Rangers, Dujon Sterling, and his best/favourite position

Rangers, Dujon Sterling, and his best/favourite position
Rangers player Dujon Sterling fielding questions at press conference.

There’s been a bit in the press about how Philippe Clement’s use of Dujon Sterling has made that position his favourite, but this claim is slightly ambiguous.

See, Sterling didn’t have a ‘favourite’ position before he came to Rangers, but he was most experienced in RB by a distance.

But there are claims he’d never played a senior match in midfield before joining then-manager Michael Beale at Ibrox, and that is absolutely false.

As Ibrox Noise has explained, not only were his youth years at Chelsea heavily experienced in midfield, but he played 10 times in that position in senior football in England, for Chelsea and for Stoke, so this was far from alien to him.

It is the position he was most reared in, although he spoke significantly about how Chelsea taught you to play pretty much every slot in the team, which is why he’s regarded as versatile at Ibrox, having already played about 4 different positions.

He says now that midfield is his favourite slot, and that says a lot for how comfortable he’s been there at Rangers, but of course he’s happy to play anywhere.

He said:

“I’d say (my favourite position is) probably midfield because it’s the most I’ve been playing there but I’m just happy to do what needs to be done for the team”

We do feel the team is a lot stronger with him in there, but Clement, like any manager, rarely does the ‘popular’ thing that the fans ‘want’ and we’re unlikely to see a lot of Sterling in the position we prefer, given he seems to have a permanent soft spot for Nico Raskin.

But either way, Sterling’s most ‘experienced’ senior position might be RB but his best and strongest one, the one he started out in is midfield, and we’d love to see more of him in there.

Unlikely to happen but we’ll see.

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