“Can you see us now?” – a slightly different Rangers ratings…

“Can you see us now?” – a slightly different Rangers ratings…
Captain Tav looks pretty happy (Credit Rangers FC)

We’re going to do a slightly different Rangers player ratings today, instead of rating every single player, we’re just going to point out observations of player interest based on this match and see what we come up with…

Defence-wise Borna struggled – he didn’t read this one too well, looked off the pace, and was not unlike his recent matches where he looked weak. Didn’t seem up for it at all.

Souttar, however, again, was excellent – despite that one flub v County, he’s been in great form this calendar year, and as much as we’d like to see him and Leon Balogun as the duo going forward, it’s not happening. He had another strong showing and is in by right. But he will continue to rotate with Balogun.

Tav did next to nothing except scoring two penalties, but hey, them’s what won us the match so we’ll take it happily.

And in midfield, Lunny was fine, but Dio was quiet, aside his utterly brilliant goal. He clearly hated this ‘surface’ and is still a bit off match fitness. But he’s strong – he won 100% of all his ground duels. We think there’s a LOT to come from him.

Cantwell? We thought he was great. He was hard working, lots of nice touches, and he won the ball a tonne of times too. He’s definitely getting back to his best. Probably our best player overall.

Cortes was determined to give it a go, but this was not the deck for good football and he faded after an energetic start. You can see the drive and hunger from him though. He’s a touch of class.

Wright? Wrong. He was very, very poor – in fairness Clement’s hands were tied with the injury to Matondo, and it was either Wright or McCausland, and the boss went with Wright. Who was, frankly, substandard as always. Has little to offer.

And Silva… not great – he was alright, he got into some good positions, and he was working hard, but that lack of finesse that has plagued him since he joined was there again, and he seemed clumsy.

In terms of the subs…

Sterling was hungry – again out of position, with the manager now spoiled for choice in midfield, but he really wants to use this lad. And despite recent appearances wasting him at LW then now RW, he was able to contribute today, with a near goal and a won penalty. He just wants to be useful wherever he plays, albeit his specialty, midfield, may be a rare thing for him now.

Dessers was at his vintage ‘best’ of wasting a host of great chances – he’s becoming a bit of a parody of himself now, finding himself through on goal around three times and failing to find the net at all. The more this boy thinks, the less well he plays. But we still like him, and his workrate. Imagine if he was a more decisive and clinical thinker/finisher! But hey, Erling Haaland missed 9 shots yesterday. You’re in good company Cyriel.

As for Big Phil?

He picked a strange XI, no doubt about it – no one could quite fathom the presence of Borna, Wright or Silva in there, and the subs were even odder, particularly Sterling at RW for Wright.

But it’s hard to say a word against this match when it was on ‘that’ pitch and top of the table beckoned. Ultimately, the man has 100% in 2024 which, given what he inherited, is a staggering return.

It’s hard not to love Philippe Clement.

Can you see us now?

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