Fabio Silva reveals ‘true’ position as he ends Rangers debate

Fabio Silva reveals ‘true’ position as he ends Rangers debate
Fabio Silva fielding questions at Rangers presser.

Fabio Silva has today ended the ‘debate’ on his position, by confirming 100% he is a striker.

Not a playmaker, or attacker, or forward, but definitively a striker.

Some Rangers fans have debated this point, and Ibrox Noise looked at his performance at the weekend following manager Philippe Clement also confirming his position being that of a 9, and we had to see for ourselves what we thought.

In our assessment he didn’t play as a ‘Daniel Cousin’-type target man, and he didn’t manage a lot of shots for a striker.

Indeed, his heatmap didn’t back it up either, demonstrating a nice even spread throughout the pitch including work in midfield and defence.

But at his own word, while this performance may have not been typical 9, Silva is indeed a striker.

he said:

“I’m very happy (to get my first goal) I think, I am a striker, everyone knows really, from the goals, but I think the most important is the way I can help the team with my movement, the way I can help the team with my work, defensive/offensive I always say that but it’s true.”

In simple terms Silva IS a striker, but he is a much harder-working one than most – he tracks back, makes lots of movement, finds space, and helps his team mates.

He’s not a self-centred striker like some, and while this performance wasn’t pure 9, it showed the first sign the lad could have something about him after all.

It was his first real performance that gave hope to fans that he can be a useful asset and we certainly hope he kicks on from here.

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