Rangers placed fourth in Europe in stunning new league table

Rangers placed fourth in Europe in stunning new league table
The Rangers XI who overcame Servette (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers have been placed 4th best club in Europe behind only City, Bayern and PSG by Swiss Football Data for country coefficient contribution ranking, which will come as no surprise to anyone in Scottish football.

Rangers have been single-handedly lifting Scottish football through European football for half a decade, and based on the points scored in those five years, only three colossi of European football are better.

Bayern of course dominate Germany, PSG do the same in France, and City are in control in England, and those three bring back the big points for their league in their respective nations.

And as we know, Rangers have flown the flag for Scotland for so long that our contribution of 16.975 points is pretty much the entire number for Scotland, and PSG barely get higher at 17.

Celtic? They’re miles down at 46th, though how they’re even that high is pretty impressive given they’ve done literally nothing in Europe for around a decade.

No, Rangers are among the top four for this – our Europa League exploits of the past 5 years the main reason why, of course, along with our UEFA Champions League qualification success last season and win over Servette this campaign.

So yes, Rangers just keep giving to Scottish football and a host of clubs can thank us for what they have enjoyed this season, Celtic, Hearts and Aberdeen especially.

Might not win us silverware, but you can’t argue with how brilliant we’ve been at that level.

Scotland have a lot to thank Rangers for, but we doubt we’ll hear much to that effect…

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