Steven Davis, Rangers Legend, retires

Steven Davis, Rangers Legend, retires
Well this really is a scene at Ibrox, and the least the man deserves (Credit Rangers FC)

Well this one is harder to start than normal, but easier as well, simply because how do you do justice to Steven Davis MBE?

Arguably one of Rangers’ Greatest Ever Rangers, the Northern Irish hero finally confirmed the worst-kept secret at Ibrox, that he was to reluctantly retire from the Beautiful Game at a very honourable 39.

To say the game has got a lot out of Steven Davis would be an understatement, but to say Steven Davis has got a lot out of the game too would not be inaccurate either.

A modest, understated genius, Davis’ true quality and pinnacle of football came in his second spell at Ibrox, when after a slow start from an initial loan, his entire experience in the game blended perfectly and we can honestly for a time, he was one of the best players we’ve had the pleasure of watching in the Light Blue.

His maturity, his hard work, his reading of the game all came together as he produced a passage of time that ranks as close to world class as Rangers players can be.

From around autumn 2019 to mid-2021, we’ve rarely seen better in Rangers’ midfield for sheer touch, reading, passing, movement and pure football intelligence.

That period was his best in football, he was literally outstanding and utterly consistent with it, and it wasn’t till the end of 2021 that he started to slow down a little – a forgivable dip given how high he’d peaked.

His trophy haul at Ibrox is fitting. 10 titles in Govan, and two European finals – it’s a heck of a career in the south side of Glasgow, and the fact that he seamlessly fit in so well in the Premier League for 350 appearances shows the guy was marquee quality.

Less-remembered is what he did for Rangers in our dark days of 2012.

Davo was one of those who did leave, but he refused to sign for the St Mary’s side unless they paid the money for him – he waited that out, and until the cash was in Rangers’ coffers, he wouldn’t move.

He is, was, and always will be one of us, and while the coaching gig at Rangers came a bit too soon, he, like his great manager Walter Smith, came when duty called and he did his bit to help the club and get us out of a sticky patch.

Davo is one of those rarities in football – no one worth listening to has a bad word to say about the man or the player.

He is and was a gem of a Rangers legend and well and truly deserves his place in the Hall of Fame.

They really do not make them like Davo any more, and we wish him the best in the next stage of his football career.

Truly, One of the People.

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