January period.

It fell somewhat short.

Let’s not kid ourselves on.

December all the talk was about overhauling the Sam Lammers-ridden squad, fixing what Michael Beale had made and trying to manifest a Rangers-level group worth of what is effectively a Rangers-level manager.

Philippe Clement did his very best to convey the message of positivity on his pre-Livi and post-window presser, but his gestures and body language betrayed him.

He hoped for more this window, he really did.

He was let down regarding a 9 or 11, and only got 3 new players, all of whom are potentials and not experienced.

While Diomande and Cortes do look good, it’s all about how good they can theoretically be for our club, rather than expecting great things for sure.

Look at Jack Butland. When we got him, Ibrox Noise was through the roof with joy – a truly top-class Rangers stopper. There was no doubting the man’s pedigree.

We were a lot less enthused about Lammers, Dessers, Danilo and Dowell.

And it’s hard to be truly excited this window about 3×20-year olds with everything to prove in football.

This is not to say they are fails before they take the field, far from it.

The problem is our £0 budget couldn’t give us any players we can actually trust to deliver, only incomings who we hope will.

True, even the experienced Joey Bartons and Philippe Senderos players of this world can fail in the SPL, no denying that.

But the chances of top-quality players with a high-calibre CV failing is a bit lower than an unknown 20-year-old.

We will back these guys 100%, but Clement did not get the support and backing in this window he needed and the 9 position was a disappointing fail.

The guy is some boss, but he’s not a miracle worker.

He didn’t get the finisher he wanted, and while the squad is ‘not bad’, and indeed has a pretty good record in defence and midfield, is that enough to bring us 56?

We’re not sure.

All we can do now is wait and hope that the Belgian maestro can deliver the miracles on the pitch his reputation promises.

We have a League Cup now thanks to Clement.

But whether he can bring another league title to this vaunted trophy room with the January he got, only time can tell.

Walter got the players and positions he needed back in January 2007. And even with them, he didn’t get the title till 2009 – we finally won the title with no help from the SPL. Clement got some of his positions filled in January 2024.

Title this year?

We’ll just have to see.

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