One game at a time for Rangers as Celtic close gap

One game at a time for Rangers as Celtic close gap
Rangers manager Philippe Clement had mixed news....

As most will now know, our friends across the city narrowed the gap to Rangers to 2 points, courtesy of a late late LATE show.

It doesn’t matter how you win, just that you do, and despite a hapless display, they got the job done, and while Rangers are comfortably ahead now on goal difference, the Parkhead team closed the gap by 3 points.

The real point?

It’s they who are playing catch up now, them under pressure, and it’s Rangers now laying down the gauntlet for them to respond to.

As we have explained on Ibrox Noise, the likelihood of the Famous winning every match isn’t particularly high – there will be twists and turns and it would take an unprecedented level of consistency to go the rest of the season at 100%.

This means that the statement ‘we just have to keep winning’ is, while true, not feasible in upkeep.

We will draw, and we will drop points here and there, because completely winning is very, very hard to do.

Not even the devastatingly incredible Bayer Leverkusen this season are able to do that, having drawn three times so far in the league, albeit they top the table by quite the distance from the off-form Bayern.

So let’s not assume we’ll win every match. We want to, of course, but the consistency to do that, especially at the Split, is hefty. Neither Old Firm side has ever won the whole Split.

Which means, simply put, we just need to be better than Celtic.

It’s simple as that.

For all the talk of ‘let’s just concentrate on ourselves’, if we draw a match it opens the door for Celtic to level it up. If we lose, they can go past us again.

Which means we DO have to monitor them a bit, especially if we’ve dropped two or more points, not impossible at Killie let’s face it.

In theory, it’s all about us and what we do, but football isn’t as binary as ‘let’s just win’.

That said, maybe Clement is going to achieve history and win every fixture.

That would be ridiculous, and sensational, but we’re not counting those chickens by any means.

One match at a time.

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