Hearts, Killie & ‘Well – the true challenge begins for Big Phil’s Rangers

Hearts, Killie & ‘Well – the true challenge begins for Big Phil’s Rangers
Rangers manager Philippe Clement had mixed news....

So it’s time for the article Ibrox Noise didn’t want to write, but reality is here and it’s time to address it:

Philippe Clement, and Rangers, despite being top of the table, have proven nothing.

We are as excited as any other Bears for being at the summit, the 11-point turnaround, you name it:

But he and the players failed against the Sheep at Pittodrie, he and the players failed at Parkhead, and while we’ve expressed the ‘silver lining’ of the latter result, Rangers are top of the table because the last four fixtures, five in fact, have been against the bottom four teams, five if Ayr are included.

All wins, all terrible opponents. And the majority of these performances were hideous.

We have 12 points in a row v bottom-feeders and that means very little.

The true Rangers fans, like ourselves, are thrilled at the top of the SPL, but know the REAL test is coming up over the next fortnight plus, when we will be properly tested v top-6 teams.

If Big Phil comes through Hearts, Killie and Motherwell with 9 points, or, more to the point, still top of the table, the man and his squad really are looking like Champions.

Don’t get us wrong, that ugly win at McDiarmid was a win of champions. But we needed two penalties to do it, and one of them was arguably debatable.

Against a better side, like Shankland’s lot or McInnes’ in-form outfit especially on their patch, Rangers will have it much tougher.

And if we STILL come out on top of Celtic, on top of the league after that lot, we can really start to think this is our year.

It isn’t yet.

Ibrox Noise suggested we enjoy the weekend and savour the ‘new order’ for now, but we also said there was a time when we’d have to ‘wake up’ and realise it’s nowhere near won.

There WILL be twists to come in this title race, it’s not done and dusted, and the next three fixtures will properly test our mettle.

One at a time – let’s see how Hearts go and move from there.

Until we’ve beaten solid SPL sides with a bit about them rather than the cannon fodder we’ve put away recently, we can’t lay claim to too much just yet.

Bear in mind, St Mirren, a tougher side, was a truly horrible performance, and a very gritty win. We’ll take that against all three of the next opponents, the points are what matter.

But getting there is the challenge.

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