Rangers dropped a huge ball with £20M Lewis Ferguson

Rangers dropped a huge ball with £20M Lewis Ferguson
BOLOGNA, ITALY - NOVEMBER 03: Lewis Ferguson of Bologna FC celebrates during the Serie A TIM match between Bologna FC and SS Lazio at Stadio Renato Dall'Ara on November 03, 2023 in Bologna, Italy. (Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images)

Lewis Ferguson’s rise to football stardom might not have been shockingly predictable, but it is an indication of the incredible ball Rangers dropped over the dyed-in-the-wool Rangers fan who would have given anything to join the Famous, but instead ended up shining in Serie A for a side who now sit proudly fourth.

He has also become their captain, albeit maybe temporarily.

It really does ramp up how stupid some Rangers fans are to still peddle the line that the boy isn’t good enough for our club, which seems to be stuck in the Young Player of the Year nomination that he wound up runner-up to Ryan Kent to years ago.

Why Lewis Ferguson, who is interesting Premier League sides as well as AC Milan and Juventus, isn’t good enough for Rangers v St Johnstone we’re not absolutely sure, but Michael Beale-led Rangers sure didn’t make a move, instead going for Jose Cifuentes which certainly hasn’t worked out yet.

Off the back of Philippe Clement this morning saying he only wants players who want to be at Rangers with ‘all of their heart’ Ferguson was perfect – only wanted Rangers, but the club just didn’t make the move and instead a quality Serie A side gave Aberdeen £5M for his services.

Ferguson himself says he’s not eager to leave Bologna any time soon:

“It may seem surprising to people on the outside that we are doing so well and are so high up in the table, but not to us. Every day we work hard and this is a very united group, made up of guys who trust each other. How high can we go? Who knows, but I trust this squad to continue playing as well as we have been doing. I am happy at Bologna – I was right to trust Aaron Hickey’s advice to sign for the club.”

We know some fans will be bored with this topic and want us to move on, but surely you learn from your errors? And this really was one.

As Ibrox Noise reported some time ago, Juventus are said to be lining up a solid move for the boy next month, around £20M.

But even if he wins the Champions League and the World Cup for Scotland, some Rangers fans will still light up their shrine for whatever overrated player they inexplicably worship and chant hatred towards Ferguson.

Good enough to beat Roma, Lazio, to hold Inter and Juve to a draw, but not good enough to face St Mirren.

Aye ok!

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