Two Rangers ITKs say opposite things about defender Gjis Smal

Two Rangers ITKs say opposite things about defender Gjis Smal
GELSENKIRCHEN, GERMANY - JULY 22: Gijs Smal of Enschede challenges Kenan Karaman of Schalke (L) during the pre-season friendly match between FC Schalke 04 and FC Twente at Veltins Arena on July 22, 2023 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. (Photo by Christof Koepsel/Getty Images)

Once again two Rangers ‘ITK’ authorities have gone head-to-head with contrasting information, this time about alleged left-back target Gijs Smal.

In the red corner we have Evening Times’ Chris Jack, who states definitively that Rangers have no interest in the Dutch defender, and in the blue corner 4lads, who dropped a cryptic hint that we most certainly do.

Now, the last time two Rangers ITKs went up against each other also involved 4lads, that time v TFO, the Fourth Official.

That was in reference to Harry Souttar, who TFO assured us was a serious deal and was imminent on loan, while 4lads said there was nothing in the story at all.

We also know that Jack, of the Glasgow Times, as it’s called these days, might be part of Rangers Review currently but he himself gets a tonne of exclusives completely wrong and we’re not aware of any actual accurate sourcing he’s done with regards a statement like this.

What ET and Rangers Review usually get is exclusive interviews, propaganda exercises authorised by the club to get a particular message out there. But they did also exclusively break the fee for Mohamed Diomande, which means the club wanted the world to know the number, even if the official deal will still say ‘undisclosed’.

As for 4lads, they have had things wrong too, but they appear to be insistent that there is something in the Smal deal, and they were clearly more right on Souttar than TFO were.

Does this mean Rangers are closing in on the Twente fullback?

It would be an odd one. We have two LBs as it is, with Ridvan’s previously-inevitable exit quieting down entirely, while Barisic is safe till summer anyway.

So why we’d need Smal as well we’re not sure.

But 4lads seem to think he’s a target.

As with it all, we’ll note who was right and who wasn’t as time reveals the truth.

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