Sunderland fans demand ex-Rangers boss Beale leaves already

Sunderland fans demand ex-Rangers boss Beale leaves already
ROTHERHAM, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 29: Sunderland head coach Michael Beale takes a drink during the Sky Bet Championship match between Rotherham United and Sunderland at AESSEAL New York Stadium on December 29, 2023 in Rotherham, England. (Photo by Ed Sykes/Getty Images)

Michael Beale, remember him, has managed to get himself in the press yet again for both bad and worse reasons.

The ex-Rangers boss, who was clearly completely out of his depth at a club the size of the Ibrox giants and the demands required of him, spoke to Sky Sports News recently, but it’s what happened at his new club which highlights that solo management just isn’t for Michael Beale whatsever.

Following another defeat, this time against Hull, Sunderland fans officially turned on him and demanded his exit, following their doing similar to him against Newcastle. #BealeOut was trending.

Having won just two of seven matches since he took charge, Beale’s tenure there is already becoming as big a farce as every Rangers fan expected.

See, Michael Beale is not a bad guy. He said some nice things about Rangers and clearly we’re a big part of him now given he was at the club almost five years.

But he also admonished himself of responsibility over what actually happened at Ibrox and blamed it all on instability, claiming staff turnover is the reason he struggled.

Of course we know this is poppycock – every club has massive staff turnover, it’s a part of the sport of football, and that doesn’t make you make the bad subs or dump all the club’s wingers.

And Sunderland fans are already wise to his inability to be a senior manager, demanding his exit already.

We all knew this would happen, Beale just isn’t manager material.

Some just aren’t, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Most Rangers fans would agree he’s actually a good coach, but no more than that, and his ambitions rather outweigh his abilities somewhat.

He did a good turn with Steven Gerrard and, for one season, they worked well together.

But an outright manager neither of them are, both of them are absolute managerial failures, simply not good enough at the job to succeed. Despite this Gerrard got an incredible gig in Saudi Arabia based on his name and is now the world’s best-paid football manager.

Ally McCoist himself realised, after Rangers, that management wasn’t for him and he’s carved out a fantastic media career since then – he found what worked for him and thrived at it.

Beale needs to wake up and realise management isn’t for him and do something else in the game.

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