‘Real’ interest in Rangers’ James Tavernier from Saudi Arabia

‘Real’ interest in Rangers’ James Tavernier from Saudi Arabia
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 05: James Tavernier of Rangers celebrates with Manager Philippe Clement after the team's victory in the Viaplay Cup Semi Final match between Heart of Midlothian and Rangers at Hampden Park on November 05, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It would be dishonest not to report the story we’re not seeing doing the rounds much at all, and that is the major interest in James Tavernier from Saudi Arabia.

True, we’ve seen interest in the captain from that part of the world before, but this time isn’t a source with zero clout behind it, but TeamTalk, which is a pretty big source, and who didn’t use this story for high profile clicks but just reported it rather low key on their X account.

Yes, it is on their website as well, but they didn’t make a meal of it unlike other clickbait sites, and they claim that multiple sources of theirs have corroborated this story.

What do we make of it?

Ibrox Noise has been one of Tavernier’s harshest critics ever since 2016 and promotion, but when we brought you his numbers recently which demonstrate he is overall the most important player at Ibrox with the best numbers in both defence and attack, it does highlight the man’s value.

And this interest in him is significantly because of these numbers, because of his contribution as a RB and the fact he’s managed to do it in the Europa League (if not the Champions League).

Ergo, Saudi Arabian clubs are certainly interested in him, but they have been for some considerable time.

They are also aware of what Tavernier would set them back which we believe would be close to £20M, despite his age being well north of 30 nowadays.

Tavernier is basically indispensible to Rangers – multiple managers have accepted his defensive lapses because he still contributes tonnes at the back and chips in with multiple goals. He’s Scotland’s top scorer aside Lawrence Shankland.

So he would not come cheap, and while we think the chance of selling is pretty slim, there’s still clearly interest in his services whether it’s this window or the next.

Money speaks – the Saudis tempted Jordan Henderson away from Liverpool, and they can do it with any player in the world apart from an elite rich few. Ronaldo wouldn’t need to go there… oh wait a minute.

As for Tav? He’s well-paid at Rangers but at his age, can he resist a gigantic wad of cash in his pocket for maybe a year or two of football?

Money definitely speaks. We’ll see if a serious offer comes in.

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