Ex-Rangers chief reckons Celtic are untouchable

Ex-Rangers chief reckons Celtic are untouchable
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Kirk O Rourke/Rangers FC/Shutterstock 11842058a Rangers Assistant Manager Gary McAllister talks to the media ahead of Sunday s Scottish Cup match against Cove Rangers. Rangers Football Club press conference, PK, Pressekonferenz and Training, The Rangers Training Centre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK - 02 Apr 2021 Rangers Football Club Press Conference and Training, The Rangers Training Centre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK - 02 Apr 2021 PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTXHUNxGRExMLTxCYPxROMxBULxUAExKSAxONLY Copyright: xKirkxO Rourke/RangersxFC/Shutterstockx 11842058a

Former Rangers assistant manager Gary McAllister has joined the anti-Rangers media crew of spouting absolute garbage into the press for the sake of a headline, with some nonsensical guff which Ibrox Noise was most amused by.

Despite doing the square root of ‘absolutely nothing’ when he was Steven Gerrard’s assistant, the former number two had plenty to say to Boyle Sports today about the recent Old Firm, and, inexplicably, Glen Kamara!

He said:

“Rangers have missed a player with a calming influence over this festive period and the recent Old Firm game. There were no away fans at Celtic Park, and it took away from the hurly-burly of the fixture. I’d say Rangers are lacking a player who can slow things down and give the team some composure – and Kamara gave that to the club during Steven’s time. He was a very classy performer. He also played alongside solid professionals in Ryan Jack and Steven Davis. I am, however, seeing those qualities in Ethan Ampadu at Leeds. Kamara’s composure certainly would have helped against Celtic the other day.”

Well, where do we start with this drivel?

First of all Kamara checked out the building seasons ago at Rangers – even under Gerrard, Kamara was miles off being consistent and delivering. A calm influence? Hmmm… peak Kamara during 55 yes, otherwise… more anonymous. He would have offered sweet FA at Parkhead.

But the bewildering add on that G-Mac says is that he does see a bit of Kamara in Ethan Ampadu at Leeds. You know, his actual team mate? So he doesn’t praise Kamara for being a calming influence at Leeds, but his team mate instead.


Next we have the piffle on Celtic:

“Rangers can’t look at Celtic too much. They have to take games as they come and try to win as many of them as possible. If Celtic drop points, so be it, but Rangers can’t hold their hopes on that. They have to concentrate on winning games. It’s happened before – plenty of teams have come back from a deficit, but if I’m being truthful, I can’t see Celtic dropping points.”

This the Celtic who have already dropped plenty of points?! Where to even begin there…

Next we have the Doig garbage:

“Josh Doig has been on Rangers’ radar for a while as he was a standout player at Hibernian. He’s a very modern full-back who’s very athletic and loves to bomb forward. He’ll gain experience on the defensive side of things as he develops. That’s his main role, but you can never stop a young player from wanting to gallop forward and join in. It’s no surprise to see Rangers after him. Borna Barišić has been at the club since 2018, and he’s been a fantastic servant for the club. I think Doig would offer some fresh legs and he’d be a good signing for most clubs.”

Yeah well we’re not in for him Gary so it’s a moot point.

This screams of beyond ‘out of touch’ from McAllister, someone who doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about and never really did.

His pressers at Ibrox were always babbled nonsense, professing wisdom but in reality saying very little.

He’s not a bad soul, but as far as reliable commentary goes, we’d look elsewhere.

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